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  1. I've written a couple of post on here about my mother with Stage IV cancer and unfortunately last night she passed. She was going through chemo and needed oxygen and up until a couple of days ago she was relatively fine, but she went downhill fast. She had trouble breathing but said she wasn't in pain but then convulsed and died before medics could get to the house. She was in and out since she took morphine palliative care gave her but in her lucid moments she did tell us she loved us. I'm devastated she's gone with all we had planned but also relieved she's in no more pain from the cancer or the chemo. Just needed to write this down that yes Cynthia, you will be missed as a wife, mother, friend, nurse and a good-hearted person.
  2. Well unfortunately one of her doctors called and she'll have to stop the Keytruda because of pneumonitis and they found something on her liver. They're going to go with some second-line drugs (won't know the names until later since her doctor called from vacation). I hate it because the Keytruda seemed like it was working up until recently.
  3. Well they ordered another PET scan just to make sure, but they're going to give her some antibiotics and keep her on 40 of Prednisone and evaluate 2 weeks later. They also ordered portable oxygen to go with the one that she uses when she sleeps at night and told her if she needed to to use it during the day.
  4. My mother was diagnosed last year with Stage 4 NSCLC and had been taken Keytruda for treatment. About 7 or 8 weeks ago her breathing has gotten worse and she was put on Prednisone and needs oxygen at night to sleep. She's tried to taper of Prednisone twice but the breathing becomes worse and the doctor ups the dosage so she could try again. The PET scans came out alright so I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this and had any tips for me or her to ask the doctors in the future? Thanks.
  5. Just checking in, she's doing OK considering. She's started the second 4-month round of chemo every three weeks with Keytruda and another drug since they moved her off of the Carboplatin. Nothing has gotten worse and all the scans came back negative. She also had the bag collecting the fluid in her lungs removed and so far there's been no new fluid.
  6. Hey my mom had her first chemo treatment almost a couple weeks ago (Carboplatin and Keytruda and maybe something else) and for the most part she's doing fine; the fluid in between her lungs has decreased and besides one day she's not feeling too bad. However I was wondering if insomnia was one of the side effects since two out of the nights she couldn't sleep. Also was wondering if/when hair does fall out does it occur more with the second and third treatments (she's scheduled for 3 treatments every 3 weeks to start)?
  7. Thanks for that link. Unfortunately they had to put it off until Thursday since a couple of people called in to the doctor's office. And of course when I had finally psyched myself up for it. But it is what it is. EDIT: She still went to the doctor though, and she says that they didn't find any cancerous tumors in her body but when she had fluid they found cancer cells. With that I don't know what stage she's at although they're still treating it as Stage IV.
  8. Thank you both for the info and the words, to be honest I'm probably more nervous about her chemo than she is. Glad I found this place and if/when questions come up I have a place to ask. Thanks again.
  9. Hey everyone my name is Carlos and my mother was recently diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC lung cancer. She got checked because there was fluid in the space between her lungs and she told us in the last couple of weeks. She's getting her port in today and tomorrow she starts chemo and something called keytruda and two other drugs she didn't tell me about. I've read up on the cancer itself but honestly I'm all over the place with the news so I don't know which way is up right now. Any help about helping her through chemo or diet would be appeciated. Thanks.
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