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  1. I was taken off duravalamab after 8 infusions due to pneumonites in good lung and I have scaring from radiation treatment in other waiting to see what’s next ?appointment with docs on 9/10/ although she has said chemotherapy/ radiation is still doing there work but I’m now on 80mg steroids a day weaning down, hope everyone is wellx
  2. Tom did you have pressure in your throat at any time before your surgery I feel as I  have difficulty swallowing and worry that this can stop surgery I know you have fought so many hurdles and have experienced more than anyone should thanks.

    1. Tom Galli

      Tom Galli


      No I did not feel pressure in my throat before my surgery. 

      Where is/are your tumor(s)?


    2. Sharon k

      Sharon k

      Tumor in right middle lobe with 1n in or near  airway they are saying remove tumor and remove part airway then rejoin it.

  3. Sharon k

    Hoping for?

    I learnt today that I have squamous cell cancer, I was told I might be able to have surgery to middle lobe have to wait till next Wednesday for meeting of doctors to see if I am fit for this surgery another week of hoping I can not believe I am wishing for major surgery but I am and the fitness fight begins (on Monday )because I’m off to the Lake District for some much needed food and drink and face it when I get back,I’m strong and going to forge ahead bless all .
  4. The hospital have just phoned to say I need a cat scan on my head as it's better results than with a pet scan?don't they see with brain with.pet scan now I'm paranoid thinking they are not telling me things,they have brought rigid bronchoscopy forward to the 1/2/19 does this sound scary to you s?
  5. Given pet scan results today cancer remains only in lung no further movement still waiting for rigid bronchoscopy for biopsy on tumour this is good NEWS!?OR presuming to much to soonx
  6. Yes it is a general anaesthetic thanks and it’s the waiting that’s the hard part I go Tuesday to find out results from pet scan which I think is the most important information I need to know right now .
  7. Sharon k

    Failed biopsy

    Have to have rigid brinchoscopy because other test was unsuccessful pet scan today seem to get no.father foreward 5 weeks after lung cancer on x-ray
  8. I was told you can only have a sedation for this test in uk I think it was worse as I already have a persistent cough ,I am waiting for pet scan ,from another hospital so hope eventually to know what’s what .My poor husband is bearing the brunt of my moods and fear of what’s coming but it is a help and relief not to be brave and to talk to people who know the knots in ones insidesxxx
  9. I can not believe how stupid and insensitive I must sound I do not want to frighten anyone it is just such a new world I’m living sorryxx
  10. Yes I had light sedation but I found it very traumatic I was aware of procedure but could not stop coughing even though they done there best to help me I’m hoping that they can find another way? I’m trying to be strong and I am amazed by the strength of the people in this group and look forward to the support and courage yous all seem to have xx
  11. Oh my god I can’t believe what that bronchoscopy was like I chocked and coughed the entire time my second nightmare I am so sore and down they phoned me at home today to say they might not have got a result from test I really can’t see me able to go through that again I thought I was strong xxxxx
  12. I have just started on the scary lung cancer road I am going for a bronchoscopy this morning that’s why I’m up so early to have my coffee ☕️ it’s my helper of the day it helps to hear from others on there path .
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