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  1. I had SBRT (3 treatments) on my malignant lung nodule 1.3cm on my middle left lobe, and finished last September! I had a follow-up appt. and had a chest CT scan in February and my radiation oncologist said he was “cautiously optimistic” as it had shrunk from 15mm to 12mm. I didn’t think that was much shrinkage, but had no idea what to expect! I have an appt tomorrow morning with my radiation Oncologist and had a CT scan on Monday, so we will see if it has gotten smaller......I surely hope so, but I will post my results! I didn’t want to have the more invasive surgery and chose to try radiation
  2. Yes, so sorry to hear this Rose, I had been told of radiation pneumonia is a side effect, and many others! My radiation oncologist informed me of the scar tissue also that may form and look like cancer and need a specialized radiologist to read the scans from now on. Mine is also a slow-growing cancer, who knows what slow really is, they couldn’t tell me, so I made the decision to get rid of it now at 63, instead of trying to do it at an older age....if that makes sense! I also have COPD and Emphysema and I’m hoping it doesn’t get worse due to treatment. I hope they can help you with your breathing, I was told by my thoracic surgeon that they can also do surgery and take out the bad parts of lungs to help with breathing!!
  3. I had my 2nd SBRT treatment on Friday and I have noticed a few more side effects (a little nausea, and more fatigue), they tell me this is because it is a cumulative effect of radiation that also works after your treatment for awhile. I would recommend this to anyone, the side effects are basically nothing terrible to deal with and having only 3 treatments is amazing! I met with my oncologist on Friday after my treatment and he said while he can’t be sure it hasn’t spread anywhere else, he thinks my chances are good for a full recovery. He will scan me to check on this every 3 months for awhile until he is sure it is not coming back!! Tomorrow is my last day....hopefully, looking forward to closing the chapter......if only for a month or so!!! Take care all!!!
  4. Colleen, I’m doing baby steps compared to what Tom has been through, but SBRT seems like such an easier answer in getting rid of nodules that have turned into cancer! My father died at 46 years old from lung cancer 51 years ago, and I think of him during my treatment as he also had radiation back then. I thank god for the progress they have made in recent years to deal with all kinds of lung cancer! I feel blessed and will post after my next appt tomorrow! Take care
  5. I wanted to wait a day after doing SBRT for my nodule just in case I had a side effect that I wanted to tell you about!!! No side effects, other than being a bit tired!! My experience has been a good one, the actual treatment was a bit more scary than I anticipated, but truly it is a miracle if they can zap it away! They are very kind where I go, just lying there as machines go around you, no pain in anyway, it takes about 40 minutes total to get you positioned and then the actual radiation is about 15 minutes! No down time, your life goes on as usual!! I have 2 more treatments, one this Friday and then again on Monday! I guess they will wait a bit and scan me in a few months to make sure it is gone! I would highly recommend SBRT if your DR thinks it would work for your situation!!! Let me know if anyone of you get this same treatment, I will continue to post my experience for the next 2 treatments!!
  6. I am now re-reading the comments on my first post about radiation for lung nodules! I am so grateful to have and hear from so many people I don’t even know, but think I do, and we are friends in this sick world of cancer!! Tomorrow, I start my SBRT radiation, I’m a bit scared, yet I am so happy to get started with finally doing something about my nodule!! I have many more smaller ones so I think this is just the beginning for me!!! I will post tomorrow after I learn all about it!!
  7. Worried 18, I have COPD and emphysema, which can cause a pain the your chest that is difficult to explain, I have had it off and on for about a year now! I take a Pepcid and that sometimes seems to make it better! Have they told you that you have either COPD or emphysema?
  8. LexieCat , Happy for you that you were persistent and have a consult, sometimes I feel that if we don’t push for more information and ask, we will never find other options for so many cancers! I realize that I am a novice in all of this, but I have lost many family members to this horrid disease, and for that reason I want to get more info than I will ever need! Let us know how you make out!!
  9. Colleen Rae and LexieCat, I went for my CT Simulation today, getting ready for SBRT on Sept 8th. My appt took about and hour or so to complete, most of the time they are marking you up for where the radiation will “beam”? Not sure of the correct word, and the other half hour they are doing a CT scan to see if where the markers they placed are in the correct spot. The tattoo comes in at the end, a tiny dot in 3 places so that when you return for your radiation, they will match you up to the markings. Now they will make a plan for me and my situation, I will either have 3 -5 more appts for radiation and then done. My oncologist said the next 3-5 appts will be very short and no down time at all, probably 20-25 minutes total each! I’m so grateful that SBRT is a good fit for my cancer, and after worrying and waiting for the last year and 8 months, I will finally get on with life! I hope this treatment will work for many of you, a much simpler option for sure!! Please post what you decide to do!!
  10. Thanks you so much ColleenRae, I forgot to mention this yesterday that I did ask my radiation oncologist yesterday why I was just hearing (Last week) about SBRT for some kinds of lung cancers And he said.....surgery has always been the gold standard for lung cancer and radiation has been in the background, he thinks for far too long! Radiation today is a far cry of what it was 30 years ago, very precise with very good outcomes, he says my nodule will be history when I’m done. Also he said they use radiation for many kinds of cancers, and many times for palliative care if their cancer is affecting their quality of life! I’m not a big fan of Ct scans, but I’m glad I can move forward with treatment this way!! I will post tomorrow!
  11. Good for you Lexiecat, Penn in Philly is one of the best, let me know how it goes!!! Truly this is a journey!!!
  12. Hi ColleenRae, I read your post and I am not getting another biopsy before SBRT! I already had a bronchoscopy with biopsy last year by an interventional pulmonologist that was very highly regarded, she was the best of the best, and after the procedure she told me that I was the only one of her patients that day that didn’t have cancer! I was elated and so thankful for this wonderful news......until my thoracic surgeon didn’t;t think she “hit the nodule” and the biopsy was other tissue in my lung, not the nodule! Most of the past year and 8 months for me has been waiting, testing, and watching. I have done all of the tests my docs have asked me to do to no avail, but the change in the nodule is dictating what to do now. Finally I can take charge and help myself and choose what I want done, good or bad, it’s now my choice! I am going to get my CT Simulation on Friday and I will post what it is like!!! Thinking of you and everyone going through this!!!
  13. Yes, LexieCat, the doctors at Penn medicine are some of the best in Pa. and you being in New Jersey are close enough to be able to see them! My Thoracic surgeon was with Penn Medicine also and he was wonderful, even though I have decided not to have surgery! Good luck, you will be in good hands, always smart to get a second opinion!!!
  14. Went to a radiation oncologist this morning, liked him very much and I also am going ahead with SBRT for my nodule! Thank goodness to have an option other than surgery! He said it will be 3-5 sessions over a week and a half, luckily he said there is no hurry for me to do this, he said my cancer is very slow growing, but I want it over with asap!! Thanks for posting all the info about SBRT, I appreciated it greatly!!
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