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  1. Hello Everyone, My father in law is 74. Although he was very skinny but he was very healthy up on till October 2018. Four months ago he had a pneumonia and the doctors found out that he has non-small lung cancer / non malignant. There were no metasteses at that time and other organs, bones brain etc were clean. There were spots on right lower and middle lobes and also few spots on left lung. While he was recovering from the pneumonia he had a second pneumonia attack which made him too weak to even stand on his feet. Since he wasn't in the country it took him couple of months to improve a little bit so he could travel back to Canada. However last month he traveled back and he was not only little confused (forgetting words) but also very week. When we took him to emerge, doctors found out that the cancer has been spread and he has few brain mets. MRI has been done today and they found out that there is a bigger met right at the end of the spinal cord behind the head. They are going to do Surgery to remove the bigger met and then they will start with full brain Radiotherapy. As far as my fathers condition is concerned, he was confused but soon after taking the steroids his confusion was gone. He eats well, sleep well , could walk by the help of walker and use toilet. Only yesterday all of a sudden his Pulse and Blood pressure jumped up and had severe seizure like shaking but the ICU team was able to control it. Today hes going for head surgery to get that big met out. We are really confused as to what is going to happen. Anyone who went through same conditions please share your story ? We are not sure what to expect ? Would radiotherapy work ? Is it still curable? Will they be able to remove the cancer cels from the lungs without surgery ?
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