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    Does anyone else suffer from low grade fever? I have the chemo rash (or keytruda) but it is not itchy, so they did not give me anything. They did a blood workup and no problems there, either. It's just that low grade fever of 99.9. My husband woke me every hour last night be make me hydrate myself, and Tylenol every 4 hours (3x). I have been in hospital for this, and am seriously trying to avoid another trip there. Today, after fighting it all night and last evening, I have a steady temp of 97.9, so that is good. Just wondering if any of you have taken something that worked for you.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I am now able to get flavored water down fine, and have found that Dove Bars make me happy. When I'm not eating well, he hands me an Ensure. I just weigh every morning to make sure my weight stays virtually the same.
  3. Yes, sorry that is what they are. And they are effective, I agree
  4. I use the pearls at 9, 2, 9 when coughing is bad. I stack Delsym every 12 hours and in between if I am coughing I stack Vertussin. It really works. For 2 weeks after my infusion, though, I really don't cough at all. I ran a fever and was admitted and they did the pearls at 9,2,9 with IVs. I used Sudafed for awhile, but it made me unsteady.
  5. I have just run across this thread. How is he doing now with his pain?
  6. This has been a question I have been scared to ask. I have 2 more treatments, and no idea of what comes after that. And want to know don't want to know.
  7. Oh I am so so happy to find this thread. It took a little searching but here I am. I have been fighting even water. As soon as it hit the back of my tongue I got creeped out. The nurse said if I can't get 64oz down every day they are going to do it for me. I used my Vitamix and crushed ice and put pink lemonade crystal lite over it to spoon out. I finally got my water in that way. Popsicles and chocolate covered ice cream bars seem good right now also. It has been 10 days and things are a little better, but I'm following this closely. Thanks to all of you for posting! My husband is at store now buying fresh strawberries and blueberries to infuse my crushed ice to see if I can stand it that way. Just spooning it out gives me something to do and gets that water in. I'll report back as to whether it was any good.
  8. Have them prescribe Lorazepam. It is the generic of Xanax. I had it sitting on my counter for 3 weeks just because I hate hate hate taking pills. Once I finally gave in I slept great. Well, for me, anyway. When I wake up to take a cough suppressant I seem to go right back to sleep.
  9. We are all here for you. I'm new here also, and this group is my rock when I just need to reach out.
  10. I am on Keytruda/Pemetrexed/carboplatin. Only one treatment so far. 21 days between each for a total of 4. I felt tremendous after the treatment and had zero side effects. Without saying the words, he indicated it was a hail mary mixture, as I showed up for help in end stages. Other than my cough(which has been cut in half) and getting tired pretty easy, I'm doing fine. As a matter of fact, he told me to walk daily now. Before I needed help to get to the ladies room. I won't be medically cured, but between prayer and attitude, I see life as worth pursuing again. In my opinion, we just keep trying new things until they run out of new things. My doctor said new trials are coming to market all the time, and each person is different.
  11. They weren't sure if I had enough tissue either from my bronchoscopy, (they did) but told me I would just have to have another biopsy if that was the case. In my case they were not even looking for cancer.
  12. Welcome. I'm still pretty new and can tell you the people here are great inspiration
  13. I just couldn't do that MRI the first time around. Terrible claustrophobia. The pill is Xanax basically. They also had my husband put on a gown and slippers and he rubbed my foot the whole time I was in there. To top it off they had some kind of something on the helmet they put across my face and it was a picture of a hammock on the beach. It became no problem and we skated right through it. Just ask them! And don't forget this. The nurse that lives next door to me looked me straight in the eyes and said "Terri, it won't hurt you, it won't kill you, and they need these results." Still, I had to go the other route though.
  14. Oh wow. That must have been so scary. The standard of care is changing weekly, daily, hourly. Mine is supposed to be slow growing but once it gets in the lymph nodes decisions change I guess and that is where I am -- at the moment. We will know in about a month. Keep fighting and listen to Michelle above. Persistence pays off!
  15. Welcome Kooper, I am a newbie and also had the bronchoscopy. It was no big deal. I didn't even get a sore throat. It was day surgery and home that night. It was waiting on the pathology report and the referral to the first oncologist appointment that took 2 weeks that was nerve wracking for me. Hang in there and keep us posted.
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