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  1. Has anyone experienced hair loss with use of Tarceva? My hair is coming out in bundles.....I started Tarceva in June, but I also have a low thyroid right now that I am in the process of regulating and I'm pretty thin. Not sure what to attribute the hair loss to but wondering if Tarceva is playing a roll. Any thoughts???
  2. Can't sneak anything past you guys, can I???
  3. Hebbie

    Any advice?

    Thank you all so much for your advice/thoughts! I'm still very nervous about the procedure, but the link posted to an article was a wealth of information. To answer a few questions about my diet -- no, it wasn't a cult but some times I joked that it was! I met a group of people all following the same way of eating; many of which, were in fact, cancer patients/survivors -- some who have had tremendous success recovering solely from diet (Janet Vitt comes to mind -- a Stage IV survivor who recovered with no standard treatments, just diet -- she's been cancer free over 10 years and is a d
  4. Hebbie

    Any advice?

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I have initiated a post of my own - there are so many new names/faces here (which saddens me), but also many old friends, which is heartwarming. As you can see from my signature, I'm in my third month of Tarceva. So far, so good on the chemo front. However, I've had some pretty rough issues with plueral effusion pain; I've had the fluid drained 3 times now and they are scheduling the talc procedure to perminately seal off that area. I am SO nervous about this procedure and wanted to reach out to anyone out there who has had success with it. They have t
  5. I've got one for you -- from my surgeon no less.... At my 3 week follow up from my lobectomy, the surgeon walked into the room and said "Well, 5 of your 12 mediastynal nodes were positive for cancer....that takes you from Stage I to Stage IIIA -and then he followed up with "there is no proof that chemo/radiation at this point will increase your survival either way" - but it doesn't matter because "I got it all" (I wonder how many smug surgeons utter that phrase in their lifetime) ... (This was the same surgeon that seemed irritated that I returned to him almost 2 years later with recurren
  6. Hebbie

    Roll Call...

    Checking in, as requested! Things have been pretty up and down, and I must admit that I have been a "lurker" lately around here, not ready to post. I began Tarceva June 1st and my first CT Scan showed 25% reduction in my nodules. Praise the Lord!!! I think of everyone here often and pray for us all! Heather ps -- Ginny -- I may not be heading up the NJ lung cancer walk this year, but it will be taking place -- mark your calendar for NOVEMBER 3, 2007 AT COOPER RIVER PARK!!!!!
  7. Hello everyone! Karen - to answer your question -- Reader's Digest actually found me from a local article featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper. They were looking for a non-smoker with LC and one of their contacts recalled reading my story...the rest is history! However -- a lot has transpired since I did that interview. Since then, they also sent a video crew to my house to film a segment for a video filled with "inspiring stories" to run in 4,000 hospital/cancer treatment waiting rooms across the country! The article also spawned a trip to Rochester, NY to film an episode of t
  8. Hebbie

    Too much pain

    Carleen, Your post has saddened me beyond words. I wish I could offer comfort, but am at a loss for how. The best I can offer is to lift you up in prayer for strength to get through this time. My heart breaks for you, Heather
  9. Hebbie

    Readers Digest

    Thanks for the kind words about the article, everyone! To answer your question as to why they never seem to mention the type of LC, it is because reporters are clueless about details like that. I was very specific with her about what type of cancer I have. I was also very specific with her about my last name (she used my formerly married name, which didn't make my husband all-too happy). I was also VERY clear with her what a tremendous roll macrobiotics has played in my life in the past year and the fact that my scans have been stable for the past six months and my doctor has told me to "
  10. Great article! I actually had a Hypnotherapy session on the Macrobiotic Cruise I went on in February -- it was pretty cool! The hypnotherapist put me into a very relaxed state (not completely "hypnotized", as you would expect) and then she repeated a mantra of sorts to me, "I am healthy....my lungs are completely healthy....I am happy...I love my life....I am powerful....my body has an inner ability to heal", etc. She repeated things like this for about 15 minutes, to sort of burn it into my sub-conscious -- she actually put the whole session on tape for me so I can listen to it at home a
  11. Well....I just completed an pretty in-depth interview with a journalist for Reader's Digest. The story will be running in their July issue. They are focusing on the non-smoking female w/ LC angle (based on Dana Reeve's recent passing). I was shocked to hear that Reader's Digest has 20 MILLION readers, so that SHOULD be a pretty big forum to spread the word of our need to focus on research and funding!! I DID mention our wonderful website here, I am hoping she puts it in the article. I'll be sure to let you know when it hits the news stands!
  12. What a wonderful article -- very informative!!
  13. I seem to be the minority here...but I am not taking ANY supplements or medications. I am following a strict macrobiotic diet (designed specifically for me by a macrobiotic counselor, based on my lung cancer condition). It basically consist of tons of organic veggies, whole grains, sea veggies and beans. NO dairy or meat (except a once a week white fish). Everything in the diet is designed to nourish the body. If it isn't going to do me any good -- I don't eat it! I've been following it for 10 months and feel GREAT!
  14. In case anyone can't open the link, here it is! I would think the people in my area would be sick of hearing from me....but everytime there is something going on in the LC world, I seem to be their "go to" girl - I GUESS that's a good thing.... Scientists continue to fight unpredictable lung cancer SJ Magazine [email protected] Health reporter Shawn Rhea's column appears Sundays. Sunday, March 12, 2006 This past January, Dana Reeve, wife of late actor Christopher Reeve, sang at the jersey-retirement ceremony for New York Rangers player Mark Messier. Five months into her batt
  15. As a non-smoker, I can only guess that she had Non-small cell -- I don't believe that non-smokers get small cell?
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