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  1. Jane CM


    Hi Lisa, If I knew before Tom’s post...I would have tried this. There is a pricey honey from New Zealand called Manuka and I would try it. You can order from Amazon. Even now it still helps. I’m happy to report that after 6 months my esophagitis has passed. Though my radionc said 8-10 weeks after treatment it would be gone, this was simply not the case. I mainly ate smoothies, chicken broth, puréed soups but in the last week really went for all that great food I was missing! Just in time because today begins my triple cocktail of alimta, carboplatin and Keytruda. Very shortly after surgery (which radiation made possible) I unfortunately had a recurrence or perhaps there were still microscopic cells hiding. So I’m now stage IV and ready to win this new battle before me. For many others and depending on your stage, radiation does the trick! Best wishes to you - and not everyone gets full blown esophagitis! Jane
  2. Good for you, Paula. I have esophagitis because my tumor was so close that the esophagus was in the treatment field. Like you, there are limitations in what I can eat but I’m getting used to that. I wish you the best and appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions. I’m in this “gray area” and may have to make my own decision about doing adjuvant chemotherapy or wait and watch these multiple nodules that are growing but still small. It’s a real dilemma! There is always the chance that something better will come along but also a chance that cancer cells still there will travel to other places. Cancer is not for the faint of heart! Stay well!
  3. Thanks for sharing your mom’s experience, Steff. I’m glad to hear she is doing well! Sending positive energy that this continues.
  4. What was the treatment you had after surgery and do you have any permanent side effects from radiation or chemo? Sorry for so many questions but I’m in the thick of it!
  5. That’s wonderful, Paula! Congrats! Did your treatment end with surgery (lobectomy?) or did you have treatment after surgery? Also, with NED does that mean your lungs are clear of any nodules, even tiny ones?
  6. Donna, Thank you for sharing your journey and answering my questions. Your positive attitude is inspiring! All best to you, Jane
  7. That is so great to hear, Donna! It must have been rough to go through but a wonderful outcome! Do you have any permanent side effects?
  8. I am a stage 3B patient who had chemo/radiation followed by a lobectomy in right upper lobe and wedge resection in middle lobe. I have multiple nodules in my left lung that have been there all along and stable. I now have new nodules in my right lung including a nodule in lower right that tripled in size on my recent scan, though it is still only 6mm. But apparently it was attributed to inflammation from the surgery and I don't see that as correct reasoning if it is now growing. There is little evidence to support chemo or immunotherapy before AND after surgery and apparently it is not done enough to research it. Have any of you done that full protocol? I am in good physical condition in spite of all the treatment I've had. To do nothing means that I watch and wait but why if they are cancerous and growing? My oncologist says I am in a "gray area". Has anyone been here or know someone who has and how that worked out? I would appreciate any information at all as it seems, according to two oncologists, that I am in uncharted territory.
  9. Jane CM

    Air Purifiers

    I’m so appreciative of the opportunity to share and benefit from the advice of others on this forum. I find myself in need of a Purifier or HEPA filter(which could be one and the same) but don’t know where to start! There are so many choices, all different price points, etc. Do any of you use one or more of these in your home that helps with breathing? Jane CM
  10. Thank you to those who took the time to create this helpful resource for all of us! It is clear, organized, well written and invaluable. It also makes me realize that I need to start documenting and paying way more attention as I've had numerous scans, surgery/hospitalization and there is a high probability there will be more to come. I have one question I'm not sure you can answer. My husband will be retiring soon and we will lose our private insurance plan that is liberal in its coverage. We will both go on medicare when this occurs. I am looking at supplemental plans and want to choose the best one in terms of coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and catastrophic illness coverage. What is the best way to approach finding the best plan? Are there any resources, companies, providers, etc. that can help us make this critical decision? I would be grateful for any advice on this front.
  11. Thanks, Bridget. This is enormously helpful as my pharmacist did not mention the glass of water and I already have esophagitis from the radiation, that seems to be getting better. How did you know it was bronchitis? Do you know if a persistent cough following a lobectomy is typical and how long it generally lasts?
  12. Jane CM


    Thanks, Tomm. What a great suggestion! I will try that.
  13. My PCP prescribed benzonatate capsules for my nagging, spasmodic cough. Has anyone taken these and are they harmless? The insert described serious side effects of this drug. Has anyone had experience with it? Thank you!
  14. Jane CM


    Thanks for reply, Paula. It sounds like a rough road with your esophagitis. I’m sorry to hear and hope it continues to get better for you.
  15. Jane CM


    I am wondering if anyone has dealt with esophagitis as a side effect of radiation? It’s been three months post radiation and I continue to have difficulties eating solid foods. I am on a soft foods diet and drink a lot of protein shakes. I’ve also lost several pounds. Can anyone relate to this and what tips are you willing to share? Thank you! - Jane CM
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