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  1. Just to say that Barry had really good results with alimta, it pushed the cancer back for quite a long time. Jennie
  2. HELLO I'm Jennie married 35 years to Barry. Live in the UK a place called Harpenden 30 miles north of London. 3 daughters aged 33 30 and 18. 2 lovely grandchildren Retired college teacher. have been coming here since Barry was diagnosed with advanced adeno in April 04. Am so grateful for this site.
  3. Summer 04 we were told to enjoy that summer and little to be done. Well Barry is still here and we have done much and seen much during this time. Jennie
  4. I an so sad to read this. Please accept my condolences. Rochelle and Johns postings have helped so much in the past and I simply believed he would continue. Jennie
  5. Barry had six rounds beginning summer 06. The cancer shrunk significantly. Progression noted June this year. Back on Alimta (with avastin). Four rounds more fatique this time. Scan in next week or so. Good luck Jennie
  6. I was speaking to a lady today who had been on iressa for over four years. She told me that she also has injections of mistletoe twice a week. Has anyone had any experience of adding mistletoe to treatments (tarceva or any other). Best wishes Jennie
  7. j ross


    My husband had significangt shrinkage on Alimta {together with Avastin) side effects were tolerable. Flue like symptons for a few days. Jennie
  8. Barry had this procedure done in May 2004 and has had no problems since. Jennie
  9. j ross

    Pet results

    WONDERFUL. WONDERFUL NEWS. We need more news like this. Jennie
  10. I used to be proud to be British but now I am ashamed of this country. I do not think the British really have any idea of what a situation like this is actually like. It is only when you suffer directly that you discover the horrors of this government. We are lucky so far we have the resources to have private treatment.Barry has been going for over three years now leading a normal existance. If we had stuck with the first nationalised health care oncologist I do not think this would be the case. Disgusting isn't it. Jennie
  11. Hi Randy It is good that some common sense has prevailed. Let us hope the same thing happens with Tarceva. The UK system of health is in a mess. Jennie
  12. Hello I have been missing your posts and was pleased to read that all is stable. Very best wishes Jennie
  13. We saw a sugeon before the oncologist. Jennie
  14. Barry had this combo and there was significant shrinkage. Side effects for him were not too bad either. Jennie
  15. Randy thanks again for thinking of us Brits. There is an appeal against the Tarceva decision the beginning of JUNE. Barry is the patient representative. He is a three year survivor. We are lucky we have the resources to get tarceva and avastin and he is currently leading a normal life (apart from the worry). Will keep you posted. Jennie
  16. j ross

    The Struggle

    Dear Don I have been coming here for three years and always find your posts helpful and practical and supportive. Will miss you. Very best wishes. Jennie
  17. I still think of Leslie and miss her posts. Jennie
  18. Yes Barry has experienced this. Not too badly anibiotics help. Jennie
  19. Many thanks aagain for highlighting this. Barry is going as a representative patient to appeal against the NICE decision to without drugs. Hope he has some impact. Jennie
  20. We had this choice and went for alimta. We were told there was no hair loss and the blood counts were less likely to be affected. Also that other side effects where less. This was given with avastin and there was significant shrinkage. Jennie
  21. You are are inspiration to so many. Your help is always invaluable. To many more years. Jennie
  22. Barry did well on alimta. Fluy side effects a few days after infusion which lasted a few days. Significant reduction. Jennie
  23. j ross

    A New Plan

    Hi Aaron Barry had six cycles of alimta with avastin. Kept his hair and did well. He had flu like symons about four days after treatment which lasted less than a week. Jennie
  24. j ross


    Hi Barry is currently on this combo. Keeping him stable. No side effects apart from rash. Best wishes Jennie
  25. hello I have been involved with this for awhile now. Obtaining tarceva on the nhs is difficult. I have lobbied my mp had letters from ministers and have been exchanging emails with NICE. Have made little progress. I was at a function at the House Of Lords this week in connection with the Roy Castle Foundatin (uk lung cancer charity) I spoke to a quite a few people on this issue. There needs to be a noisy co-ordinated campaign. Tarceva is not the only issue. Avastin is showing promising results for some, no chance in the uk. I would be happy to share, help organize etc. PM if you have any interest. Jennie
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