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  1. #23 is in the bag. Blood work good. CT says grossly unchanged. Said something about a 3mm nodule in lower right but I think it may have been on a previous scan months ago. I’m not worried because we all know Imfinzi can cause weird stuff. Oncologist’s office was strange-very few patients and very spread out. Hope all are well during this weirdness. Not only do we have to stay home, the pollen count is so high the cars are green don’t wanna go outside. Enjoy the weekend all. 

  2. Went to get the dreaded CT today. Wasn’t worried about it then because I was worried about just going to a medical facility. Now that it’s done I’m a big bunch of anxiety waiting for the results. Don’t think this will ever get better. But #23 on Thursday if all is good and tomorrow is a year since I went back to work. I think I need a medical vacation 

  3. DFK. Thanks!  I’ve heard that before and you just made me remember that CTs are better. I will definitely get good details from the doc meeting. I was scheduled for a weekend in April at camp for cancer patients that the hospital rents every year. It too was cancelled because of Coronavirus. I was looking forward to canoeing dang it. Guess I may just have to go to the beach or at least the lake. 

  4. Just called to get the criteria. Because I was already diagnosed-gee ya think?-they don’t approve without good reason such as a bad CT or MRI or bone scan. When I said it’s to check if the Imfinzi is working she stated all the doc has to do is have a peer to peer explaining that and it should get approved. So back to my original plan-talk to the doc Thursday and decide if now or after 5 more infusions. Pain in the butt. Going to do my 3 miles to blow off steam. I had to call just to witch at someone there. JG roots ahowing

  5. Michelle-i was going to appeal but I may wait until the end of this Imfinzi which is May 7th and fight for one then as if I got one now it will be another fight then.  I’m speaking to my case manager also and to the docs office Thursday about them doing a peer to peer. . One test-20 phone calls-ridiculous 

  6. DFK-great that you’re on the mend. The tooth thing is one of those side effects that is not mentioned. The onc gave me magic mouthwash. It’s awful. Not like the one I had for the radiation burn in my esophogus. This numbs the whole mouth. She said she has seen really bad mouth sores from other immunotherapy drugs but not from Imfinzi yet. Hopefully it will clear quickly as it is a slight case. I had thrush once a long time ago and it was much worse than this. 

    One thing she finally said that she wouldn’t admit to before is that this is still considered a new drug and the list of side effects is not complete. Every thing is considered a side effect until it’s proven to come from something else. I just wonder what the long term effects are?  
    not going to worry about it until I have to. 
    My pillow is calling as I’m still feeling the Benadryl so good night fellow Durvas, have a restful sleep 


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