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  1. That's a good thing...we can criticize that it took too long, but it's here and that's the key point now. Lou
  2. So moving...I don't know what to say. Lou
  3. Registered, thanks for sharing Kristin. Lou
  4. Noela, If you prep yourself, listen to all the counsel of your medical team (e.g., take meds as directed) and keep a positive attitude, you will get through better than you believe you will. I had Curt, Lexie and others to lead me through mine and I sometimes I feared that they were blowing smoke at me, but they nailed it for me. So, let our words of encouragement bring you some peace. You've got this...you'll get through it and when you reach the other side it will be time to rebuild. You'll do it smartly and under guidance and you will be surprised by what you'll be able to accompli
  5. ConcernedSib, Things have changed drastically in the past 5 years no less since 1996. Please keep us updated and ask any other questions you may have. Lou
  6. Opal, Tell us how it all goes for you. Good Luck! Lou
  7. I originally jumped in saying that I was surprised how old some of the posts were under my "Unread Messages" heading and then I realized that I can control how far back the tool will search for messages. The default is "365 days". I changed mine to "Since My Last Visit". This way it's dependent on my visits. It appears that you'll have to select that view (Since My Last Visit) every time you login. It's not hard to do and surely is better than chasing posts that are weeks and months old. I hope this helps. Lou
  8. Carol, You've already got such excellent counsel from some pretty smart folks so I just want to welcome you here and let you know you're not alone. Ask any questions you have and we'll share our experiences with you. Please keep us updated as your diagnostic process moves forward. Lou
  9. Marilyn, Please let us know how this turns out. I will never fault a person for following their better instincts, but you definitely need a second opinion to insure that your decision is sound. Lou
  10. GramaA, Since I've never had chemo I can't share any experience with you, but I do want to welcome you to our family and let you know that there is a vast and deep set of experiences here so you'll always have someone who can share what they know/experienced and we are all willing to support you in any other way possible. Never be hesitant to ask a question here...there are no "silly questions". Lou
  11. LouT

    NED is NED.

    My favorite three letters... NED!!! Lou
  12. Opal, I have no idea why I didn't see this. I wound up getting the first dose (Moderna) early and the second on March 9th so I really got ahead of the original dates. The first was nothing and the second one gave me a tiny (and I mean tiny) fever for one night, fatigue the next day and then all was right with the world again. I'm super glad to have gotten it and I heartily recommend it to anyone. I was never careless, but I feel much freer now and (so far) science is backing me up that life can be normal again. Have you gotten the vaccine? Lou
  13. LouT

    5 Years!

    Boy!!! I really missed this...happy belated anniversary... Lou
  14. LouT

    Cancer Markers

    In 2010 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I had a resection and follow up checkups 8 times in the first two years and then 4 times over the next two years. There were many tests and scans taken, but CEA was always one of the indicators that the surgeon reviewed in determining my status. It is not a definitive test, but one viewed in light of other factors being examined. Here is a brief explanation about results and what they can mean. A normal result is less than 5 nanograms per milliliter. Results might vary between labs. A higher-than-normal CEA level that increases over time migh
  15. LouT

    Pulmonary embolism

    Amen Lisa...I can share that I once thought I had the flu, my wife forced me to go to a hospital and it turned out I had Sepsis so bad I nearly died. A kidney stone had blocked my kidney causing the infection and even after it was removed it took them another 9 days to get the infection under control. I learned my lesson...PE, Chest Pains, Breathlessness, High Fever...never wait on any of them. Lou
  16. LouT


    I'm with Lexie. Our medical records are the most personal data that we have and I'm already always nervous by how many patient portal sites my stuff sits on (my different doctors are with different medical groups, ergo, different portals). So, while I admire him starting something based on his father I have no way of knowing if it is valid or what legal responsibilities he has regarding our data once it is given to him. And anonymous may not always be anonymous as you put together more than one piece of information. Anyway, that's my view. It's a "No-Go" for me. Lou
  17. CMiller, I'm sorry that neither I nor anybody else saw this post. It looks like you may have begun a new forum, but this should have been posted in Introduce Yourself. In that way you would have been in front of a number of folks who have experienced what you have. I personally had my lung cancer treatment in the form of surgery. Up to this point I haven't required chemo so I cannot be a good source of experience, but please post in Introduce Yourself here and you'll have a lot of good input pretty quickly. Lou
  18. I've run into this myself and it is a downgrade from what we had before. Lou
  19. Great news...you'll get the lowdown on the GGO, but for now take a deep breath and just relax with all of the good news you've received. It certainly is encouraging to hear. Lou
  20. Having a plan is always a relief and give us a feeling of some sort of control again. We know the enemy and our "army" is locking and loading to battle it on our behalf. We need to be in there with them as well and that may be scary but you won't be alone. Lou
  21. LouT


    Tom, What a great thing to do! There are so many people out there going through this without support. Personally, I really don't know how I would have made it through this without all of the great folks on this site. Even my Oncologist talks about Lungevity, is aware of what we do and recommends it to his patients. Good job, buddy! Lou
  22. AleHondaa, I have not had radiation, but did suffer a fractured neck. Years ago I was t-boned by a drunk and went through the windshield (1979, before seatbelts were required). I can tell you the pain was pretty darned bad. Of course I had a lot of other injuries, but the neck was the "star of the show". You medical team will need to titrate your meds so you can have reduced pain and still be able to navigate without falling. My only advice is to be careful, follow the medical team instructions and know that the neck pain will improve over time. Lou
  23. LouT

    my dad

    Lyfe, Like Lexie I cannot compare medical treatment in the US to China. But, as a caregiver to your father there may be some information on filling that role that can help you. It can be found here at the Caregiver Resource Center. Please keep us updated on your father's condition and I'm sure you'll be hearing from more folks who have had chemo and survived dire diagnosis. Lou
  24. KM, If your medical team decides that surgery is the approach then you should take a look at some Tips and Tricks on how to prepare, get through and recover from thoracic surgery. It can be found here. Lou
  25. I couldn't agree with you more, but not sure what you've experienced. Lou
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