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  1. LUNGevityKristin


    I'm so sorry, Mally. Can you get a second opinion or talk to someone else about your concerns?
  2. The LUNGevity Team is working on a blog featuring LCSC and would love to hear from you about your experience here! If you would like to participate, just reply with your answers to the following questions or you can also message me your answers if you feel more comfortable that way. 1. How long have you been a member on LCSC? 2. Describe what LCSC is in your own words. 3. Why is LCSC an important resource for lung cancer patients/survivors? 4. Do you have any stories you’d like to share about your experience on LCSC? Thanks in advance!
  3. This morning in a LUNGevity staff email, we were sent this youtube video. It is filled with good news.
  4. How was everyone's weekend? We had a warm day on Saturday before storms came through and a lot of people were out on their driveways in our neighborhood. It was so nice to see people in real life when we went on a walk. Everyone stayed at least 10 feet apart and we crossed the street if someone was coming towards us. But it just felt nice to see real people. We have been playing a lot of Sequence and Rumikub but realized we left most of our games at the lake house when we were there over Winter Break. Any good game recommendations?
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