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    I love walking, the great outdoors (when it's warm) road trips and motorcycle riding! I'm looking forward to gaining and sharing experience(s) on small cell lung cancer, (and others) treatments and survivor stories.

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  1. Hi Susan Rae! Thank you so much. I'm happy to hear things are going well for you and i pray that continues. I am, actually, on a combination chemo/immuno therapy. Tecentriq for 1 hr then Carboplatin for 30 minutes and Etoposide for 1 hr the first day. The first day i get 3 and then the second and third day just premeds, Etoposide and and then on the fourth day the infusion. Forget what the infusion is but it's to build the white cells back up. I am 4 days on and almost 3 weeks off in order to build the system back up and ready for more treatment. Yep, so far...so good! I keep wanting to come on and post my experience with the MRI, since i was sooooo scared of it, but it seems something always preventing that or i just need a "quiet" day. But i've been that way all my life. Needing my alone/quiet time. I am happy to say my MRI experience went very well. The gal that i had was AWESOME and i know she made me feel so much better and at ease about it all. She walked me thru the steps that i would be going thru, showing me the machine and all before hand. I can only hope that all of you get as lucky! I only took 1/2 lorazapam and not sure i even needed that. BUT i am glad it's over! The not knowing, for all of us i'm sure, is the worst. I will Susan thank you and you take care as well.
  2. Hi Isabelle49, THANK YOU and my gosh i wish you ALL the best as well! Yeah i hope your supporter is right about the second cycle, it was one of my oncologists that told me it was worse. But i also know that they have no way of knowing that for sure as, like i said, we all seem to respond differently. One day, one moment at a time...that's the way i've lived my life and i don't see that changing just because of this new event in my life. Prayers for you that all goes smoothly during this whole journey...again, thank you! God Bless
  3. Hi Cindi444! So glad you are doing well and i pray that it continues. I am currently in treatment with Carboplatin and Etoposide, so i really appreciate your experience with it and sclc. I just finished my first of four cycles a week ago and next cycle will start again august 5th. Everybody says, and i think i do as well, that i have a good attitude regarding everything that is going on, so i'm good there. Like you i have not been sick from the chemo, so far. I've heard the second cycle is worse, but i'm sure that's different per individual.T Thank you for your input and good wishes. I sincerely wish you continued good health and all the best in your life and health journey...
  4. Oh my gosh thank you so much for that, Terri! Yeah the doctor prescribed Lorazepam for me but it's good to know that if you ask they have other options to help you through it. I don't have anybody to rub my foot but i can certainly find out about the other options. Thanks again!
  5. Hey Terri L!! Oh yes i understand cancer, of any kind is a life changing event! I just went through this with my younger Sis two Februarys ago and thank God she is still doing well! I'm so happy to see the positive thinking from you and the rest of people on here. To say it's awesome, is putting it mildly. What a great group of people to find! It doesn't feel like they got to me very fast, as the two nodules on my left lung were actually spotted by chest x-ray April 25, 2019. I never thought when first posting, but i think my headline is misleading. I acutally got the results of all the tests on July 2, 2019. But i am, also, discovering that there is a lot involved in getting to the actual treatment. They are supposed to call me any time to schedule a Brain MRI to make sure it hasn't spread there. Being claustrophobic, i have to take a dang pill to get in that tube. Not looking forward to it but doc says that it is necessary. Still nothing regarding my chemo/immuno therapy starting but soon i hope! I like your description about all of us kicking butt...here's to that!! Thank you for the prayer(s) and i will be doing the same for you. God Bless...
  6. Hi Michelle, Thank you, so much, for your warm welcome! Yep you are absolutely right with your description of roller coaster and world upside down, WHEW! Sometimes i have to make myself just STOP and take a deep breath and do something, anything to relax and settle down a bit. But i think i'm handling it pretty good...so far. Ordered myself a wig and a head covering for when i do lose my hair and thanking God for all the resources and caring people i am discovering on this new and wow totally unexpected turn of events in my life. All of you here are the best! Glad i found you. Oh yes... Faith, Hope and Love...all hugely important. Thanks for everything...and know that i wish you the very best in your journey. God Bless...
  7. Thanks for the welcome and kind words. , i'm happy to have found this website with such a great bunch of people! Thank you, so much, Tom for sharing what you know. This has been so confusing for me and of course, like so many of us, a lot to deal with unexpectedly. I will do as you suggest in getting copies, excellent idea. Will be checking out the link you gave when done with this post, thank you for that. God Bless... Judy
  8. Hi Lou and thank you so much for your kind words of support. I too am sorry that you and all the others have a reason to be here, but i am glad to see so many still doing well and willing and able to support others. It's encouraging to see the kindness of so many. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers...i will be doing the same. One can't have too many prayers! Again, thank you and God Bless.
  9. Hi Donna, THANK YOU for the welcome AND the GREAT NEWS! As you know it's always great to hear such encouraging experiences. When i read your post all i could do was go YAY and smile...thank you! Breathed a deep sigh of relief to hear that several had fought the battle and won and for so long. Congrats to you and all the rest of the people that fought the good fight and won! I wish that for all of us... Oh sure, i know that may not be the case for me but by golly i intend to give it my best shot and then some! Thank you for your prayers and i will indeed update my status as it happens. God Bless...
  10. Hi everybody, A newbie here and new to recently being diagnosed with sclc located, to date, in my left lung.(2 nodules upper and lower) I was under the impression that i had limited stage, but after some research and other opinions (including my oncologist) am confused as to what exactly i do have. My oncologist said extensive and then after i questioned him about it, he seemed to question his initial thought and was double checking stats on his computer. Of course i will ask him again, but thought i would ask the question on here in hopes that maybe someone could clarify for me sooner. Or if there's even a simple explanation of what determines each. I did read that with small cell there are only two stages, limited or extensive? I was of the opinion that if the cancer had not spread outside of the initial starting area, which is the case so far, that it was diagnosed as limited and extensive only if it had spread to other organs. Does anyone know the answer to this?? Thanks, in advance...
  11. So happy to hear your first chemo treatment went so well for you, Isabelle! I hope that continues for you. I have yet to start mine and i thank all of you for sharing your experiences. I will soon be adding my own. Take care and God Bless...
  12. Thank you so much Steff. Yes i am glad i found you guys as well. A lot of caring and sharing of great information! I am, as i know you are, so happy to hear about the outcome for your Mom...that's excellent news! I pray that it continues to be good news for you both. Yep i have been told my chemo therapy will be carboplatin instead of cisplatin (because of my age 75) and i believe it was etoposide. Immuno will be tencentriq. My oncologist told me that it will be in combination for the first 4 cycles and after that just immuno. Radiation later if they feel it will be beneficial. They cannot do chemo/radiation therapy to begin with, which he said was best, because of the nodules being in the upper and lower areas of my left lung. Not in the radiation "safe zone". Thank you for the advice of checking out the main website, i will do that. I have been looking around at the different forums. I'm just happy to find a site that has so much information regarding sclc as it seems to be more difficult to find than others. Maybe things are getting much better for sclc treatments/survivors and hence more of them popping up. That's awesome news, as well! Again thank you and enjoy your day! Judy
  13. Hi, My name is Judy and i just joined the forums here. I also just got the results of my tests, cat scan, pet scan and biopsy on July 2, which resulted in a diagnosis of sclc and i'm not sure what stage yet. I just had my first consultation yesterday and the doctor ordered chemo and immuno therapy today. Not sure when it will start, as it has to be approved by my insurance first. In looking for answers regarding small cell lung cancer, i ran across this forum and decided to join. Hoping to give and get answers going through this journey. Believing knowledge is power. I sincerely wish you all the best. God Bless
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