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  1. LouT

    Twist Out Cancer

    Wow, what a cool site, and a great idea. No wonder your surgeon is the person he is. Unfortunately, I cannot draw a straight line, though I have been known to take some nice and interesting photographs as well as write songs. Thanks for sharing this. I'll look over it a bit more after this morning's workout. Also; I'm hoping that you are continuing to improve. Lou
  2. Kimberly, Welcome to the forum. Sorry you have to be here, but glad you found us. If I'm reading your post correctly it looks as if you were staged at IIb, is that correct? You also had a good amount of testing and it's a great thing that there was no metastasis and clear margins. Sorry to hear about the issues with the Carboplatin. Hopefully the tinnitus eased off after stopping the med. There are many folks here who have gone through chemo (I did not) and I know they'll be responding to you soon. You initial reaction of disbelief and depression is so very normal. I'm glad the folks here could help out in getting you to realize that this diagnosis was not an automatic death sentence. Welcome to our family and we hope you'll be with us as you recover and then share your experience with others. Lou
  3. Justin, I'll join my Lungevity sister in wishing you "Good Luck" and please follow some of the recommendations you read about or even find on our forums. But always be willing to share symptoms with your medical team so they know what is going on. All digits will be crossed for you. Lou
  4. Scott, Thanks for the update. So glad to hear that your surgery went well. Recovery can seem insurmountable when you first come home, but if you keep at it, use your respirator multiple times a day, carefully get active and rest appropriately you'll be surprised at how quickly you can recover. Since the surgery has your doctor done a determination of what stage your were diagnosed at? Also, did you have the chance to ask for biomarker testing? Lou
  5. LouT


    I had VATS as well and my family (and the doctor) told me I was in there for almost 6 hours. I'm sure every case is different. Lou
  6. Hi Rayzhang, I'll tell you now that nobody here will try and interpret your test results. That is a conversation you need to have with your doctor. We support by sharing our personal experiences with lung cancer and helping those who are patients and/or caregivers to navigate this journey with knowledge, comfort and hope. So please review these results with your doctor and then feel free to share what he says here and then ask any additional questions you come up with. We'll be more than happy to help you understand what is happening, but diagnosis is between you and your medical team. I hope you'll stay and come back with an update. Lou
  7. I'm on board with the others who have posted here. In reading up a bit on this (which does NOT make me an expert), they do not recommend corrective surgery if the hernia is in the cervical region, but definitely do surgery when it is located in the thoracic or diaphragm region of the body. But, as others have said, if you are not confident enough in your doctor please get a second opinion and then make your decision, but remember to ask what the consequences are of not correcting it and take that into consideration for your final decision. Lou
  8. Most, if not all, medical facilities (hospitals) have a patient advocate. They are people you can bring a grievance to and expect a resolution. Check in with the hospital or medical center you are going to. Lou
  9. LouT

    lung cancer

    Chinvi, I saw your original post about your lung cancer, but I'm not sure what is going on with you today. Are you still doing follow up exams with your medical team? Lou
  10. Susan, Thanks and I couldn't agree more. This forum is only as effective as it is because of the people on it. Stay well. Lou
  11. You're right and you need to be the advocate for your husband. He has other things to worry about. A PA is a poor substitute to a solid oncologist so please locate another. There are surely patient advocates that can help you in your search. Lou
  12. Susie, I had VATS (Robotic) and I was in the hospital 3 days. Many others have had stays similar to mine. Lou
  13. Kathie, When I have to worry more about "hurting the oncologist's feelings" than my loved one or me, then it is time to move on. Get recommendations and find another as soon as you can. I might even understand (a little) if he had told you (during the other conversation) that he felt uncomfortable sharing your husband's info with you without his permission to do so. But, to tell you he doesn't have to treat you goes against everything doctors take an oath to do. And that oath includes "First do no harm." I'm sure you aren't the first person he spoke to in this manner, but it should be the last time you or your husband have to coddle one of the chief members of your medical team. Lou
  14. Hi Jo, Hopefully folks will see this as it is buried in another post, but let me say a few things. First, welcome to the forum and I'm sorry you have to be here. Second, I can appreciate that your doctor may have misdiagnosed your condition, but we cannot jump to a conclusion of cancer without some good and complete diagnostic work. A doctor will order things like; CT Scans, PET Scans, Biopsy and Biomarker Testing... once all ordered tests are done and reviewed only then can you determine cancer as the problem. I can understand that lung cancer can often mimic other things (allergies, pneumonia, etc.) but you need to be very careful about making an assumption of cancer without the appropriate testing. Please take steps to get the testing as soon as possible and feel free to come back here with any questions you have about the tests and doctor-reported results. Lou
  15. Susie, I'm so glad and the real message is that "there is hope". Just look around the forum at the different people who have gone before you. They are the testament to hope. Lou
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