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  1. Has anyone been diagnosed and being treated for femur bone mets/lungcancer? I did have 10 radiation treatments that was in July, please let me know how you are doing and if you have been given treatments, thank you. Kate7617
  2. As you probably know ( in another message, my PET CT scan was clear. Good news for that. Just wanted to thank you for reaching out to me, it is certainly nice to know we are all on the same team! I pray that all stay well during this pandemic and will pray that it will end quickly! Be well! Kate
  3. Thank you very much! No I wasn't able to do 26 treatments of Durva, I did 5, that was all my body was able to tolerate! The great news is NED after one year, only scar tissue there. So 6 months and then another test. meanwhile, at home day 7 Cov 19 has decided to dictate my life, hey I am all for self isolation when needed. I love my house, and can always find ways to keep me satisified. Hey, we pay so much for the roof over our heads, now it's time to enjoy it. Be well, my cancer buddies! Kate
  4. Great news! NED is on our side, keep on keeping on and enjoy your loved ones daily! Kate
  5. Please check your PDL1 and make sure no auto immune disease is in family history, being your own advocate is worth it's weight in gold! Good luck and hoping for a NED for you! Wash hands frequently and don't touch your face is my advise for all of us! Kate
  6. Hey and sounds like a plan! Being in the house most days with compromised lungs is not exactly what I hoped for, but it is what it is! I'm in!
  7. Well I do not know how much the Durva came into play for me, I only had 5 infusions of it, and that sent my health into a downward spiral, but happy day today clear scan and I am on cloud 9! Thank you for all the good vibes and words of encouragement, I am grateful, Kate
  8. No uptake= No cancer, as far as I was told. My PET on Wednesday, great results, clear, so I'm good for another 6 months check with PET. So I am going to live it up! At home, with my compromised lungs until the Corona virus is in the rear view mirror! So now is clear= NED? Thanks Kate
  9. Hmm, Barb well to see if Durva is actually killing cancer, I honestly believe that a PET wouldn't give that information. What it will show ( as you are aware of) is any uptake. In fact Durva has not gotten that far to tell on a PET. So the CT will show any new tumors ( God forbid) so that is where they leave it, unfortunately. And you are still tolerating the Durva walking 3 miles so I am saying Hip Hip Hooray, and lets start another day!!! The best always, Kate
  10. Hello to all my buddies out there! Certainly wish that some of you were in my neck of the woods, and if you may be certainly let me know! I had my PET yesterday, get results tomorrow, with this "virus" that is around I was sitting on the fence as whether or not to go, surely is scary while my immune system is not functioning properly and my lungs are compromised. Staying in the house most days, thank God that hubby goes to stores and whatever we need in the house. It certainly isn't the best case scenario having lung cancer and this virus around. The facility that I went for my PET assured me that they disinfected all the chairs and what not , how is everyone else holding up? Please let me know, and if you can share any tips to stay "healthy" until this virus passes, I am all ears! Kate
  11. Fight for your rights! And don't quit, you are entitled to a certain amount of PET scans while battling cancer. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!
  12. Hi Polly, something that I learned along the way, check what your PDL1 is, mine was negative, also make sure that auto immune disease does not run in family history. I had a very bad experience with durva, and right from the start had very very bad side effects, also with breathing. I do pray that the Dr that is treating you is on top and has your complete recovery in mind, unfortunately I didn't have that experience and now suffer from the after effects, I am not trying to scare you, however you need to be your own advocate, I certainly wish you every success and hoping that you are breathing a little better now! You have had success with chemo radiation and that is TERRIFIC! All I know is that Durva is not suited for everyone. Also check to see if you have bio markers. You have to be aware of all that is available to you. Prayers are coming to you now from me! Kate
  13. Thank you so much to Eagle 13 and to DFK, inspiring and uplifting messages, needless to say! I believe I had a bio marker EFGR and it is no, if there be any others I am all ears! And thank you Eagle 13! Hey its hard enough to be diagnosed with stage 3b lung cancer, then to have Doctors that tell you....We aren't expecting a miracle, and looks like you have one or two years to live was really the worse thing a Dr could possibly say! Well I am a firey red head ( back in day) lol and now I got my Irish up again, and with God willing we will show those former Drs Just what I am made of! I'm not going to worry, worry is useless, and I continue to be grateful for each day! You are all in my prayers and with all the prayers coming around I can't lose! Thank you again, and I will let you all know what happens with PET SCAN when I know! Kate7617
  14. Kate7617


    Hang in there and yes it is scary!! We all know that feeling. As much as it is said, I will say it again, One day at a time being hopeful that is all we can do. I wish I could hug you and tell you everything will be ok, but we don't know bottom line. Let's all pray for each other and Let God take the Wheel! He knows best!
  15. Hi everyone! Been a while wanted to let you know Monday I get a PET SCAN and follow up with Onco on March 11th, scary times for me, needless to say. The Durvalumab didn't work for me, as I said I got Hashimoto thyroditidis heart problems, skin basel cell cancer, my spine is degenerated, had pnemonuitis so basically my health is not all that. It truly sucks, because my former Doc wouldn't listen to me when I said what was happening. I wish I had happier news, but I am very happy that some of you guys it is working for! I could certainly use some encouragement now, I did sign up for respiratory therapy, so that is covered by insurance. I am going to wait and see how this test goes on Monday! Keep on keeping on, like I do against the odds, hey all things are possible with God!
  16. Georgia, thank you for showing you care by messaging me, truly appreciate you doing that! I made an appointment for this Wednesday to speak to my new onc regarding clinical trials and hoping for good news. thanks again, and I will keep you posted. Enjoy your day!
  17. DFK thank you for your very kind words no treatment now I asked for clinical trials, nothing being offered so needless to say I sit on the edge of my seat everyday. Not sure of anything, however Who is? I’m going to talk to new onco this week local papers are showing promising hopes about clinical trials. I don’t understand why nothing but every 3 months have PET SCAN. I don’t know???? Wishing you all the best DFK I’m so happy you made NED! Stay close, we need your optimism! Kate
  18. Wow!!! Great news NED is the best news ever! I have changed onco and I am very happy, although I still have a lot of side effects from 5 infusions of Durva, I have Hashimotos thyroidists, and my skin is finally doing so much better! after the 5 infusions all I did was go from one Doc to another first a cardiologist, then thyroid doc, dermatology doc, had basel skin cancer all caused from the Durva, I asked to stop the treatment before I got to 5 but the Dr kept pushing me to continue, it was a terrible experience, and I am still suffering anxiety from it, although I am positive we all have experienced anxiety from the cancer itself. I wish that I was able to tolerate the Durva, with a PDL 1 Neg it seemed fruitless to me. I am so happy that DFK is now NED, that is wonderful news, congratulations! I asked if there be an alternative to Durva, and was told, "not in this setting" needless to say my former onco was not the best at giving bad news. Well onward I go, March 9th I get another PET/scan and follow up with new onco please pray for me, it is very scary not having much support here from home, and I appreciate all the good news everyone has to offer. Kate
  19. Katum, Sorry to hear about your Mom's lung cancer. She is a blessed abundantly to have you as her daughter, that is awesome! Everyone has already said the things that needed to be said to help you on this journey. I will repeat that I too am here for you. I pray that your Mom will recover, every day there are new treatments and it could happen to us that we will be cured! Kate
  20. Well Tom it's time to celebrate! Only thing is I recommend not going to the beach with sandals on, lol. Ahh who cares???? Do what ever floats your boat and Enjoy! Kate
  21. Hello again liveurlife, What made me think of you again, {swelling legs} this past week with pain in my lower thigh, go to NP, sends me for doppler in case of blood clots, ok thank God no clots, ok so what is it? Hmm, I call Dr ask them to call me, nope, receptionist calls next day, sends in 5 water pills to pharm, hmm, I do my own research, find out it is a side effect from Xanax, that I have taken to help me sleep, 0.25 mg x 2 at night for 1 year, caused it, how do I know, I tappered off and now take zero swelling gone. But I can't sleep, lol, that's the good with the bad news. Hoping that your Doctor checks side effects from medicines, mine don't. oh well, I am still here, so I am happy! God Bless and I pray that may help you!
  22. one question/ Is it allowed by HIPPA laws for one Doctor to talk with another about my treatment? After I changed my oncologist.
  23. Hi Livurlife, Problem with oncologists, they don't treat anything but cancer, so you will need to see an internal medicine Dr to see what to do from there. I wish you every success in getting to the bottom of it. It's an uphill battle, keep climbing!
  24. Thank you very much for caring and for the positive feedback, truly lifted my spirits! I'm hanging in there, and doing what is necessary to live. Going to Dermatologist today, skin issues caused by the durva. Working on getting that cleared up. Then on to the endocrinologist also caused by durva, now on meds and have a nodule, scheduled ultrasound and follow up with Doc. Then cardiologist caused by radiation, abnormal EKG, so now stress and echo test, please pray for me. I am now an official "Doctor Hopper" lol, I am glad that these things were found out, and can be taken care of. Some people really just don't care, and it is in my own family. I am leaning on the Lord Jesus to get me through the rough patches, footprints in the sand! Thanks again and all of you are in my prayers, as we fight cancer and all its after effects. Stay strong!
  25. Hello to everyone and Happy New Year or as I like to say..Happy Day 2020,we are in the roaring 20's now so lets! I have been hearing a lot about the "itchies" caused by Durva, can't say this works for Durva itchies but it has worked for very dry skin that I had in the past, so take 1/2 cup of old fashioned oat meal [ grind the oatmeal] 1 cup of corn starch, 1/2 cup of baking soda, 2 cups non fat milk mix it all together, and use 1/4 cup in a bath, and enjoy, I certainly hope it helps you! As you know I can not tolerate the Durva, and I have many health issues that were caused by it. I am hanging in there. Not having any treatment while there is still a trace [ so they say } of cancer, is very unsettling to say the least. I have 2 daughter in laws that don't even bother to say, " how are you?" and one that says " you are a rock!" she graduates to be a nurse in May. I am not a rock, I am a human being with an emotional side that would love to have some support from family members. I won't say it because then it would be fake, so who needs that? Oh well, it is what it is. Does it bother me, Yes, for sure. Please help me to feel more positive while moving forward and please pray that the cancer hasn't spread that is the most I can hope for, because there are no alternative treatments for Durva, PET scan in March, that's it. Well enjoy today, and I hope that my remedy for itchy skin will help someone today! Love ya's.
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