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  1. That's right. I'm just a rookie at this but I believe I looked up the stats on a positive PET scan. I stand corrected on this but I believe there is a 90%, chance that a positive is correct PET scan is correct. So my negative PET scan had only a 10% chance of being a false negative. That being said I have a 3, month check up scan. And on the first full day of being cleared I am already feeling the anxiety having a nasty scan.  The PET scan did show the activity in the mass and lymphnodes around the mass. 

        So there I go with a case of scanziety

  2. It's really irritated at the bottom of my trachea. The Dr said to inhale a hot cup of tea steam.

        Anyway I am a cancer survivor. I experienced it all. I got my results back and the mass and lymphnodes all clean of malignancy nor cancer cells. 

      And although I got back negative results I really really experienced it. I have to go back for a follow up CT scan in 3 months. 

  3. Oh crap. I just figured out something without Dr Google. It was Dr Irwin. I know why the mass shunk without treatment. The needle biopsy sucked out the middle of it. Boy am I stupid. Plus the surgeon's staff member told me that shrinking masses are rarely cancerous. This is nutz. Remember I told you I had OCD. It used to help me diagnose. I wish I could shut my mind off. 

        I am very sensitive at this point. I just got a call from my oncologists office to make a new appointment because I cancelled all appointments until I got my results. I asked her if she had results. She said that she didn't. So I told her that I will make an appointment when I get the results. But the question is is she assuming that I am going to get bad results?

         I got to figure out how to shut my brain down.

  4. But I am getting experience with living with bad results which is good..I see that it is scary but doable. I didn't sleep well which made the challenge harder.. But I need it. I need the challenge. 

       I had a bunch of a bunch of appointments to organize. I did and it felt me feel better. I am really seeing that everything is out of my control. So I just got to get with the program. I am not sure if I am going to have the best oncologist. Actually I wouldn't know anyway. I know that he tries to make some positive spin on ominous results. But that's the way he works. Nothing wrong with that I suppose. Màybe my defense system is not listening to the bad. I have ADD bad so my mind may be skipping things.

        But I have a secret weapon that not everyone has. I have a supportive wife who specializes in helping me keep my brain under control. I have a creative mind with uncommon sense.  She's level headed and organized. And on September 16 it will be 30 years of marriage. So the 2 of us function nicely.

      And not only do I have my wife but I have friends and my wife's family here and in Ecuador. Not everyone is blessed with this.

       So I am adjusting to whatever comes my way good or bad 😉

        So this experience has already changed me. 

       One final note. The day after the bronchoscopy I had zero symptoms. Then all of a sudden I had them all. So I guess they took what they needed. 

  5. I used to diagnose patients looking at hematology. I couldn't figure out how a needle biopsy from the center of the mass wasn't good enough especially when they"got it from the middle"

        So I met up with DR Google and I found the answer. When the cancer has done it's job in the middle everything is already dead. It could show up on the PET scan as positive because all the action is going on outside of the tumor. 

         But in a way I am getting some practice normalizing in case the bronchoscopy comes back bad. 

        Any it still stands. I Did It To Myself.😨

  6. Oh. No! No milk shakes here. I am overweight when I they first found the mass on May 20. Seeing that losing weight is a symptom I went on a big pig out for over a month. Now that they have all the biopsies I started my low carb diet this morning. 

       So now I know why I am going up.and down the walls here. The intensity involved with the results is a withdrawal from being without milk shakes!

  7. For future reference the bronchoscopy with general anesthesia can affect oxygen saturation and heart rate. Mine have finally gone back to normal TG. They were pretty nasty when I went to sleep last night. 

      Still waiting on pathology and my results. 


  8. Last night I slept well after the bronchoscopy. Woke up and I can hardly tell that I had it done.

        But I am having a lot of anxiety over my O2 saturation and resting heart beat. The Dr noticed that during the procedure that my saturation was going low. That's one of the reasons I went on CPAP at home. But last night without the CPAP I was headed down to 87 and 88 % when I was going to sleep without the CPAP and with the CPAP 90-93. My resting heart beat was close to 90 up from in the 70s

  9. My pulse oximeter is way off. I used to get a resting heart beat at 75.its now hanging at 88-90

    My O2 level without my Cpap has usually been 93%-94%.With CPAP it used to jump at times to 96%.

    Now without CPAP it is 88-91%.And with CPAP it hangs around 91-92%

    My vitals are all screwed up. I got a day and nightmessage from the surgeon to wear my CPAP all today and tomorrow

  10. Well I am back from the hospital. Had to wait 8 extra hours because of an emergency bipass..The emergency was that they bipassed. Got to the hospital fasting from last night since 9pm with no liquids . The bronchoscopy began around 3pm. Had a great time telling medical joke's on recovery room. 

      Of course my throat is torn up. But nothing really terrible as you probably all familiar with the proceedure. 

      But I have to say that I did have some good feedback about the outcome of the results. But I am not feeling it tonight. The surgeon is going to call me tomorrow or the next day. It iust as scary now to me than had I not gotten any good news. I will release the results when I get them. But I am not a happy camper tonight. Torn up throat and mystery results coming in by phone

  11. I am getting last minute anxiety. Ok. So the mass is shrinking. I still have to deal with the positive lymphnodes. I am back in the world of LC and it's horrible. I think I got myself thinking too positively. I know if I wake up in the recovery room to bad news after I put my faith in the word of a staff member I may be letting my guard down to a rude awakening. And that can be taken literally 🤔

  12. I'm not sure if I posted this but my mass has shown shrinkage from 5.5 cm to 3cm on the new CT scan which I believe is makes it a nodule. This has occurred without treatment. All the attention is focused on the lymphnodes. But the chances of the nodule being cancerous is way down. I am having mixed feelings because I am having this news when so many people here are dealing with tough reports. 

        If my bronchoscopy turns out cancer free that probably will clear me of all cancer because I have had shrinkage to 4cm in my PET scan and to 3cm in the latest CT scan. I was positive in my mass and lymphnodes but can be explained by the infection of the pneumonia..I feel guilty because I may not have cancer and so many people have bad cancer reports. Maybe if I am cancer free and have gone through the nightmare I could become an activist. 

     But maybe I am jumping the gun here and I am not out of the woods.

  13. I used to have right testicular pain that I was told was referred pain which is pain caused by some other area but is connected to both areas. The testicular pain seemed to happen in connection with my lower right back. 

       The pain going down his leg sounds exactly like my sciatica. I get pain in the buttocks and it travels down just as you described. I used to have intense chronic pain in both thighs and calves. This was about 3 or 4 years ago. I was put on oxycodone and the stress on myself and my wife almost cost us our 30 year marriage. If you are feeling irritable towards each other, don't wait until the point until we did. Get caretaker support and he support for coping with the pain.

  14. 12 minutes ago, Irwin1 said:

    Thanks for your caring support. I really appreciate it. 

        First thing Monday morning I am going to leave the surgeon a message to get serious and to cut it out 

        Yeah. It was a pretty bad joke. But my sense of humor seems to be an effective coping skill.

    But in many ways I feel like a criminal waiting for a sentence of life without parol. At least I felt that way this morning getting ready to go to the bronchoscopy

    Funny thing. While I was editing my previous post the surgeon's office called and I have to be there ready to go on Monday morning at 7am. That'll definitely work out for me!

  15. Thanks for your caring support. I really appreciate it. 

        First thing Monday morning I am going to leave the surgeon a message to get serious and to cut it out 

        Yeah. It was a pretty bad joke. But my sense of humor seems to be an effective coping skill.

    But in many ways I feel like a criminal waiting for a sentence of life without parol. At least I felt that way this morning getting ready to go to the bronchoscopy

  16. I am really to get teed off. My bronchoscopy was scheduled today at 1pm to give me a thumbs up or down on my cancer diagnosis. During the morning my surgeon's office called to tell me that he had a rare emergency with a heart patient which I can understand. But they were unable to reschedule the procedure today which leaves next week. This is fine with me except for the fact that they told me that he will be out of town on the week after next. I have lymphnodes lit up on my PET scan and I really would appreciate that I would like to start treatment on them just in case they are not reactive but in fact malignant. I am not sure if they can set up a bronchoscopy with another surgeon next week. That would be ok with me. But I really wish that they would show some sense of urgency with my diagnosis. I think after they found the mass on May 20 the time expired is a little much. 

  17. I got some more hope today. Last Friday I took a fresh CT scan. I had my first CT scan in the ER on May 20 when they discovered the mass. Then I had my PET scan after I was discharged. Then this later the one on Friday. In the ER the mass was between 5-6 cm. I had a needle biopsy that said that the pathologist did not see any cancer. Just cells and dead tissue. Then in the PET scan my wife noticed that the mass shrank to 4 cm. She asked the oncologist about this but he said that the shrinking was because of the PET scan was not as accurate as the CT scan. 

    ...I was feeling very healthy today and I still did not have even one of the symptoms of LC even with the 5cm mass in my lung with a PET scan with positive lymphnodes.So I called into the thoracic surgeons office to see if they would read the results to me..The girl who answered the phone that she had to get someone in the technical department to read the results. So I have no idea what the qualifications of the girl that read the report to me. I don't remember what the report called the mass but the report said that there was shrinkage in this CT scan too. The girl told me that it was very rare that something cancerous to shrink by itself.. But I am sure that the girl had to know that she would get into a lot of trouble saying this. She told me that I would still recommend taking the bronchoscopy.

       So I am taking what she told me with cautious optimism. If I get over exited about this I could get emotionally body slam if I get a terrible report from the bronchoscopy.

         But I do have some real hope the way things are going. The positive PET scan lymphnodes could be reactive from infection along with the mass. For those who pray keep praying 🙏

  18. MiI am the King of anxiety. And after a lifetime of living with it I can tell you that it's the master of deception when it comes to illness and symptoms.  I can't tell you when your symptoms are real or not. But I think that it's great that you have your pulse oximeter. I got one also 3 weeks ago just to give me the peace of mind that my respiration is good and pneumonia is under control. 

          I assume that you have a BP cuff. I would say that you can pretty much calm down when your BP is good. PO2 is good. No fever diarrhea and vomiting. 

       But my anxiety definitely can keep me concentrated on symptoms. So I give you the those famous words You are not alone in this!



  19. 19 hours ago, Isabelle49 said:

    God is Great!!! Brain is clean (of course, this is relatively speaking). Major hurdle, so good to hear. Thanks for your prayers. Blessings to all.

    This is great news. Encouraging for the rest of us!

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