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    Lung cancer patient/survivor
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    Living life to the fullest and sharing and caring about each other as we face challenges, crochet, grandchildren, reading. Now making Rosary beads and bracelets with a friend.

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  1. HI Barb, so the issues you are facing were very similar to what I had. I was given my 2nd round of Durva on Monday, on Tues night when I inhaled my right lung and then around to the front chest was so very painful, went to "triage" they sent me for a CT scan, after being there 3 hours ( sick) the diagnoses was pneumonia, I didn't believe it. I don't believe in coincidence, so I saw a pulmonary Dr that confirmed that is was a result of the CRT and durval, Hmm, could be we all know something about our own bodies? Yes. Well continued 3 more treatments of Durval, I can not handle the side effects, I am blown up like a Thanksgiving Day Float at the parade. On to the cardiologist and it's time for a break! 5 weeks now, I am 85% improved with my health and fatigue and shortness of breath. Yippeee! Is there an answer to this...… not yet. I have a CT scan 10/31 follow up with new Dr 11/4. PDL 1 neg, 12% chance it will work, hmm Dr says, I should go with it, I would like something with better chances, I guess we all do. SO now the ball is in my court, pray for me I make the right decision, and I will pray that you will also get your concerns met with positive answers. Being your own advocate is the place to start, although it is an unpopular place to be in the medical journey, it is what is needed I believe. Best to you! Kate
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