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  1. @[email protected]@Rower Michelle @GaryG @Tom Galli @Jennedy Thank you everyone for your thoughts. My world at times feels inside out, and I'm trying to keep busy by helping my cousins move, but being able to share with you and reading your well wishes help make it all a bit more bearable. I'm slowly following the advice of reaching out to close friends and not keeping it all in. Even if they don't know what to say, I tell them to share news about their lives, and I find that it helps. I've updated the previous post with more details of what happened. Right now, my uncle and I are
  2. Hi, this was initially a question about if anyone else EGFR turn into small cell. I've decided to convert this into a journal of my dad's journey with his cancer. He was diagnosed with EGFR Exon 18 non-small cell lung cancer stage 4. He had a persistent cough that wouldn't go away. He thought it was just alergies for a month in 2018 and ignored it. in 2019, the same thing occurred, except the cough got worse. Finally, he decided to see a doctor and x-ray they discovered the 7cm tumor. --------------------------------- Backstory for future patients/ caregivers in similar case
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