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  1. Hi Martin, Welcome to the forum; sorry you need to be here, but glad you posted. This cancer journey is unique to the disease and also the individual. I don't have your wife's type of cancer, but others do and you'll get some super counsel and information from them. For my part I'll keep your wife, family and yourself in my prayers. Lou
  2. Hello Diana, So sorry to hear that you having to face this again but, as others have already said, there have been many advances of late. Please keep us updated and know that you have folks here to share or ask anything you wish. You've come through this before and you can do it again. Lou
  3. Danielle, My day is always a bit brighter with every bit of good news I read in this forum and you've brightened my day. Thanks for sharing the updates and congratulations on the great news. Lou
  4. Loren, You are not alone. Everyone here has heard some diagnosis and, regardless of the stage or type of cancer, felt the shock, despair and loneliness that comes with such news. But know that you are not alone in this and that your story isn't written until you write it. I won't tell you to "suck it up" or "tough it out" because I wasn't good at either, but I shared with people both here and with my family and friends and that was a real help for me. You can also choose to see a doctor about depression, panic or anxiety and treat that as well. Susan is correct that your mindset matters. This disease needs to be fought on many levels. Let us know where we can help you out as there is a lot of experience here in this forum and some of it speaks to wonderful outcomes from terrible circumstances. You'll also be in my thoughts and prayers (two things I happen to believe in). Lou
  5. Marie, I've only been online occasionally lately so I didn't get to see your update until now. I'm sorry for the news, but it is all the more reason to get a a responsive and resourceful medical team around you. I was blessed with the folks that I had and you deserve that type of treatment as well. Please continue to update and know that we are all pulling for you. Lou
  6. Isabelle, I agree with Michelle. You would benefit from a second opinion. I'm not sure what the doctor means by "quality of life will not be good". This is antithetical to so much of what I have read here from other people. I only had surgery, not chemo or radiation, but many others have told of tumor reduction, even to remission so please see someone else. Lou
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