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  1. Hi Deb,

    wow thank you so much for your post... yes very similar (left vs right).   My 1/2 way scan showed shrinkage of about 50%.  Started round 4 yesterday and cannot wait to ring the bell on Thursday....

    had my vocal fold injection x2 and I can now talk after 3 months of not talking (whisper only) tumor was / is on the nerve.

    i follow up the Monday after you on the 24th and then see doc that following Thursday.

    we will keep you in our prayers for great results on the 17th.....

    God Bless



  2. Happy Saturday .... certainly learned how much HYDRATION and drinking water helps in our quest.  Blood pressure has been running low and pulse has been so high.  You would think that after spending two weekends in the hospital getting fluids I would learn.  This past Thursday I had my week after chemo visit and again BP was way low and pulse was way high.  They asked how much was I drinking and what was I drinking -  ok - I have not been able to give up the morning coffee - I am down to about four cups in the morning - some days I can get away with one or two.  But Thursday I had four.  Right off to the infusion center and two bags of IV’s.  

    Since then I have filled up my one gallon thermos - while I have not gotten through one gallon in a day - I have made it pretty far and feel totally different.  

    They indicated plain water would be best but I have found that adding a few lemon slices enables me to drink more.

    Enjoy your holiday -  hopefully putting this out there will help others with the same neglect on the hydration issue.  Anyone add anything additional to the water to push yourself to drink more????



  3. Hello! (Excitement noted)

    30 radiation treatments completed over three weeks time and two rounds of chemo completed.

    CAT scan completed last Friday... results reviewed by oncologist this morning.  Tumor 1/2 the size seen on 3/1 .... lymph nodes also decreased in size.  

    Everyone was very positive with the results to date.  I certainly am.

    two more cycles of chemo (one going in as I write)

    made appointments for next cat scan end of next month and a new mri.

    thank God for the results “we got this”



  4. Thank you Steff

    blood work was good today so I am sure we are starting round three tomorrow.  Only elephant in the room is the cat scan results.... will share tomorrow and then I guess I have to move off this topic and find a new topic that will be more appropriate.

    have a great day....



    has anyone done any comparison on the costs of newlasta and it’s likes?

  5. Thanks for the responses.  Been a long journey over the past two months.  Two weekends in the hospital due to low  levels of blood counts and potential infection.  However not this weekend.  Tomorrow is more blood work in preparation for Tuesday which starts another chemo  round (Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday).  Had the 1/2 way CAT Scan on Friday and have an appointment with the oncologist on Tuesday before chemo to get the progresses report from the cat scan.  What I do know is small cell lower left lobe - involved two lymph noids in the same lung with no indication that it progressed beyond the lung.  Doctor indicated limited stage.   He said curable ....  Hope and pray he still has the same thoughts on Tuesday.  Had 30 rounds of radiation twice daily over three weeks.  Graduated from that.  Two more chemo rounds left.  

    Would love to discuss with others and support others in the same situation.  We can not win this alone - but WE GOT THIS together.

    Hope everyone had a great Mothers Day - I did get out to go to the movies with daughter, wife and future son in law.  Wedding is a little more than two months away.

    Anyone else experience loss of voice due to the tumor laying on the nerve that runs back up to the voice box?  How long did it take for your voice to come back?  Did they discuss the possibility of ENT (Ear Nose Throat) doctor having to inject the vocal flap?  

    Lost over 30 pounds due to the burning in the esophagus.  That appears to be getting better but not 100% yet.  Also noted today - two weeks after radiation was over that I started two feel burnt on the skin across the chest.  Used some cream on it today but not much better.

    Thanks for this group!

    God Bless...    Ken



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