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  1. A PET scan and biopsy are needed to diagnose it as cancer. blood work does not show lung cancer.
  2. smoking is not the only factor for lung cancer air pollution radon etc //courage and hope
  3. until you get a PET scan and biopsy cancer cannot be diagnosed at that point
  4. look for a specific diet to relieve your nausea and vomiting. keep hope alive keep social media to relieve stress and anxiety at bay
  5. In 2017, I have a nodule 1.7 cm be doing a scan, PET scan and biopsy to make sure it was cancer and it was.
  6. courage / hope / keep your spirit high surgery, may be an option wait for PET scan and lung biopsy start balanced diet/walking/contact your insurance for guidance and see right away a psychologist etc
  7. keep hope alive it is very difficult to be diagnosed with cancer. improve diet /walking /distraction (comedies movies) do what you love. hope
  8. Everyone with lung is at risk of lung cancer. Air pollution is a cause for lung cancer! PET scan and after biopsy if PET scan is positive only way to make sure it is lung cancer.
  9. Only a PET scan and biopsy can give you the answer about if it is cancer so ask the pulmonologist to order the test for you good luck
  10. try to get a psychologist to visit her home. Call you insurance (mom) they will guide you through the process. I have one it is very helpful / keep your spirit high
  11. I will have my second lobectomy in January 2019. Avoid air pollution/ wood burning/ get social support/eat a balanced diet /exercise etc good luck hope for the best
  12. PET scan and lung biopsy to rule out lung cancer.
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