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  1. My mom was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer after several months of mystery symptoms (weight loss, headaches, hallucinations). She has a tumor on her lung that is inoperable due to its proximity to the heart and possible mets on her spine and bladder (a small spot on each). The doctor initially thought it was non-small cell but after biopsy confirmed that it is small cell lung cancer. In general, I'm just very confused about what the prognosis is. The oncologist that did the biopsy and the nurse that administered the first chemo said that it was curable. Yes, curable. Exactly what they said. Not manageable or treatable. My mom's own oncologist (different from the one that did the biopsy) is also very optimistic. But on the prescriptions (written by her oncologist), stage is listed as IV and small cell. And I know that small cell is staged as limited and extensive, which is why this is all the more confusing. 

    I'm concerned that a doctor would use the word curable when talking about such an aggressive cancer. Someone help?! 

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