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  1. Hi Lisa66,

    Welcome to our club! I've been a luker for some time, I just had #18 I'm feeling a little blah, but somewhat optimistic! I had my 9 months CT Scan and my tumor is now down to a mere 8mm.

    So yay me! Everytime I think no way I hate this treatment, it's not working why am I torturing myself! I get good news. Then I change my attitude. So just know that we here have been thru things that you will probably experience, so be sure to check in. I wish you well on your journey!

    Take care, have a great weekend, stay safe 😃

    I don't know any cool jokes like Tomm

    "keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow"

    Namaste, Roseann

  2. Geez Ron, sorry to hear about all the stuff you have to endure! I am sitting here getting my 17th infusion of Durvalumab, masks are a must before we come into the cancer center. No problems for me just low potassium right now 🤔 seems to always be something, nothing major. Kinda makes me nervous 😬 seems too smooth. Being K- Ras positive and all. However, I really do wish you the best of luck! You are not now not are not ever a lost cause! There will always be hope, you are in my prayers 🙏 I hope all goes well

    Take care Roseann

  3. On 3/25/2020 at 8:55 PM, PShsy said:

    Hi everyone,

    Quick question about zinc supplements and durva? Are they compatible?  I asked doc about vitamin C and she told me don’t take any vitamin c supplements. 

    Ron H and Grahame, 

    i took some prednisone.... my sister has acute asthma and my chest is feeling better. 


    Hi there Polly

    I just happened to re-read your post about taking the Prednisone. Was that your sisters? I'm glad it helped, but be careful because from what I understand and what my Oncologist told me I can only take up to 10 mgs of the stuff while on Durvalumab, otherwise I have to stop treatment then resume it when I am better from whatever has ailed me causing me to take a higher dose in the first place.

    Just be careful and be safe. Durvalumab is the DEVIL at times but will definitely make us better in the long run 😃

  4. Thanks for you input Ron H and DFK, my Oncologist ran the T3 and T4 tests and they both came back within normal range. Yay! I checked the labs myself. I will put in a call to my Primary Dr to make sure I don't need to start any meds, I've had Thyroid issues a few times in the past. Heaven knows I don't want to take another dang pill but we do what we gotta do right LOL!

    Dang Ron, don't you just love these idiots! I'm happy to hear you are going to get your meds, too bad you had to put up a fuss and have a hissy fit and all that!

    Wishing everyone well!


  5. Hey all you my fellow Durvies!

    Just had #15 yesterday, I too, was met at the door by a nurse with a mask,  6 questions, took my temp, before I was allowed in for my treatment! But I felt it was better to be safe. I was pre screened on Friday so I was a tad annoyed, but what the heck, she was just doing her job. They also were practicing social distancing in the treatment room all patients were 6ft apart. No one is allowed to have a friend/caregiver accompany them until further notice either.

    As for my treatment that went off with no problem this time, but when I saw my blood work, my TSH level is 6.4! that's pretty damn high isn't it? I called my Oncologist this morning and they are running additional tests on my blood to check my T3 and T4 whatever that is. I don't like that number it's way over the range isn't it? Anyway I'm waiting to hear.

    Grahame, I'm one of the people taking 5mgs of Prednisone to calm down the nasty muscle and leg elbow etc pain side effects caused my Durvalumab. It's helped me tremendously! I hope all goes well with you moving forward, and you can continue getting your treatments.

    Babs, Hi, I have skipped 2 treatments so far due to various side effects that I had to see different doctors for, everything turned out ok. Better to be safe than sorry. I have a great team of doctors.

    DFK, so happy to see your still hear sharing your experience and hope with everyone!

    Polly, Hello, I had some shortness of breath when I started Durvalumab, I skipped a treatment to see if that was why, and it was, so that's one of the reason my Oncologist put me on the prednisone. I wish you well on your journey!

    Namaste, everyone, be sure to stay safe and keep those hands washed LOL!

    Michelle, your advice is always so appreciated 😃



  6. Barb, Congrats!! NED!!! Yay, that is WONDERFUL 😃

    I'm still trudging along, had infusion 13 and 14. # 14 port was clogged again! that makes 3 times now! This time after pumping and some heparin half a bag of saline drip, it opened up, thank gawd! It freaks me out! Other than that, I'm glad to see all the NED post flying around here. That's awesome! 

    My next CT/Scan is going to be scheduled in May so I can only hope my 9mm tumor is gone 😃

    Michelle, no one wants to hear about Naltrexone, I see my MD again this Wednesday, I will ask again. I love when my team of Doctors just say we have other things to worry about right now WTF! 

    Any who, Have a Happy ST Patricks' Day everyone!


  7. On 3/10/2020 at 5:07 PM, Kate7617 said:

    Fight for your rights! And don't quit, you are entitled to a certain amount of PET scans while battling cancer. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!

    Hi, just catching up on posts, I worked in the Insurance field, and yes they will deny deny deny, you just have to keep after them like a barking dog! Unfortunately =( until you get the right person and you will get approved. Rule of thumb was deny 3 times before approval, made no sense then, but that's how they did it. I had a headache everyday, getting people approved in the mental health field. I'm sure it's the same in the medical field as well.

  8. You guys just kill me with your jokes!!!! Keep 'em coming 😃

    My sense of humor is sadly lacking these days. As I told my Oncologist this week at my visit "The only stability in my life right now is my Cancer" She said "that's a great thing" I have to agree!

    Tomm, I do get my TSH levels checked before every infusion so far they have been ok, I did have Thyroid issues in the past so I am always asking about my levels.

    Here in CT, especially where I live Naturopathic doctors are a dime a dozen and tons of them take insurance, but like Tomm said the supplements are what are costly, because they are out of pocket, unless they can be billed, some will do that. Not sure if they are all Oncology types tho.

    DFK, I hope you feel better soon, you need some old fashion chicken soup!

    Good Night All


  9. Hello. all is well in Durvaland, what a bunch of problem solvers we are eh!


    Yes I now wear flats or wedgies like Michelle said, heels are so passe! #19 down yay!


    I love your hippie jokes, Namaste haha 😃 #21! I don't have a hippie joke but sheesh your a trooper I can't recall any complaints from you since I've been a part of this group?


    I only had a few skin issues with my radiation, I had 31 daily treatments same as you 60gy, only a bit of redness in the middle of my chest a the nurses gave me samples of an awful smelling ointment called Aquaphor, really thick almost like a vaseline. But it helped a lot. My skin never peeled. I did however, get a bad case of esophagitis tho. had magic mouthwash for that, minus the benadryl, that has the opposite effect on me, makes me climb the walls! Sheesh, I do not react well to meds, who knew?


    Welcome, I started taking Gabapentin, about 2 months ago, after my Neurologist ok'd me to take it. I had awful pain in the middle of my back that nothing would help. He told me to take it at night only. That's when my pain seems to be the worse, when I go to bed, it took a good 4 wks for me to feel the benefits. So maybe your husband should give it another try. I has helped me tremendously, I have oxycodone, but I only had to take one a few weeks ago when I had to use a snowblower for the first time! I'm sure if someone was recording me they could have sent it in to AFV LOL!


    I called my Neurologist and asked about Naltrexone, I left a message, my nexy appt is in March, he is a stickler for "I must speak with you" "Your brain is a funny mechanism" kind of doctor, but I love him, so I will wait and see,


    Good night all



  10. Hi Barb,

    Yes that is one of the tricks the nurses have me do in addition to the pumping, it's amazing what they have up their sleeves isn't it! I know know you certainly are doing the count down now for sure, I have my calendar marked with the infusion number I'm on so I can keep track of them. But dang it, I keep having to cross them off and change them, so now, I will just go with the flow until I get close. Like around week 18 maybe LOL! As for gaining weight, I'm right there with you, I've gained 30lbs! but I did need about 20 of them! But now it has to stop. I got my T&A back Yay! I will certainly enjoy the Y 😁

    Hi Michelle,

    I am so looking forward to Tai Chi, my balance is so off kilter. Can't do a tree pose in Yoga any more.  I will ask my Neurologist about the Naltrexone, is it a prescription medicine, or over the counter? Glad to hear how the Live Strong Program improved your Lung function that's awesome, I could use some of that, my oxygen levels are are anywhere from 96-98 when my levels are checked I would love to be at 100%

    Wishing everyone a great night,



  11. DFK, Wonderful news! My heart is happy for you! A long and winding sometimes treacherous road you have traveled my friend, but you did it  Congratulations 🏆

    I finally had infusion #11 today, my port was a little wonky, but my nurse got it going Phew! I hate when that happens, but I'll take some pumping of my port over a needle stick any day. Labs are good, magnesium a little low, but nothing a little or a lot of greens won't fix in my opinion. My eye appointment went well, seems I have yet another side effect of Durva, Dry Eyes, thank goodness it is not Uveitis. Just need to use those eye drops for dry eyes and some wipes because my eyes get some crusty stuff between my eyelashes that I guess only the eye doctor saw, who knew! But I'll take that, the alternative, if it persists is some kind of plugs in my tear ducts to keep the tears in my eyes. That's not happening!

    Also saw a Naturopathic doctor, he wants me to have Vitamin C infusions, Oncologist said No, when I'm done with Tx ok, because of antioxidants, makes sense, plus not covered by medicare. I have paperwork for a medical marijuana card. I spoke to my Onc about that too, she feels I wouldn't benefit from the tincture at this point, because I am managing my pain and sleep with non narcotics and am doing well, she feels it is a benefit for cancer patients who are not in as good as shape as I am, she said if I felt like getting some medicinal marijuana to help with my appetite and anxiety it would totally be my call, but it is expensive, I am on SSDI that is my only source of income so I think I may have to just forget about that. Here in CT it's $100.00 per year just for the card. Oh well. 

    However, my cancer pays for a 12 week membership at our local YMCA it's called Living Strong and I get to utilize all the programs they have, it starts on Feb 11th I have been waiting since October for this to start! I have always been a Yoga Mama, so I am going to try Tai Chi, I am so excited about it yay me!

    Grahame, looking forward to seeing you in our club!

    Have a good nite all 





  12. Tomm,

    Thank you! I did not know this. There are some not too far from me, how about that! I never knew. I will have to see if they are still there, one street I go down all the time, there are no signs posted? Seeing how it's in a crazy town I can understand why. Gonna have to check it out. Next time I pick up my grandkids from school

    Have a good night 😃


  13. Tomm,

    Thanks for the joke, maybe that's my problem I need a wife not a husband LOL!!!! Just kidding, I read the article very interesting. However, I am starting to get a little dismayed about my vision here. I started to complain about it quite awhile ago, I looked back in my side effect journal that I was keeping it started in October. So that's 3 months, maybe that's not too long? I guess I will find out when I see the doctor on Wednesday. I do have arthritis too. Durva has a neat little way of turning that into Rheumatoid arthritis, so I'm hoping that I just have an infection brewing that can be treated with an antibiotic, I am already on 5 mgs of steroids daily for my side effects. I sure as heck do not want any eye pokes!

    I wouldn't be against CBD oil, but it's still not legal in my state CT as far as I know. We can get the kind with Hemp but that is useless as far as I am concerned,. I know at one time my Neurologist was going to give me a script for medicinal marijuana for my Epilepsy.  I was a hippie back in the day when things were easy to come by LOL! Now, I would have to depend on a doctor, do they even prescribe CBD oil? I'm not up on that. I am scheduled to see a Naturopathic doctor on Thursday too Yay! 

    So with all of that being said, Thanks again for the funnies and the link. Have a great evening


  14. Hey there Everyone, sounds like all is well in Durva land!

    Well Hells bells! Been dealing with a whole lotta lotta personal crap, and just not feelin" it. Just came round to see what's going on round here lots I see 😃

    Welcome Grahame! 😃 I had the same cocktail as you Cisplatin/Etoposide Yuk! Eh! Concurrent with 31 daily doses of radiation, then onto Durvalumab after 4 wks rest. I too have a port, would not want it any other way, no siree. Everyone here has lots of great things to offer and will never let you down when you have a question or what not so keep coming back now ya hear!

    I had to skip Infusion #11, really upset me, seems I may have fallen into the 1% category of rare side effect of something called Uveitis? Another freaking "itis" that we as cancer patients have come to know all too well, well myself anyway. I have been complaining about my vision for about 2 months now. I was told to try eye drops or artificial tears. Which I would not, because a long time ago, an eye dr had told me never to use them because my eyes would become dependent on them and my eyes wouldn't make tears naturally. If that was true, idk. But I never used them only when I had hangovers LOL! To get the red out! Any way I have an appt to see an Opthamologistt on Wednesday. My eyesight is pretty important.

    I sort of remember Charles I think it was having trouble with his eyes at one point? 

    DFK you will not be having Twilight to have your Port removed? With my level of anxiety I could not handle that! When I had mine put in I told my surgeon, the way it goes in, is the way it comes out, he said of course! I hope so.

    Tomm Congrats on still being NED!

    Opal there are a few tough cookies as DFK says at my Cancer Ctr that have their infusion like you did, Nope I could never do that, I have the worse veins and I cringe at the site of needles still. I like your comment about motion lotion, it works.

    You can beat me up, but ya can't keep me down!



  15. Happy New Year to all! little late but none the less, I am still above dirt and that is a wonderful thing LOL!

    I had infusion #10 on Monday no problems all is well on that front Yay me! However, my personal life is in the toilet, I would use other words but they would most likely get edited or whatever they do to people who curse! (ban me) LOL! for awhile from posting!  I filed for a divorce end of October, was final end of November. I had to do Pro Se since I could not afford an attorney, but we own no property or have anything of value so no big deal. I did have to put in the papers that I would be able to stay in our rental, rent and utility free until the lease is up in April,2020, since I am also on the lease. I am on a small SSDI, I had to withdraw my small pension, and  paid as many of my debts as I was able too, but am still left with a considerable amount of debt! My ex is now my ex, because he was never a fair person,  well, that's not the only reason, they say there are two sides to a story, well his ain't pretty 😃 anyway I believe my next step is chapter 7. What cancer patient wants to go thru this nonsense not me I tell you. But I thank the good Lord I am a strong and resilient woman. And I will somehow make it thru, maybe win the lottery LOL! I can always dream!

    Barb, Your getting there! I blame EVERYTHING on Durvalumab, my Oncologist just looks at me and says I understand, but really, I do have those itchies, they drive me insane, they come and go, I have an arsenal of lotions. One will work one day another a different day, go figure. I do know a mixture of the 5 mgs prednisone and the Gabapentin has taken care of my back pain muscle pain, tingly hand and foot feeling and pain. So I am grateful 🌺

    DFK, Thank you for that hauntingly lovely poem! I hope you hear from your Oncologist before that root canal, if not best of luck. I started losing teeth a few  years before my diagnosis, I mean, normally healthy teeth just falling out of my mouth, I was so malnourished, which was the only symptom my cancer presented. I had no shortness of breath, no coughing, no pain, just the weight loss, so it remained undetected for years. So I ended up with dentures which are the worst thing ever to get used to. So take good care of them there teeth madame 😃

    Tomm, Glad your still boring LOL!

    Oh and BTW, a new medicine added to my mix, a much needed anti-depressant I finally relented 

    Take care everyone,


  16. Hey all!

    Guess I'm the Durva baby here! Just had my 9th infusion on Monday, still plugging along. Have to say my Neurologist was absolutely on the mark, with putting me on Gabapentin, I take now 900 mgs at nite before I go to bed, no more middle back pain Yay! I have no more feelings of foot or hand neuropathy in my hands and feet Yay! Pretty much off the Oxycodone, I tried to just stop, but my body said no way, nope so I had to cut them in half first, now I take half every other day, I guess being an opiate you can't just stop. Oh well. TSH levels are good, WBC/RBC are good all in all no complaints today. Thank you Jesus!

    DFK and RonH, Gotta love those new HE washers, beside being a Custom Windows associate, my job decided that our time as associciates would be better utilized if we also sold Appliances and Mattresses! Mind you, that was a joke as far I was concerned. I had extensive training, but still steered customers towards the older type, unless they were sure to purchase an extended warranty. Because they are notorious for the motherboard malfunctioning after the mfg warranty expires in 1 year. any type of liquid spill, turns it to pooh! They are so hard to program as well. I had customers come in, so upset, wanting to take a hammer to it LOL! I couldn't help them even with all the training I had, they are worse than your smartest smart phone! Thank goodness we got rid of appliances at our store!

    And Great news on everyones' scans Tis the Season to be Jolly Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas!!! ☃️

  17. Hi Ron,

    Nice to hear from you! Glad to hear you are still lurking around! I still consider myself a Durvalumab "Newbie"  only had 8 infusion so far. I have to say with the addition of the 5 mg of daily steroids, and my Neurologist adding Gabapentin to my mix of drugs I'm on, my side effects are down to quite a manageable level. My goal is to completely do away with the oxycodone for pain, this Sunday I will cut my 5mg pill in 1/2  and see how that works out.

    With all the talk of heart issues, I think I may make an appointment with cardiologist like DFK did to establish a baseline. Both my parents had major cardiac issues and passed away at an early age because of them.

    I hope your being on the TKI is doing right by you, I hear so many wonderful things about how people respond favorably to Alcencensa (alectinib) it must be nice to take a pill instead of having to have infusions 😃 I wish you and I and all of us here didn't have to take anything! But we all have this stupid nasty, blasted, disease we didn't ask for, for F**ks sake! But we got, and we are lucky we have the drugs available to us now, that just a few years ago were not. My daughters' father, my ex died from NSCLC in 2000. He probably would have had a better chance at survival, so I'm grateful 🙏

    Anyway, enough ramblings, I will pray for a great scan on Monday and keep busy til Wednesday. Please keep us posted on your progress!

    Be well and Take care,


  18. Tomm,  sorry I didn't respond about your blood pressure. I did however, read that article before. A gentlemen on the Inspire website posted quite awhile ago, about his father who had only 1 (one) infusion of Opdivo (Nivolumab) immunotherapy died because of an adverse reaction to his heart, he wasn't bad mouthing the drug, at all, he claimed he was an MD he just wanted people to be aware of the potential side effects of immunotherapy. I read it before I started Durvalumab, um, scared the crap out of me! I still don't like the fact that these drugs can cure us but kill or maim us later on down the road maybe Geez Louise! Huh! Oh and once when I had my vitals checked my BP was 155/90 I was so nervous I thought I was going to drop dead right then and there for sure! My BP has never gone higher than 130/80 ever! The nurse got so upset by the way I reacted LOL! He told me to relax take some deep breaths and some other things it finally came down after about 20 minutes. I did not want to have to take another pill. So far I've been ok. I hope your BP levels out.

    DFK, my Oncologist is sort of like the mad professor, she says I am in a curative state Yay! But she does consider Durva a maintenance drug. I say if it cures me of this monster I'm good!

    Here to fighting the good fight!


  19. Hey Tomm,

    I had my 8th infusion on Monday, my Oncologist said I'm doing good. Most of her patients on Durvalumab have not been able to handle the treatment so, since I'm just getting it as a maintenance drug, we will continue as long as I am doing good. 

    She never says stable, I guess  because my tumor George is still there lurking at 9mm. My side effects are pretty stable now tho, thank goodness!

    Thanksgiving was nice 😃 But other than that life goes on Take care

  20. Good evening all,

    Had my appt with my Neurologist yesterday and he is putting me on Gabapentin starting at 300mg to help with my neuropathy, and the nerve pain I have been experiencing. I say yay to that because I have been wanting to stop taking Oxycodone. I don't like the way it makes me feel. However, he did tell me it will make me drowsy at first, but I will adjust, I'm to increase 300mg per week til I'm at 900mg sounds like a lot! But he said I will be able to tell, because my brain is smart LOL!!! I thought that was the funniest thing I heard all day 😃 He's the best. I return in 2 months. Infusion #8 on Monday also see my Oncololgist, I have questions as usual....

    DFK.I am thrilled you have your voice back! Good luck on your upcoming scan results 😃

    I wish everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 

  21. DFK, as always

    You have such an eloquent way with words! Bet you can also bite a rattlesnakes head off an spit it in someones eye in a minute, too, if the situation calls for it huh lol! ❤️

    And yes Stage 3 seems to be the Elephant in the room of Lung Cancer doesn't it..... no one really has much to say about it, it's like a fluke, sorta hmmm we caught this in the middle of too late to be called early(stage 2) and too early to be called late (stage 4)! So normal Protocol if I understand my team of docs before Durvalumab, like you stated Kate7617 would have been CT scans every 3 months, then 6 months, until progression and or recurrence. Because being at this stage and we did NOT have any type of surgery. But new Protocol according to NCI is Durvalumab for 26 infusions or until progression or adverse/intolerable side effects.

    Like DFK says, my Oncology team says the same thing we are working towards "curative" at this stage of the game so I'm down with that 😃 I have to trust that I am more than just a guinea pig, I want to be on the side of one of the people that Durvalumab, did indeed do the job it was intended to do, so my mind is working on that so it can happen

    Night all, Roseann 



  22. Charles,

    Reality, yep REALITY, it blows, thinking every 3 effin seconds some days, how my life is no longer mine ugh! Reality.... Courage it's here somewhere, just not today, my chest is hurting too much, it never did before? ugh! Reality...... they tell me at the cancer center if the pain is constant worry, if it comes and goes keep an eye on it it's most likely muscle ugh!


    I so understand how you feel about the side effects of Durvalumab, it seems after each infusion I have a completely new whole set of different ones altho they are not as severe as yours are, Bless your heart ❤️ my being depressed and constantly stressed out heightened my pain level and for what it's worth the 5mg steroid as  much as I didn't want to take it nor believe that it would help me actually has, with my foot, leg, knee, elbows, and those muscle pains. However, my middle back C4 and C5 are getting worse that showed on my scan, my neck and now today this new pain in my chest, ugh! So yeah Durva sure does mess with ya! My Oncologist says the same there is nothing else for stage 3a or 3b. My scan showed definate reduction in the size of my tumor and suv uptake which proves the cancer is receding at this point. But like Charles says the REALITY is OMG! this stuff really hurts me, a lot! I'm sorry about the skin cancer too, is that from radiation or sun exposure? Did the doc say why or where that showed up? I just had infusion #7 I think the biggest thing is before my diagnosis I only took 2 medications daily for my 1 pill for Epilepsy, 1 for Migraines, they were not mood altering in any way, The only side effects were  weight loss because the Topamax caused loss of appetite, so I stayed nice and trim. 😃 making my diagnosis for nsclc longer to detect. Anyway my point being I don't like taking medicine my body rebels it seems! IDK that's why I think I get such severe reactions sometimes, I breezed thru some pretty harsh chemo drugs concurrent radiation Cisplatin/Etoposide, but my mind was made up then kill the beast, hardly any side effects! But the Durvalumab is different still trying to wrap my head around it, and it will be that way until my last infusion I reckon. LOL! I hope you make the decision that is right for you Kate, I would do some serious soul searching and praying on it. I have a prayer box my daughter gave me, but yiu can make a prayer bag or a box if you like:

    here are the instructions: You can use whatever Entity you believe in God, Buddha, Allah, you get my drift

    Prayer box or bag: get a small box write down on a piece of paper what ever is bothering you something that you can't deal with on your own, fold it up place it in the box while saying a simple prayer "God please take this! I can't handle it! You can I can't I think I will let You" Amen If you use a bag, when I did in the past I used a little paper bag and taped it to my refrigerator lol! And when I was asked what it was for i said none of your business! 😃

    Tom and DFK great wisdom there too!

    As always just suggestions and offers of some hope and encouragement

    Take care, keep fighting the fight



  23. I have to agree, I have tingling in both my hands and feet, commonly known as neuropathy, one of the side effects of chemotherapy and of certain other prescription drugs. I take topiramate (topamax) for migraines that also causes the same side effect. Right now it's not too bad, but my doc said it will probably progress, I hope not.

    But be sure to let the Oncologist know about this, I'm seeing my neurologist soon. My PCP thinks Gabapentin will help, but I have epilepsy and need his clearance to add this drug to my regime, maybe after the scan if all is well some meds can help with the tingling

    I wish you well 😃


  24. Good morning all,

    I had infusion #7 yesterday all went well there, my stupid port was clogged again! They had to inject that clot buster stuff in it again! But before the nurse does that we do some  calisthenics: lit my hands over my head wave them around, stand up, turn my head side to side, sit down, lie down, arms over my head! Ugh!!! Nope Nada! In goes the buster then I have to wait an hour for it to work, then they can start the infusion. Good news my WBC is finally up to levels it should be.

    PET scan results are great: CT scan from 7/26/19 tumor(George is his name) was 1.2cm now 9mm Yee Haw!!! (My SUVmax from my orig scan on 3/5/19 was 15.1 tumor then was 2.1cm with right hilar node lit up) Which brought my staging to 3a after unrectable surgery. My SUVmax is now 2.2 shows no uptake nowhere other than the 9mm in the original tumor spot.

    So, I hope I worded that correctly. Moving forward, that adjusted my bad attutude, to an attitude of GRATITUDE! Is it the Durva working it? Or is the Radiation still at work? Heck I guess I really shouldn't care right, I just want the Durvalumab to stop making me feel like crap all the time! And my port to behave! I guess I want to be well and not tired and achy and whiney 😃

    DFK that injection sounds promising, wish you the best outcome with that, you'll be Christmas caroling in no time right?

    Barb, I guess you just gots to lots of walking and more walking, maybe some mall walking where it's warmer! 

    I will keep fighting the fight, one day at a time

    Roseann 😸

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