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  1. Lin wilki

    Scan Time

    Promising info. I would be happy with STABLE at this point Fingers crossed
  2. Lin wilki

    Scan Time

    You are brave - waiting for results! Hopefully good news for us! Then can sit back and enjoy the holiday season
  3. Lin wilki

    Scan Time

    Stage !V adenocarcinoma - first line of treatment is clinical trial. 5 treatments of stereotactic radiation, followed by bi monthy infusions of immunotherapy. Opdivo every infusion, and Yervoy added every 3rd infusion. Having my 6 month scans. First PET scan since treatment began. Hoping ...praying.... for good news. . Since I have plenty of annoying side effects from immunotherapy ..dry mouth, constipation, itchy, dry skin, LOTS of muscle pain ..breathlessness and cough --- I sure hope it's worth it! Please keep good thoughts for me! I am happy I can go to this forum and reach out to others like me! It makes all the difference in being able to unload my hopes and fears. Will update results next week.
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