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  1. Hi DotingDaughter1, So sorry to hear about your father. You've got some great advice already so I'm only going to suggest two things for you. Both are favorites of mine for "first-timers" and caregivers... The first is "10 Steps to Surviving Lung Cancer; by a Survivor" and that can be found here. The second is our Caregivers Resource Center and you can find it at this location. Best of luck to your dad and your family we'll be here as you need us. Lou
  2. The Moderna "delta variant" vaccine Michelle mentions is interesting, but I believe that we'll be seeing more annual vaccines at any rate, each one tweaked for a predicted variant, similar to what we do now with the flu. Anyway, I got the Moderna booster (original version) and will live carefully, but live. Please note that a "kn95 mask" is better than a surgical, cloth or both together. If it doesn't fit well you can usually adjust them or even wear the surgical over it. That may keep it pressed against your face better. Perhaps attending the "Covid and Vaccine" session on Tuesday can answer the questions on masks. It's a topic that can become confusing, but worth getting real data on, as it is one more element of protection against this bugger. Lou
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    Welcome back Steff. Sorry to hear about your parents, but we welcome you back here with open arms. BTW...being a newbie is fun. You can act like you didn't realize the rules and break them all, at least for a little while. But seriously, you know it takes all of us to make this work and having you back is a blessing. Lou
  4. Hi Pam, Sorry you have to be here. One way we support people is by sharing our experiences and offering support. In order to do this we will need some more information about the person you are looking out for (diagnosis, present treatment, etc.). In the meantime, we have a Caregiver Resources Center that may also offer some help. You can find that here. We look forward to working with you. Lou
  5. Tom, Good luck on the interview. Never tell them that money is not an issue though or I'll have to "pull this car over". Lou
  6. KarenR, It's good to hear that you are experiencing good results from your treatment. And yes, some days are workout...some a stroll and others a rest day, but you keep moving forward and that can only help you. Keep enjoying life...take advantage and have fun. After all, that's what we are all looking for when we seek to get well... Lou
  7. Chuck, Welcome to our forums. We're glad you found us and sorry you have to be here. Let's start at the beginning; "Lung cancer is not the automatic death sentence it once was". Treatments have made great strides in the last number of years. Also, stay away from Dr. Google...the stats you'll read are 5-year averages and don't reflect the efficacy of today's treatments. Last, (at least for now), there is a great blog titled; "10 Steps to Surviving Lung Cancer; by a Survivor" and it can be found here. Read it over and come back here with any and all question you may have. From here on you're not alone in this. Lou
  8. Bang, Don't get confused by different doctors. Your pulmonologist is likely not aware of the phlegm you describe so, since most nodules are benign he had decided to look at it again in December. Mostly to see if there is any growth or changes that would concern him. I'm glad you emailed him, but you need to "round up" your PCP and any other doctors you're seeing regarding the nodule and get these symptoms checked out thoroughly. Tom nailed the reality, it doesn't have to be cancer, but anytime you have dark blood exiting your body, it is reason for concern. Being someone who spent the better part of 35 years in airports and foreign countries I understand "being out of town", but I would prioritize this. Lou
  9. Citrine, I'd never pretend to be able to determine a conclusion from your scans. That needs to be done by your medical team. But, my story is similar to yours. I was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2010 and required surgery via a resection. In 2019 I was diagnosed with lung cancer (primary lung cells not mets from previous colon cancer) and once again had surgery. I'm blessed in that neither cancer has recurred and all seems stable for now. My biggest regret is not knowing enough to request or advocate for genetic testing at the time samples were taken. Cancer runs in my family...most aunts and uncles died of it as well as my mother and father. So, yes there could be a genetic component and if this nodule did turn out to be cancerous you would be wise to advocate for your medical team to run biomarker tests. If biopsy samples are taken be sure to ask about this. But, until then let's keep fingers crossed and strong vibes going out that the nodule is not growing, but perhaps another nodule has formed. Lou
  10. Minh, It may feel like my friends here are asking you to do the impossible, by staying calm and focused and not trying to rush ahead. Trust me when I say, we all understand that feeling and the need to do something...anything to reduce it. But, do take it one step at a time until you have a full diagnosis and treatment plan. You'll be surprised how much more control you will feel once you are able to fight the disease along with your medical team. Lou
  11. Excellent news...stay strong and enjoy every day. Lou
  12. Kris, You are coming through pretty well. Stay strong and "YES" chest tubes can sometimes be the most uncomfortable part of the surgery. I had a run-in with one and lost, but that's another story for another time. Continue to take care of yourself and do all you can to recover at a healthy pace. I leave the decisions about the radiation follow up to you and your oncologist. Since I have no experience with it myself, there is little I can offer. Lou
  13. If you are wearing a mask please don't wear clothe as they are useless and latest studies show that surgical masks only reduce exposure by 11%. In other words it would take you from a 10 out of 10 chance of being infected to a 9 out of 10 chance. KN95 masks are pretty available and do a better job when worn properly. My doctor equated my cloth mask as putting up a chain link fence to stop mosquitos. That did it for me. Stay safe folks and have a great concert Lexie. Lou
  14. Steph, I understand your frustration and anxiety, but right now you have not been diagnosed with LC. I had the same issue with the PET Scan and CT guided biopsy and had to wait three months for another inconclusive test before they finally put me on the table took a wedge and confirmed NSCLC Squamous. I'm heading toward my 2 1/2 year mark and am still NED (No Evidence of Disease), so, there is always hope...and please don't spend the next four months worrying. Do things that make you happy...go out to dinner, travel...spend time with loved ones, etc. Whatever brings a smile to your face. Lou
  15. Minh, Welcome to our forums. Lexie is giving you some great information. And we also have some good readings that may help you out. One is, "10 Steps to Surviving Lung Cancer; by a Survivor" and you can find that here. Later I can also share some other tips to help you through the lobectomy surgery you may go through. In the meantime you should try your best to stay calm. Being in Stage 1 makes you a lucky person since most LC (Lung Cancer) is diagnosed at stage 3. Also, the stage won't be fully identified until the surgery is complete and you are fully examined along with any tissue samples. But, take a breath...LC is NOT the automatic death sentence it once was. Innovation is occurring all the time and new treatments are closing in on this disease. Next, stay away from Dr. Google...any stats you read there will be five-year averages that don't consider today's treatment options. If you want prognosis then get it from your medical team as they are the best source. Keep in touch with us, ask any questions you have of your medical team and here and stay as focused as possible. Diagnosis is one of the worst times for all of us, but once treatment starts things begin to look up. We have more control and weapons to fight this disease. Stay strong, you can do this. Lou
  16. Hi Arlene, I see you are new to our forum. Welcome. I'm not sure I understood your post though. Perhaps you can explain? Lou
  17. Wow...what a great post! Over the last few years I've accepted something I once heard, "Our fears never lessen, but our courage increases each time we face fear down." and that feels right to me. I have a feeling whenever you were diagnosed you would have brought the same grit to the battle. Thanks for sharing. Lou
  18. Judy, A super thing to do. Your story will touch many. Thanks for telling it. Lou
  19. Let me welcome you here as well. From now on, beside your family and friends, you now have us as your support. We are a group of folks who have all had, or have, lung cancer and share our experiences to help others traveling on this road. As you can, please provide more detail so folks will be able to better answer any questions you have. In the meantime, there is a posting called "10 Steps to Surviving Lung Cancer; by a Survivor" written by our own Tom Galli and it is a wonderful distillation of smart and practical things to help you along the way. It can be found here. Please remember that while our disease is similar, each person is different and today's treatments are so far ahead of what was available even 10 years ago that lung cancer is no longer an automatic death sentence. Michelle is correct in saying, "Stay away from Dr. Google". There are people here who were diagnosed at advanced stages and are still going strong today. So please stay strong and hopeful. Lou
  20. Jeng, Like Tom (above), I've been lurking here. Mostly because I don't have any experience with a chemo-based therapy. But I do recognize that being a Caregiver can be a real challenge. I urge you to take a look at our Caregiver Resource Center that can be found here. There is a lot of experience there that may be able to help you through this. Best of luck to you and your husband. Lou
  21. We're glad you found us too and love hearing your good news. Lou
  22. We are no braver than anyone else. But, we learned from experience that there is life after a lung cancer diagnosis and we freely share that with you so you can see a future as well. Stay strong Justin, we'll be here with you. Lou
  23. LouT


    Tom, I actually had to go for swallow testing and was not that surprised to hear that I have a moderate to severe case of (forgot the name) muscles not being coordinating to push the food in the right direction. As a result, I have to chew extra carefully and also take a sip of water after every bite. I don't always remember to take the sip, but I've had some coughing fits that scared me, but nothing ever came out. The doctor said this was happening in the lower part of my esophagus. He told me that if it were to worsen then we'd look into treatment. Lou
  24. Your doctor may be right. Many of our flu viruses have been with us for years. They mutate, someone changes the vaccine and then they mutate again. Viruses are little buggers that way. Lou
  25. Justin, Michelle nailed it! The waiting seems interminable, but will be over and once you are fully diagnosed and a treatment plan is laid out you will certainly feel some sense of control returning to the situation. Hang in there and stay strong. You can do this. Lou
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