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  1. Thanks Michelle I guess it's better to have extra weight while on this journey than have less weight.
  2. Thanks BridgetO I Have a question on what type of food we as cancer patients should eat or should not eat??? The Oncologist told me that I could eat anything I Want..? I find this kind of not right. like people tell me to stay away from Sugar ? any input on this?? Thanks,
  3. I was Diagnose with Stage IIIB back in May 2019 . Now. it went to the other lung Had 33 sessions of Radiotheraphy and doing Chemo and Inmunotheraphy every 21 days. I've had 2 so far. I have not had any side effects so far. Just lost some of my hair. no pain..no nausea I've gain 12 pounds probably due to the steroids
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