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  1. Curt I remember hanging on your every word because our stories were  so similar.  You were brave enough to have the surgery and I was thinking the whole time it was Benign,  you were shocked and reading it so was I.  You are an inspiration to me dude and I’m still too scared of surgery  and to  do anything but watch and wait.  I have a lot of faith in my pulmonologist and he is very frank with me, I was supposed to get a ct scan end of this month but my insurance is going by the model of no uptake on pet and two scans  with no growth so I will wait until end of June which he is ok with and frankly so am I.   He thinks because of the pet and scans it could very likely be cancerous but yet so slow growing that it probably won’t affect me in my lifetime...I mean I’m in my early 50’s so I hope not but I want to always get scanned just in case anyway glad you are doing good.  Love and Light ❤️

  2. I’m watching your story pretty close, I have 9mm nodule in left lung found a year ago, said spiculated.  I freaked out to say the least thought I had 6 months to live, was a total mess.  I found this group and immediately calmed down and felt so loved by a group of people I had never met.  First thing I did was get a fab pulmonologist, he ordered a Pet and it came back no uptake at all, had a ct 4 months later  and nodule was the same so had ct 4 months later and again the same so my pulm says it’s either benign or cancerous but indolent and might never even hurt me in my lifetime, I’m 53.   I have another ct scheduled at end of month but guess what insurance denied it so got to go through the whole loop hole and prob will have it end of March, I’m fine with that and My pulm is fine with us continuing to scan probably forever even if I would have to pay out of pocket.  I’m so glad you found this group, I’m glad you have a good team with a plan, just wanted to share my story. Love and Light ❤️

  3. Such terrific news, I hope you have a great trip.  I have my 6 month scan at the end of feb. and I’m starting to freak a little so gonna road trip to Colorado with some girlfriends and do a little snowboarding 🏂 right after the scan ...love and light ❤️

  4. Hi Willa, I have a 9mm slightly spiculated nodule in left lung, caught by chance on ct last December.   I had a pet 3 weeks later with no Uptake.  I got a pulmonologist and did another ct in April and Aug. with no growth, so considered stable and next scan is end of feb.  now with that said how does this affect my mental state, at first I freaked out ever day and was a complete mess but after talking to my pulmonologist and the nodule staying stable I started just forgetting about it.  Fast forward today and last two weeks I have had pain in left chest like it’s sore so once again I’m completely freaked out yet I go back to what my pulmonologist said that I would never feel anything from a small nodule and I tried to calm down and think about what I’ve been doing differently and I realised I’ve increased my upper body workout and I’m just sore from that.  Our minds can play funny tricks on us.  I would see what next ct scan shows and if it has grown and since it did light up on the pet I would choose to have it removed, keep us updated and stay strong, the people on this forum are amazing.  Love and light ❤️

  5. Janice I wanted to reach out because I was you in December 2018, 52 had ct  and a 9mm nodule  was found and I was terrified, my anxiety was so high my dr. Had to put me on meds.   I literally thought my life was over and I found this forum and it changed everything. First thing I did was get a pulmonologist who set up a pet scan, the nodule did not light up so my pulm doc had me have another scan 4 months later and the nodule was the same, so just a couple weeks ago had another one and it was the same.    My pulmonologist and radiologists says it’s stable and we will just keep scanning every 6 months  for a couple of years. I like how Curt said it’s like a mole you have to keep an eye on. Breath it will get better I promise you.  Love and light ❤️

  6. Just had 3rd ct, this one a super D in case of growth they could do a biopsy. Good news it hasn’t changed, still the same after 8 months, so my pulmonologist said no need for biopsy now, he still feels like it’s small for one anyway.  I have been having scans every 4 months and now it will be 6 months.  Gonna go to Big Cedar Lodge for the weekend and relax and be thankful.  I’ve had several people reach out to me and ask how it went, everyone on this forum is wonderful and special to me. Love and Light ❤️

  7. I’m in the same boat, been dealing with this since Dec. 14, 9mm spiculated nodule.  I had a pet scan 3 weeks later, no uptake at all, had another scan in April and it was the same and so today I’m going for 3rd Scan and praying it’s the same because I’m just so freaked out about having the Vats surgery.  I’m hoping it’s just indolent and doesn’t do anything.  This forum and the people are amazing.

  8. Hi I am going through the same thing as your mom.  I’m 52 and had random ct in December and they found a 9mm spiculated nodule, 3 weeks later pet with no uptake not even a little on the nodule. I then got a pulmonologist who issued another scan in April which didn’t show any growth, first scan 9mm, pet scan 8mm, April scan 9.7, so all different machines and all could be off by a mil or so.  At first I freaked out so bad and everyone on this forum is amazing so I calmed down quite a bit.  I’m supposed to be having another Ct in a week or so and this one I believe will map it out to get a needle biopsy. So it’s a challenge as to what to do, my pulm dr. Says if it is LC it is very slow growing and sometimes are just indolent and never do anything and I would have never known it was there if not for the ct scan.  When I start feeling anxious about it I get on this forum and it really seems to help, anyway keep us updated. 

    Love and Light ❤️


  9. Hi Angie, I am going through the same thing.  Ct scan In dec. for something else found a 9mm spiculated nodule in lingual, scared me to death I’m former smoker dad passed away from Lung cancer and I’m 52.  They scheduled me for a pet-ct Scan 3 weeks later and there was no uptake on the nodule or anywhere and said nodule was 8mm so that was good but with that said sometimes pet does not pick up on small nodules, have they told you more about your nodule like is it spiculated, non calcified?  I got a great pulmonologist and he scheduled another ct scan 4 months later which was  end of April, the ct said 9.7mm slightly spiculated nodule.  3 different machines had 3 different sizes and you will find they can be off 1mm give or take so because it did not look like any real growth and no uptake my pulm doc has another ct sched for july which at that time looks like he will do a biopsy.  I understand your fear, I often wonder if I’m doing the right thing especially when I hear about your friend, did he get a pet?  Or did he continue to follow the nodule after the 2 scans? I have tried to put it out of my mind until scans come up and it’s hard to do.  

  10. Hi Curt, I’m so glad you are doing well.  I have been traveling just got back from Punta Cana and honestly have not thought about it until I see my pulm doc has this set up...I have been reading about indolent nodules that grow so slow that you just don’t have to honestly worry about them which was kinda hoping what I had since no uptake and no growth but then again yours was the same ...I guess I will just have to face the music in August and have the biopsy and hope for the best  even tho I’m not sure according to Robert they might not get a good sample...it’s been just so nice to ignore it and I know that’s not smart ....

  11. Hi sweet Michelle I have been following up on you glad you are doing well my friend, this just kinda slapped me in the face like yep I still have to deal with this 😳....Robert that is kinda what I thought and I sent a message to my pulm doc ...but what kind of biopsy do they do? It did not seem like it was a needle it seemed like it was a more new procedure but I could be wrong 🤷‍♀️

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