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  1. Marilyn, I remember asking my surgeon about the removal of my nodule (12mmx16mm) and why it needed to be a whole lobe for such a small nodule. His answer to me was that the full lobectomy is presently the "gold standard" of treatment for effective removal of a nodule. It has to do with their confidence in "healthy margins" since there is a lower chance of cancerous cells to be left behind. So, it really does need to be the decision of the surgeon which way to go and (at least on my part) I always go for the best "margins" possible. Good luck to you. Lou
  2. Hillham, I've been playing catchup (I just moved and am in unboxing hell), but I've read all your posts and am very happy to hear that you have a mutation with high probability of treatment. Stick with the treatment and stay focused on today as you go through. We'll all be here for you. Lou
  3. Mike, Welcome to our forum. For my part I had a surgical protocol to treat my LC (Lung Cancer). Like Tom I was NSCLC Squamos, and I had a lobectomy. So, while I can't offer much input on your treatment, I can tell you that there are many here who can and will. Don't ever hesitate to ask any questions you have. Folks here have experienced pretty much all that can happen. Lou
  4. Sally, My Lord! You are really going through a lot and it seems these things hit you from different sides all at once. Let's see what they do find with the additional scans. You don't need to hide your fears; at least not with this group. We've felt them, feel them and support each other through them. With so much going on you must be feeling like you are "waiting for the other shoe to fall", but let's hope that the therapies now will reduce the effects o your GERD and that the lung pain is the result of the many other things going on. Let's keep away from "conclusions" until we kno
  5. LouT


    Fred, As you are already learning from our forum; you are not alone in everything you are feeling. Smoker or non-smoker, people get lung cancer. And I always laugh when people would tell me that someone else has it worse. I'd remind them that a whole bunch of people also have it better than I do. Can you tell us a bit more about your cancer (stage, genetic mutations, recommended course of treatment, etc.)? And, also feel free to ask any questions you have. There is a very broad base of experiences here and someone will be able to share their's with you and believe me it can help to
  6. LouT

    Mike D

    It's been a while since your last post. Are you still interested in sharing your experience? We're here to list and support you if you are. Lou
  7. Sorry I'm so late to the party here, but I'm moving to a smaller house on the 27th and I've been poring over, donating and throwing out stuff my wife and I had gathered over 44 years together... I'm so glad to hear that you are in your treatment program and sorry to hear about the side effects. Your attitude is a great one though (could be better, could be worse) and will help you more than you know. I personally have not had chemo of any kind, but many here talk about keeping a journal of their treatment so they can more accurately help the doctor determine all the data around symptoms an
  8. Trailwalker, I want to join the rest of my Lungevity family in welcoming you to the forum and our group. Like the others I have no experience with heart issues, but we here all understand the disappointment, fear and storm of emotions that can go on with these serious diseases. You've got some good counsel from Lexie on the SCLC postings. If you have any questions on the cancer someone here would have the experience to help you. Perhaps we'll soon hear from someone who has dealt with the combination of the cancer and heart problems together. My prayer is that you hear encouraging
  9. Hi Ladies, There seems to have been a host of illness that can be traced back to the WTC and the aftermath is broad. Like asbestos and certain areas of the country that, in the past, were rich in uranium it just wasn't known how the strong the potential was for there to be effects on the health long-term. Lou
  10. Qing, I had a single nodule that was too small and in a difficult position to biopsy without risk so I too went to a lobectomy where they confirmed the malignancy while I was on the table and removed my right lower-lobe. You've already gotten such great counsel and input that the only thing I can add is that prior to doing my lobectomy a pulmonologist performed a full lung function test on me to see if I was capable of doing well after a lobectomy and I suspect that they should do the same for your mother. I'm glad that you found us and are sending best wishes for you and your Mom.
  11. It's good to vent and also good to realize that while some stages of our treatments (regardless of the form) are really uncomfortable most of the symptoms are temporary (sometimes things like numbness and pain can go on for quite a while). You're doing well getting through this and I look forward to your next update. Lou
  12. Mamavaso, Welcome to our forum. Pain is such a personal thing. It can depend on a number of things from location of the surgical incisions as well as the process used (VATS vs. J-Incision). In my case I had a lobectomy of the lower-right lobe and had some very strong pain after the surgery. But I kept doing all I could to keep it reduced (taking meds are prescribed, using care in my activities, etc.) Within a week after release I was put on a combination of high-dose Ibuprofen (Advil) and Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and I was shocked how well it worked, and all that without the side-eff
  13. That's a good thing...we can criticize that it took too long, but it's here and that's the key point now. Lou
  14. So moving...I don't know what to say. Lou
  15. Registered, thanks for sharing Kristin. Lou
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