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  1. Well, it started growing 2 years after discovery..... to 8mm. Then about 2mm every couple of years until reaching 1.5cm. So it started growing 10 years ago becoming 8mm. From what i’ve Read about lung nodules every thing I listed about myself and the nodule leans toward the nodule being a slow growing cancer. Upper lobe,increasing size, parent with lung cancer, emphysema, lobular edge, ex smoker, non calcified nodule and age. Thanks for your response.
  2. Hello, Is it possible for a slow growing lung nodule to become cancer after 12 years? A 6mm lung nodule was found in my upper left lung 12 years ago. I get ct scans taken of it occasionally. It is now 1.5cm. It is lobulated, upper left lobe and non calcified. I have 3 other small lung nodules that have stayed the same. My father died of lung cancer at age 60 which I am now. I smoked for 30 years a pack a day. I quit 14 years ago. I also have moderate emphysema. Doctors don’t seem too concerned about it. One pumologist thought I was getting too many ct scans.....wasn’t concerned about the nodule. Just wondered if any of you might share your thoughts on this. Thanks so much
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