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    I enjoy being with my family. I’m married and we have our 22 yr old daughter. We also have Boo, our Seal Point Siamese cat. I love my pool and enjoy time with family and friends.

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  1. I remember Docetaxel getting harder each treatment. I did 7 treatments with Cyramza a target therapy. Gemzar or Keytruda caused my problems so I can’t tell you. My body handled Docetaxel for a while but not the first treatment of keytruda/Gemzar. I’m guessing Docetaxel is the harder of the two.
  2. The last treatment my body didn’t tolerate it and I ended up in the hospital so they would have to find a maintenance medication.
  3. Lin, my Dr told me yesterday that this last treatment of keytruda/Gemzar was my last option for treatment. I am having a petscan done 11/13 and if that looks bad, then no more but if it looks good they need to scramble and find something.
  4. Lin, when is your biopsy? Please keep us posted on what is happening with you.
  5. Sadly I only had one treatment because the lymph node started acting up and since it’s affecting my walking, sleeping, life I don’t start up again until 11/3. How are you doing?
  6. Morning, yes I’m on Gemzar and keytruda but right now I’m on a hold because an old lymph node decided to swell up and press on my sciatica which is making my leg numb and painful. I have to get radiation this week to reduce it or get rid of it.
  7. I had 7 treatments and my body couldn’t do anymore. i was on steroids for almost a week starting the day of treatment. I guess it kills all cancer that is in your body that the primary tumor kicked out first, then it goes after the primary. I got up to it wiped out the cancer I had besides the primary. It is a brutal chemo, Docetaxel that is. I would ask about steroids for the first week. It was working for me but I couldn’t handle it at #7. Best of luck to him.
  8. Lin I’m so sorry to hear this. I was in the hospital because of keytruda. I should stop being miserable about my sciatica, they think it’s an old swollen lymph node pressing against the nerve so they want to radiate the node. It’s making walking hard. set your goal higher!! Look for a clinical trial as my friend is in one and it’s shrinking her tumors. I’m thinking of you and will keep you in my prayers.
  9. Ok that would work for me! Ride that wave!!! Ok must leave for radiation, thankfully all appointments after today are at 9am.
  10. Well that isn’t good if your med is affecting your heart but it’s working. Have they mentioned a different med for you. I’m hoping not many side effects, they mentioned fatigue which I already have still and possible indigestion which I had severely during chemo. That’s all they mentioned because of where I’m getting zapped. Keep me posted on what your test results are.
  11. CONGRATS on the scan!!!! That is wonderful that the tumors are dying!!! Thankfully the Kadcyla is working but I feel for you about the taste buds as I had that and it was miserable. I started radiation yesterday. Every day for 14 days. It's just a pain driving down there (45 minutes) because I have to find people to drive me since I still have the Docetaxel side effects in me and it's been 3 weeks since I've been off of it. My Dr took me off of it as the CT showed my tumor grew "slightly", she said like two strands of hair put together but it grew in length and that won't be good down the road. The MRI showed nothing on my back which was great, that 5% cancer that was left, the chemo did kill that. I also have no new cancer. Because of the all of that and how rough on my body the Docetaxel was on my body, she stopped that. The tumor board met and I'm getting the radiation I was supposed to start with back in Oct. but because of the back tumor removal I couldn't, so now I'm getting zapped. I didn't sleep well Monday night as I saw midnight and past so I was really tired when I got home at 2pm. My appts. are now all at 9am so this way it's done early. My legs and back are still sore so I guess it muscles that I have to work on the strength. You take care and I'm so happy your scans were clear!!!!
  12. LOL thank you for your interpreter services!!! It was so far back my brain didn't remember. I do apologize to Roz.
  13. Lin, I wished I had the strength in my legs that went away this past treatment so that is why the mri tomorrow and Friday is the CT. So I will pray for all of us!!!
  14. Evening, was your post supposed to go to someone else or is my chemo brain making me forget about lobe removal. Sorry as I don’t remember talking about that. I’m sorry about your kind of lung cancer.
  15. Hi, I had my appointment Monday and my Dr said my back/leg muscle pain could be from Docetaxel and steroids or sciatica. Dr said 7 treatments of Docetaxel is a lot so she gave me this week off. Dr is doing a mri tomorrow and then a CT Friday. I’m praying this Docetaxel did something good since my pet scan in April was good. I go with expect the worse but pray for the best. Maybe I’ll get my chemo changed to something less strong. We will see as chemo is next Tuesday. Keep me posted on your scans when you hear!!!
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