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  1. Thank you for replying and your thoughts. Thank you so much for the resources. I will be looking into ALL of those. My mom got info for volunteers that can drive you to/from chemo. Today is her 1st day (the long one) she had a friend drive her and a different one is to be picking her up. I tried texting to see how it was going - no response thus far. I just tell myself she is napping 😉 My dad is there ... a warm body, driver if needed and a set of ears. He goes to her appointments but didn't go to chemo today which kinda hurt my feelings. My mom said she wanted to be alone. So yes - he can help but cant handle his own stress (not abusive or anything, just gets distant/ avoids) I am going to just keep calling, texting and trying to be there as much as I can emotionally and as I am available physically. I commend all the patients, survivors and caregivers for going through this. Trying to gain the strength and wisdom I need to succeed I helping her Xoxo
  2. Good morning - I just posted to the new member site My name is jenn. My mom has newly diagnosed iiia lung ca. No symptoms. Otherwise healthyexcept some hypertension. She starts cisplatin / gemzar today. 1st cycle / 1st treatment with hopes of shrinking for surgery. About me: 35 y/o daughter ... currently 6 months pregnant, working full time, raising a toddler with my hubby an hour away from her 😥 I read forum about joining her for her long treatments (no one wants prego at the infusion center), my OB really doesn't want me doing 1hr each way. I'm just so torn. How can I help her and take care of myself? She has my dad and friends but I want to help but feel so limited - like I'm choosing my baby over her. If she does have surgery (praying!) ... it will he 2hours away so I'm not sure I can go with being so close to delivery. I dont want to stress her out but she us so stuck in her head right now sometines i think her (and my dad) forge rim pregnant. I understand they hhcaveca big problem on tgeit hands but u have a big worry too! Any suggestions to help copeor get to assist her/ him
  3. Good morning all! I am a 35 year old non- cancer patient. However, my mother was diagnosed late October 2018 with NSCLC IIIA. Oh, should I also should mention I am pregnant with my 2nd son, due March 2019 & work full time. I am terrified of having to choose between support for my mother and also knowing I want to bond with my newborn. I live 1hr away. I feel like i am already being forced to choose between them and its early on. I feel thits post sounds even more selfish! She went to the hospital in October for stroke like symptoms ... being a lifelong smoker a CT of her chest was ordered (I'm a RN so sometimes I understand just a little too much). So we got the diagnosis, the PET scan, then bronchoscopy. Initally she was to get taxol sp*) + 30 radiation treatments. Now, they are saying cisplatin/gemzar ... no radiation ... and re-eval for poss surgery IF the mass responds to that treatment. If it doesn't respond then no surgery. My mom has my dad (been unofficially separated for >15 years, separate bedrooms etc) and friends. I just want to do anythinng and everything I can but cry daily. I talked to a EAP counselor and my OB gave ME ativan. I want to provide her comfort but just can handle it all! Any advice, hope, experience with her treatment?? I just want my mom to live to meet her new grandson. She starts chemo today - dec the 27th. My mom otherwise has noother health issues other than hypertension.
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