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    Jane CM got a reaction from PaulaC in Chemo before and after lobectomy   
    Good for you, Paula. I have esophagitis because my tumor was so close that the esophagus was in the treatment field. Like you, there are limitations in what I can eat but I’m getting used to that. 
    I wish you the best and appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions. I’m in this “gray area” and may have to make my own decision about doing adjuvant chemotherapy or wait and watch these multiple nodules that are growing but still small. It’s a real dilemma!
    There is always the chance that something better will come along but also a chance that cancer cells still there will travel to other places.
    Cancer is not for the faint of heart! Stay well!
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    Jane CM got a reaction from Tom Galli in Chemo before and after lobectomy   
    Thanks for sharing your mom’s experience, Steff. I’m glad to hear she is doing well! Sending positive energy that this continues.
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    Hi, Janice. The first few days and weeks are scary and overwhelming. I was absolutely in shock. Then came the anger and the crying and the screaming. Then I had to settle down so I could focus on next steps. I have tried so hard to keep a positive attitude through all of this. Some days are easier than others. That said, I was diagnosed with stage IV in February 2016, have had 2 recurrences and I'm still here. I recently celebrated my 50th birthday - a milestone I wasn't sure I'd make.
    You will likely have lots of questions as you start meeting with doctors so I suggest you get a notebook and start jotting those questions down so you don't forget them. Don't be afraid to ask questions and keep asking until you get answers. Don't be shy about getting a second opinion if you want one. You have to be your own best advocate.
    We are all here for you. Please let us know how we can help.
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    Jane CM reacted to Rower Michelle in Just numb !!!!!   
    Hi Janice,
    Welcome to the group that no one wants to join. The early days are sheer terror with an emotional roller coaster of epic proportions. We’ve all been there and we are here for each other.   It sounds like you’ve got an early catch as Ron points out, hopefully surgery is the only intervention you will ever need. Some days it will be taking life one hour at a time.  That’s okay. As you complete the diagnostic process the treatment plan will be personalized, you will then feel a much greater sense of control.  Each day will get a little easier with a little help from all your new friends here. We laugh, cry, and celebrate as a family.  
    There’s been more advances lung cancer treatment advances in the last five years than in the last 50.  As we speak the world’s leading experts are gathered in Spain for the Internal conference.  The science is emerging so rapidity  the doctors can’t keep up.  
    Give yourself permission and time to adjust to a new normal.  Even though it’s hard to image, you will be able to bounce back.  Brighter days are coming. 
    Let us know how we can help.  
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    Thanks to all of you for your prayers, kind thoughts and support. Biopsy results are in and pretty good. The tumor was removed with clear margins and no evidence of spread to lymph nodes.She's recovering really well from surgery. In fact, I have to remind her to rest and not to overdo it! Followup with the surgeon , where we'll discuss next steps,, is on the 10th. 
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    Jane CM reacted to BridgetO in Change or Role   
    Update: My wife is set for lumpectpmy on August 28. It will be a day surgery. The tumor appears to be small and "garden variety", so we're optimistic about a good outcome. Afterwards, she'll  have radiation.
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    Jane CM got a reaction from PaulaC in Esophagitis   
    Thanks for reply, Paula. It sounds like a rough road with your esophagitis. I’m sorry to hear and hope it continues to get better for you. 
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    Jane CM got a reaction from Tom Galli in Coughing 8 weeks post VATS Lobectomy and new nodules   
    I have a prescription for Albuterol but a device would be helpful in using it. Thanks for this information and best wishes to you!
    - Jane CM
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