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  1. Thank you for all this helpful information on. I would have no.problems going on a clinical trial if needed.
  2. I'm watching a baseball game. What I did was a form of denial. I have been strong and going with the program. Mistake was made in thoughts. I had such a good morning with my wife and I still haven't experienced any symptoms with a 5,cm mass. It's easy for me to feel like I am in my pre cancer life. And in a moment of weakness I started looking for reasons to rationalize myself out of my circumstances. It's very painful to get into the true reality that I am in. I may have double posted this thread. I really need to get out my laptop because my phone really doesn't to a good job
  3. I did it and I wasn't aware of it until it was too late. I visited Dr Google 😨 My mood usually goes down when my wife leaves for work. So I started thinking about my needle biopsy into my 5 cm mass that showed no cancer cells. They only showed dead cells. The thoracic surgeon gave me some more information last Friday that I didn't have. He said that the biopsy according to the films of how the biopsy showed him that it was taken from the middle of the mass. If you can picture this the biopsy results showed up just like a giant zit. There was evidence of cell activity on the surface of the mass because the PET scan showed it. However just like in a zit the mass was dead inside. So I ended up going to Dr Google to see if cancerous cells are alive all the way through. In other words I was searching for good news. But the only thing I ended up with was no results from my search and an even worse mood dive. There is nothing worse for me than desperately looking for good news by going to Dr Google. Now I have to dig myself out of this emotional pit I dug for myself
  4. I second that. Good news is great news 👍
  5. I'm not a doctor but I was in pathology and I have some knowledge of what may be going on. Cortisone cream is shutting down the immune system reaction which is one way to stop a rash etc.. You may need the exact opposite.You may need to activate and let the inflammatory response take care of what is the cause of the skin irritation I would go to a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to get you a cream with anti-inflammatory in it. Make sure that it is not a cream that is just a pain killer. Then take the cream and put a little cream on one tiny spot to see if it stops the inflammation. Make sure that the small spot that you are using to test the cream is free from cortisone. See if this helps the irritation
  6. When or if I get a treatment plan how do I know it is a good one? Also.I am going to be responsible for 20% of the chemo costs..Are these new treatments going to be affordable for.a non-rich like myself?
  7. Wow. Your story is so close to mine..I was sent to the ER and ended up with pneumonia and that's when they found the mass on my lung. A mass is oversized nodule. I feel for you with the extra illnesses that you have to deal with. I have some extra stuff besides the mass. I'm dealing with an anxiety disorder I had all my life. I am dealing with this threat of LC. If it helps I know that the treatment can be rough with side effects. So I try to celebrate each day that I'm not nausea and I am not feeling weak. I do have terrible muscle pain in my calves and legs. Actually it's my whole body. But I know from my college days that when I had finals I got a lot of these muscle aches from the stress and adrenaline that was being released. I am not saying that you have this. But the anxiety and adrenaline can have a huge affect on the body. I am happy that the doctor didn't tell you anything that was totally terrible. That is always reason for celebrating. Hope you can keep getting that good news. Actually good news 👍 is really great news.!!!!
  8. Again my guardian angel is here to the rescue. Us both being in the medical field I came here because I was emotionally coding.. Before and while this happened we had out of town guests living with us all spring. So with them being present I wasn't allowed to cave emotionally. They left last week and my wife has gone to work leaving me alone for 8 hours a day to cope with my new reality. Then I get your reply and it is just perfect. Sometimes I wonder if you are a professional psychologist who knows how to deal with cancer patients. But of course this is rediculous to.think because a trained professional psychologist would not be as good at giving advice like you 😇
  9. Almost the same exact thing happened to men. Thoracic Surgeon very positive oncologist and pulmanary doctors not so good. I am going through the diagnostic screening process now and the roller coaster ride is a good analogy. Feeling like a yo-yo is good. I found that waking up in the morning and seeing how I feel is much better than asking the doctors how I am. If I am feeling good today then the heck with what the doctor says. I will say that today I feel okay..I don't know how I will feel tommorow or the day after that. But if I am okay I am not going to let what a doctor says to take away how I feel on that day. Or at least that's how I feel about it
  10. Thank you for the encouragement! I think I should appreciate that I can have some sort of treatment. But it is very kind that you took the time to reply to me. May God bless you for this!
  11. Starting from the beginning May 20 pulmonary Dr sent me stat to the ER because of severe lung pain when I coughed.He thought that it was heart attack or embolism. After CT scan in the ER I was told that I had a 5.5 mass on right lung. A needle biopsy came back negative but the oncologist sent me to a PET scan. PET scan turned up positive on the mass with what I thought was one positive lymphnode but ended up to be a whole group of lymphocytes. He mentioned that it may be stage 3 something. He sent me to a thoracic surgeon. The surgeon today was great. It was obvious that he really understood what goes on in the chest and instead of a doctor that could merely read a report,this surgeon was actually able to understand the CT and PET scan. The bad part is that I have now been emotionally bounced all over the place. The surgeon wanted a newer CT scan and he ruled nothing out. He said that when he sees the new CT scan that the results could mean that I don't even need a bronchoscopy because the pneumonia is resolving along with the mass. He also went to the other extreme and said that if it was cancer it was inoperatable. The new CT scan is this Friday. So I have been emotionally been bounced all over the place. It was placed in my head that I probably had a cancer that may have been at a stage that was operable. Now I am going to go under general anesthesia for the bronchoscopy and when I wake up it will advanced local either small or nsclc. The surgery is a week from Friday. I am an emotional mess and trying to adjust to my new circumstances. BTW,On the CT scan the surgeon said that my right diaphragm was pulled way up on my original CT scan. He said that it may have been caused by the mass pushing on a nerve.
  12. Oh I meant to say, this virus thing is a mystery because in April I got a recombent exercise bike. I was doing rides during the day of 12 mins each. Then suddenly one day I got on the bike and couldn't even do 2mins. This is the first time I felt this virus thing. I waited a few days and got back on the bike and the same thing happened. I couldn't even reach 2mins. Then of course on May 20 I found myself in the ER with pneumonia and a newly discovered mass on my lung. This is why I think the virus is connected somehow to the mass.. I feel the virus today with a lot of weakness. Maybe it is related to the pneumonia. I remember my pulmonary doctor say that it takes a month or more to recover from pneumonia. At this point who knows?
  13. Blood pressure is always good thanks to a combo I found because of a great PCP who worked with me. Today is weird. Yesterday I thought that I might be headed towards another bout with pneumonia. Lungs and trachea were irritated. But this morning my lungs are better. The only thing I have to complain about Lol is that this thing that they say is growing in me is totally zapping my energy. This mass thing is all new to me. I am still waiting to meet up with my thoracic surgeon on the 19th to make plans for the biopsy. But I can see that if this thing wants to zap my energy I am going to have to roll up my sleeves and fight the thing to have any kind of life. I haven't even gotten any chemo yet. But I can see that energy loss is an enemy that I will be fighting
  14. Irwin1


    I have been using my phone to post but the browser is causing malfunctions so I may have to pull my laptop out of the closet. Thanks Tom. The knowledge that you poccess is really a blessing to me. Upon reading the first post of this thread at this point there is no reason to trust my oncologist yet. As I have said I worked in the path lab in a busy hospital in N. Miami and when it comes to actual samples from a living person I can catch a doctor making mistakes. But I know nothing about radiology and it appears that you do! I can tell you how my oncologist operates when handling what the patient knows. When he visited me the one time in the hospital we had yet to get the results from the needle biopsy. At this point he told me that at this point it could be anything such as a fungal infection. This had me thinking very positively and relieved me of my anxiety. What he didn't tell me was the odds that it could be a benign tumor or malignancy. So in a way I feel like he likes to relieve the patient walking a fine line of false hope. When the biopsy results came in he called me at home and said that the results were inconclusive and that I needed a PET scan. But then he started giving me reasons why I should be positive about the report. I hadn't read the report myself calling the needle biopsy myself which clearly said that it was not cancerous but was consistent with pneumonia. He then started to build me up by listing the common symptoms of LC and telling me that I didn't have any of them. He also told me that sometimes infections show up like masses on the CT scan. This is also true. So I became confused and asked him if he was giving me a good report. For some reason I don't remember his answer. I felt like he should give up oncology and work for President Trump's press secretary. Anyway thanks for the info. I have to go get the dust off of my laptop!
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