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    Lung cancer patient/survivor
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    Living life to the fullest and sharing and caring about each other as we face challenges, crochet, grandchildren, reading. Now making Rosary beads and bracelets with a friend.

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  1. I am very sorry to hear about your friend and the complications of trying to find treatment. Some have said that MDAnderson in Texas is the #1 cancer treatment center, I pray that he finds treatment and his life will be more hopeful. Kate7617
  2. Thankful that I wake up in morning to see a brand new day, a precious gift.
  3. Kate7617


    Yes magical wands were great as a child, reality is now. I am going to do my best, not to expect anything from anyone, this way I won't be disappointed, Hooray! Tomorrow I go for a PET scan, heebeejeebee time. I was told that they don't know if the original tumor after radiation is scar tissue, or some tumor, some cancer, but MSK wasn't doing anything to find the answer to that.Thank God I now have a Dr that is not putting me into the "group Plan" because one size does not fit all. Also New Doc took more blood tests and I have thyroid issues, no wonder I feel and look like the Thanksgiving day blimp at the parade. That also is affecting my breathing, the weight gain. Sometimes after a week I get on the scale and find that I gained 6lbs, WHAT??? I wasn't even on a cruise ship....lol. So hopefully I can get some meds and that will resolve that. Joined a gym that my health benefits pay for to build up my lungs and start breathing better. Pulmonary Doc says I don't need anything, well that what he says. what do I know, I only live in this body. Hoping that everyone is hanging in there, and wishing the best of the Season to all! Kate7617
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    Wow! I asked my husband, why does life have to be so hard? He doesn't know. So I ask myself, and it all comes down to the people that are with or not with you in critical moments in life. The journey with cancer has been a complete nightmare unfortunately. I did get a new oncologist at NYU Langone, and she is the difference between night and day. I may not be able to get any help, but I sure will be a lot happier that a "Dr." I had at one time is no longer throwing me in for more durvalumab, while I can not tolerate the side effects. I wish I could, 5 infusion with immunotherapy and it was hell. Not only do I have a lot dealing with the cancer health issues, my family blames me for everything wrong and doesn't do something that will comfort me during this difficult time. Maybe they don't know how. so what about asking? I do the shoe on the other foot test, always been here for anyone in my family for their needs. I shake my head. Thanks for listening and being a support for me at this time, I truly appreciate it and need it so I will carry on. Kate7617
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