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  1. Linda, we all have been where you are right now. Some of us more than once. You can’t let it win without trying to beat it. I have been diagnosed for three years now. Been through 3 different rounds of chemo and radiation and I’m still here. i will keep trying as long as I have breath. None of us know when they might find just the right combination of treatments that will get us a NED ( no evidence of disease). That is the goal around here. One day at a time and never give up. We here are all behind you and will help in any way we can. Don't forget, you are never alone. Ron
  2. Kristen, to be honest I haven’t checked the link you gave me except for a cursory glance. I am due for a cat scan on the 14 th and then I will see the Doc the following Monday. I haven’t been on any chemo since August so we will see where we are a week from Monday. My Doctor has assured me that their are still a few options for treatment. i suppose it all hinges on what the scan shows. Thank you for thinking of me. I kind of left you all hanging after I asked you for help and I’m sorry. i did check on the clinical trail register and went thru it twice but I didn’t find anything I fit in. So right now I’m placing my bets on my Doctor. After that we will see. Ron
  3. Thank you Kristin. I will check that out. Ron
  4. What exactly do you think when a Doctor starts talking about odd things? Things like, “ maybe clinical trials”, or, “hospice “, or, “quality of life”, and others. I know their is a possibility of clinical trials but I don’t want to up root my wife to travel somewhere for a treatment that might not work anyway. Not real sure I’m ready to be a test rat. I have had chemo three times in the last three years. Carboplatin, cisplatin, taxol, Taxotere alimta, and Keytruda. I’m not sure I got them all but my brain is mush after all that. I guess my question is where do I go from here? Is their anything else that I can do? I’m not looking for heroics but their ought to be something. Thank you for your time and consideration. Ron
  5. Hoping everything goes well for his CT scan, We all look forward to having NED on our scans. i will send out prayers that the news is great. Waiting is tough and we have all been there. Tell your hubby to hang tough. Ron
  6. Isabelle, I know all about handling the stress and their is no delay in my medication. This was a planned rest period from the chemo. My initial question was about how long the chemo drugs will stay in my body. It’s been about 6 weeks since my last treatment and I am feeling a 100% better. I’ve got about another week before I see the Doc again and I’m sure she will give me more of the game plan then. My hobbies have kept me from going nuts. Some of them I can’t do because of the shake and neuropathy in my hands but I’ve found others that don’t require real fine motor skills so I’m doing pretty good again. Thank you for your well wishes and I will send some right back to you. Ron
  7. Terri L, I have been on the roller coaster for 3 yrs. After the surgery, radiation, and chemo I had NED for a little over 8 months and then it was back. My Doc put me on another round of different chemo drugs and Keytruda even though I had no markers for it. At the end of 4 treatments with the chemo and Keytruda and then 4 treatments of Keytruda alone my tumor had tripled in size. Needless to say I was terrified. Then I underwent 6 treatments of Taxotere and steroids. The Taxotere was no fun but it did result in a .6 shrinkage in my tumor. I am now on a rest period because of the toxicity of the Taxotere and to give my body a chance to shake off the side effects. What comes next, I will find out in about two weeks. I have decided that I have spent all the time in terror that I am going to. No more laying awake all night or stressing over things. If I have questions, like you, I try to find answers. Apart from that I don’t worry very much. Stress is not good for any of us so try and relax, and I know that is tough to do, but try. Don't ever be afraid to ask questions. We have all been where you are and we will try to help in any way we can. Keep us up to date. Keep your head up and keep looking forward.
  8. Thanks Tom. I don’t see her again for about 2 weeks and it’s been a month since my last treatment. She has already told me that we will be deciding then on our next step in this big adventure. I just wondered about the extent of the drugs in your body and how long it would take to get them out of your system. Thanks again and you can bet I am going to keep hanging in there. Ron
  9. If any of you can answer my question I would really appreciate it. My Oncologist has stopped my Taxotere infusion for what she calls a rest period. I am enjoying not having to deal with so many side effects, it feels great. What I want to know from some of you is how long does the chemo drug keep working after it is stopped. My Doc has not called my cancer aggressive but it grew 2.5 cm in just a little over a year. That seems pretty aggressive to me, of course it might not be to anyone else. So, would the chemo work even a little through about a 2 month rest period? Ron
  10. Lynette, don’t ever let go of your hope. Everything that Tom said is right on. The initial shock of hearing those words from your Doc is always one of the toughest things you will ever face. Remember all of the folks here are with you if and when you need us. As Tom said, “ Stay the course. “ Ron
  11. Great I hope you have the same luck with it that I did. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Ron
  12. My Doc prescribed Diclofenac sodium topical gel. I’m on my third time of doing chemo and my neuropathy is really nasty. I have been on gabapentin for quite awhile and though it does help it’s not enough. The gel really helped. Maybe you can check with your treatment team and ask them about this. It really makes a difference for me. Ron
  13. My thoughts exactly Curt.
  14. Katie, I want to thank you for beginning this forum. It has been a lifesaver for me. Every other forum I found, when I was diagnosed, was so negative that I almost stopped looking for one. All the folks on here are so positive about things that I finally started looking at the whole situation a lot differently. My thanks to you and the other good folks on this forum. Ron
  15. My second round of chemo included Keytruda and it bombed out. The tumor grew from 1.9 x 1.3 to 3.6 x 2.6. I pushed my oncologist to do a biopsy a little, but it wasn’t hard to talk her into it. We both wanted to know for sure what we were dealing with. Needless to say, my Doc started me on my third round of chemo. After 4 rounds of treatments she did a CAT and a PET scan two days ago and I got the results today. Finally, we have things going in the right direction. The report showed it has shrunk by .3 so it is now 3.3 x 2.6. We will do two more treatments and then she said she would give me a break from the chemo for awhile. How long do the breaks usually last? I forgot to ask my Doc. Ron
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