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  1. Freddy, I don't have much to add to what my friends have already offered you regarding the scan. But, once you have it and get your results we'd love to hear back from you on how it went and what they found. Lou
  2. Gessica, Curt is right on with his information and soon you too will warn people that Dr. Google is not a good place to go for medical advice. Things are changing all the time and no more than they have in the past few years. Lou
  3. LouT


    Amy, Like some others here I too had a lobectomy (diagnosis stage 1a) and no chemo after. It looks like your doctor is backing up his "belt with suspenders" as they say. Please ask any questions you may have and keep us updated on your progress.
  4. Gessica, Tom is absolutely correct about the nature of diagnosis as well as this forum. That aside, the important thing now is that your father receive a full set of tests that can provide both a strong diagnosis as well as a solid treatment plan. My coaching to you and your family now is to write down everything you're told, consider the data and ask all the questions you may have about what was found, how it can be treated, alternative treatments and potential outcomes. You need, or someone, needs to be an advocate for your father at this time. It is dizzying to hear that you have cancer and often the questions you want answers to the most don't come to you until you are alone in your bed at 3am. So, take notes, ask questions and don't let anyone give vague answers at any time. We always need to be participants in our treatment and not just passengers. Please update us as you learn more about the diagnosis, any genetic testing done as well as the treatment plan. There are people here with a wide variety of treatments and surely someone will be able to help you.
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