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  1. The magic mouthwash is really what you need. My husband has to use it for several months. He was unable to swallow due to radiation burn. The things you are putting together will not help with the pain due to alcohol.
  3. I don't know how to talk to anyone in the forums. I am 70 yrs old and right now I feel like I'm losing my mind . There is so much going on and I don't know how to think oR feel about a lot of it. We went to do 2 CT SCANS of my husband's chest and abdomen this past friday morning and we are to do an MRI of his brain this coming Wed. Well Friday morning his face was swollen his eyes almost closed. When we went to do the SCANS the Dr talked to us for a couple of minutes and he thinks the tumor in his chest might be enlarging and putting pressure on something causing his face to swell. But he will have to see SCANS first. Now he has what looks like red spider veins on his upper chest area the immunotherapy drug has messed up his thyroid and prostate as well. 

    WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING TO HIS POOR BODY. I'M AFRAID TO GO TO SLEEP BECAUSE I'M AFRAID HE'LL STOP BREATHING....Anybody got any thing to help us out here. My husband is on INFIMZI. I don't think I slept it right. PLEASE ANYTHING.....

  4. My hubby has done 4 of the Imfinzi treatment as of this past friday. He had CAT SCANS done a week prior to this Dr appt. It appears that there is a little good news. When first Dx of Cancer (April '19) one mass was 5 cm then in Aug it was 5.2 now it is 5 cm. A few of the malignant lymph nodes have shrunk a little bit as well. One .01 another .02 no change in other 3. But hasn't spread any either. So we will stay the course for now.
  5. Brenda F


    My hubby had stage III-C non small cell (inoperable) LUNG Cancer. He finished chemo/radiation and now on 3rd immunotherapy (dav) can't spell. Anyways he got his flu shot today at the infusion center. His cancer have not shrunk but are stable ( I was told today). The latest c.f. Scan showed the main tumor was 5 cm and now 5.2 cm and the 5 lymph nodes that are malignant are all 3cm. I was told they were stable whatever that means. I asked when we would do another PET Scan? My hubby almost lost his battle a couple of .in the ago but GOD HAD DIFFERENT IDEAS. THANK YOU GOD. Anyways point being he got a pneumonia shot while in hospital and flu shot today. Yay!!!!
  6. Ron, No one ever said anything about any CTs or any kind of pics. On Aug 16th we were told My husband was going to most likely due in surgery, found in a DR Scan of abdomen, his liver and intestines and colon had air everywhere and they were neurotic (rotten). The surgeon said he was going to try and save his life but doubted it was gonna happen but he was gonna see if he could take pieces of his intestines out leave the wound open and go in every couple of days and take more. We brought our children in to see him before they rushed him into the operating room. One daughter was in Nebraska and he FaceTime with her. We said our good byes and waited. The surgeon came in and got down in front of me and said I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT. ALL OF YOUR HUSBAND'S ORGANS ARE VIABLE. HE IS STILL ALIVE. PRAISE GOD.
  7. Georgia My husband Jimmy became so ill when we went to see the oncologist friday before last that we had to rush him to the hospital where it was thought he had a blockage in his abdomen. Well a CT Scan was done and the ER Dr came in and said something was very wrong and he was gonna go to ICU and a team of Drs would be called in to see what was going on. One minute later a surgeon came in and said surgery had to be done quickly. This surgeon showed us the CT Scan results and Jimmys liver had lots of air in it and then so did all of his intestines and colon. This surgeon said he thought Jimmys organs were shutting down and that the intestines and liver were neurotic ( dead) and if so he would just sew him up and that was gonna be the end. We had to choose if we wanted them to do CPR or not. He choose DNR. THE DR WAS GONNA CALL US EVERY 2HRS OTHERWISE. Well about 1 1/2 hrs later he came out and told me he'd never seen anything like it. He said all of his organs were viable. He was gonna live. I told him GOD HEARD US PRAYING AND TOOK OVER. Jimmy was still very sick ICU for two days then isolation for 5 days. We came home Friday. He will hopefully get his throat stretched in a bit. A swallow test was done and now he can swallow liquids. I have to be sure he gets 2,000 calories a day now. We are supposed to start immunotherapy this coming Friday. A CT- SCAN was done before we left and there was NO CHANGE IN HIS CANCER AND ANOTHER MASS WAS SEEN IN THE BOTTOM OF THE RIGHT LUNG. I will assume we will be told a new stage of this horrible CANCER mess. Jimmy is still very weak. I am so happy fir your hubby. Keep me informed.
  8. Georgia, I was so glad to hear from you. Yes my husband has thrush very bad. We used Nystatin first and some in IV while in hospital and then two other meds at home and still using them. His thrush is starting to get better. Today I put a small piece of watermelon in his mouth to see if he could suck in the flavor and he choked and gagged for quite awhile. We go see his oncologist in the morning. He told us we had to wait 4 weeks after the last radiation treatment done before a PET SCAN could be done. Well I want one to see if any of this has shrunk any of the CANCER. I am glad your husband is getting nourishment now. I would not want a nasogastric feeding tube either. I wish for their throats to get better so they can eat and not have to depend on the tubes. It's been three weeks ago today that he stopped radiation. You were talking about the yard. I know this one quite well. I paid to have ours mowed yesterday. We only have a half acre close to the lake. Not on the lake but you can see it from our yard. My husband can't do anything but sit or lay down. He will sit on the porch with the dog and SMOKE. Yes he still SMOKES. I have never smoked so I don't know that addiction. I pray for him to stop. I will come Dr for now. Look forward to hearing from you. Our PRAYERS are with you both.
  9. I would love to hear from anyone who has these problems. My hubby had lost over 35 lbs thru this so far. His muscle mass is going down so fast. He is on so much medicine for the fungal infection which doesn't seem to be doing much good. I am a retired nurse myself and never dealt with CANCER other than my mother's breast CANCER at age 80. She had one of the worst kinds and the Dr said he could give her 10 years if she did chemo and rad and she said no. She is 97 and CANCER FREE. GOD is all I can say.
  10. Oh my goodness GEORGIA I hope you get my response to your note. My husband has stage III-C non small cell (inoperable) LUNG cancer. He has a large mass on the upper right lung and 5 lymph nodes that are malignant as well. He was doing 8 weeks of radiation as well. After 20 treatments 4 weeks his throat started shutting as well. He couldn't hardly whisper. I called the Dr on call at the oncology place and was told to take him to the closest ER and I wanted them to scope him and stretch his esophagus as well. Well they couldn't do that but put him in the hospital and a gastroenterologist came in and said when he was strong enough she would attempt a feeding tube. His immune system was so low they had to wait and get him stronger. She was able to get the tube in but told me his esophagus was badly burnt. We were also told a couple of weeks and he would be able to swallow. Well he can't yet,and it's been over 2 weeks. But he gets nourishment thru the G-Tube for now. We stopped radiation. He figured he would die if he did any more. CANCER IS HORRIBLE. I am so sorry you have to go thru this as well. My hubby is 64 as of a month ago. Feel free to call on me anytime. I'm on Facebook too. Brenda Mathis My E-mail is [email protected]
  11. Georgia, my hubby has stage III-C non small cell (inoperable) LUNG CANCER. He too was doing 40 radiation treatments and after 4 weeks 20 treatments his throat closed as well. He can swallow about 15 cc.s Of water. He couldn't talk and I took him to the ER and I wanted them to stretch his esophagus as well. The gastrointestinal Dr said she would put a feeding tube in if possible. We had to wait a few days because he was so weak and it caused his immune system to go really low and everybody had to wear masks and wash their hands to come in his room. When she was finally able to try to put in the tube she thought she might have to call in a different surgeon to go into the gut. Well she was able to get the tube in and she said his throat was really badly burnt. We stopped radiation but finished CHEMOTHERAPY this past Monday. I feed him thru that feeding tube and he still can't swallow hardly at all. Throat pain and chest pain and now his lower abdomen is hurting terribly. He has a opioid patch and an opioid liquid for pain plus the magic mouthwash and he also has thrush really bad. We go Fridays to see what's next. We were told immunotherapy was next. I want a PET SCAN to see if any of this has done anything to get rid of the CANCER. My hubby has a large mass on the upper right lung and 5 lymph nodes that are malignant as well. I am also a heavy but can't remember how to get to my stuff.
  12. Hi Diana, My hubby had NSCLC inoperable stage III-C. He is being treated with the same chemo as you. He does 6 days with 3week intervals and starting radiation M-F for 8 weeks. He also has upper right lung mass with 5 lymph nodes malignant. I was kinda glad to read your stuff. I will pray for your outcome to be better.
  13. Thank you all for your words on your journeys and please keep us in your prayers. I will keep you all in mine. I don't know why my husband's cancer is inoperable. I know he has 5 lymph nodes that are malignant and a carcinoma in the upper st lung.
  14. My husband has 5 lymph nodes that are maglinant. They are going to do radiation on them. Three are on the same side as the carcinoma upper right lung and one in the subclavian area and one in neck I believe. GOD bless you.
  15. Awesome news Lou. Prayers on board. GOD bless.
  16. I will do that very thing. How long before you find out if it's working?
  17. No Barb1260 what do you mean? What should come next? I'm really kinda lost in this. Sometimes I just sit and cry, our lives have changed so much in the last few months.
  18. Isabelle49 My husband has stage III-C non small cell (inoperable) LUNG cancer as well. He is getting ready to do his second round of chemo and start radiation as well. I will be praying for you as well. Keep us all in your thoughts as you start this journey. I too, am a nurse. I never worked with cancer at all. I am retired now. My spouse is younger than I am so at least he has that going in his favor, I hope. Good luck and GOD BLESS. REMEMBER FAITH HOPE and LOVE. GOD HAS THIS. ALMOST FORGOT: My spouse has a lot of lymph nodes involved. Hopefully radiation will destroy all of the bad ones. They are in his chest and up his neck.
  19. Thank you Lou for reaching out to my message. My husband has inoperable LUNG cancer. I was trying to find anyone who has had inoperable stage III-C non small cell lung cancer to see how they have managed it. I'm totally afraid of losing my spouse. This coming Tuesday we will start our second round of CHEMOTHERAPY and radiation too. I was a nurse for over 30 years but never dealt with cancer at all.
  20. Could you tell me about your lung cancer experience? Like how you found out you had it and what stage and how you were treated and with or without a spouse etc.....

    1. Tom Galli

      Tom Galli


      On a Monday evening in February 2004 I was suffering symptoms of a nasty chest cold and I started coughing and it produced blood.  Several days later, in a hospital emergency room I was x-rayed and the emergency room doctor told me I had a very large mass in my right lung.  The mass was causing the blood.

      I was admitted to the hospital for further tests.  I had a CT scan, brain scan and bone scan.  Additionally, a biopsy was attempted with a flexible bronchoscope but the mass that was contained in my main stem bronchus of my right lung was so large, it could not be biopsied with a flexible scope. On discharge from the hospital, my oncologist told me I likely had lung cancer. He didn't know the type but suggested the stage could be 3A or 3B. This stage was suggested because the CT and other scans showed no evidence of any other nodules or tumors in my body.  Stage 3B was suggested because of the size of the mass.  It was 7cm long and about 2.5cm in width and completely blocked the main stem bronchus of my right lung. 

      I was referred to a thoracic surgeon for biopsy.  The surgeon used a rigid bronchoscope to obtain a sample from the mass and additionally performed a tracheotomy (incision at the base of my throat) to access and sample many lymph nodes around my lungs.  A pathologist was in the operating room and examined all biopsy samples in real time.  The biopsy revealed Squamous cell non small cell lung cancer but none of the lymph nodes contained the disease.  My surgeon staged my disease at 3A but suggested the mass was too large to resect without damaging my trachea whose tissues were too fragile to stitch.

      On a post surgical consult, my surgeon reported that surgery was not possible. We'd (my wife who was my fiancée at the time) researched survival statistics for lung cancer without surgery and in those days, the prognosis was dismal. My surgeon referred me to a medical oncologist who was conducting a study of treating lung cancer with conventional chemotherapy with infusions performed in a hypobaric chamber with enriched oxygen. The theory of the study was that the increase in oxygen would make the chemotherapy more effective.  I had a weekend to make a treatment decision.

      I told my general practitioner about the surgeon's conclusion and study recommendation.  He left the examining room and called my oncologist (who knew nothing about the surgeon's recommendation yet) and told him to find a way to shrink the mass to allow surgery.  The oncologist prescribed 30 doses of conventional radiation with weekly infusions of taxol and carboplatin. He spoke with the surgeon who agreed to rethink the surgery decision if treatment dramatically reduced the size of the mass.  It did and in May 2004 my right lung was removed.  I was scheduled for post surgical chemotherapy but this never happened because of surgical complications that required two more surgeries to correct.

      There is a book called Scanziety available on Amazon that tells the entire story if you are interested.  Click on the word Scanziety and it will take you to the book.  You can read a good deal of it by clicking "Look inside".

      That is how I was diagnosed and my initial treatments.  I would have many more to achieve NED.

      You asked how I was treated and I assume you mean by my medical team.  I was very fortunate to have a stable of caring, competent and capable doctors.  I believe this was so because my general practitioner personally recommended them.  He'd referred other patients to these doctors, he knew the doctors, and his opinion carried weight with the oncologist and surgeon.  Likely, my general practitioner's refusal to accept no surgery saved my life.

      At the time I was diagnosed I was unmarried but engaged to be married with Martha.  After my hospital stay, Martha moved from Lexington, KY to Rockwall TX to help me with treatment. She'd just graduated from a masters degree program in Nutrition and her next step was an internship that would have led to a career as a registered dietitian.  But, she gave up her internship to care for me.  I was fortunate to work for a company that had rich long and short term disability coverages that saw me through my medical treatment.  I also have a feature rich medical insurance policy that covered almost all treatment cost with a very small deductible.  I paid for disability and medical coverages but so did my company.  I had retired military medical coverage (Tricare) but did not use it for any of my cancer treatment.

      I would not have been able to go through my treatment alone.  I hope this long answer addresses your request.

      Stay the course.


  21. We have been thru our first CHEMOTHERAPY and getting ready for our second one and radiation therapy.My hubby has a tumor in upper right lung and several lymph nodes that are malignant in chest and up into neck.
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