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  1. Congrats on the news Lisa A. I wish you many wonderful days ahead , that's such great news. To JCM, everyone here is supportive, PERIOD. If we were all happy and care free and nothing was screwing with our lives, then this forum probably wouldn't be here. LET IT FLY. I may be new but I've already learned so much from other LC stories, experiences (both good and bad) and the responses to the posts.
  2. I must concur and wish to thank you, Lou, because exactly what you're grateful for is exactly what you gave me last week when I found this group and did my first post. I just happened to stumble upon this group when doing the intense internet searches for info that probably isn't out there yet. I just wanted to say thank you for welcoming me and jump in on your post as I am very grateful for everyone here.
  3. Thanks Robert. I'm hoping for the smoothest rounds of chemo possible and a positive reaction to the meds. You're a brave and flat out good guy for being so supportive. People may think it's just a normal obligation of marriage but with-standing all the ups and downs during this journey takes strength and so much love. I've seen spouses not handle it so we'll and God bless 'em as overwhelm really did a number on 'em. Please remember to take care of and love yourself too and give yourself breaks. My hats off to ya kind sir and my husband and I are sending prayers and well wishes to both of you. Please keep posting updates.
  4. Thank you Kristin, much appreciated. This group is certainly a bunch of amazingly awesome people. And to Lou..... Yep, Lou, you were right on the nose. If I could tap that comment "like/heart" emoji repeatedly, I certainly would do just that. Wish'n ya well
  5. Hi there Lin. Damn, dodged one bullet only get stuck in a pile of shi_. I'm so sorry about your side effects. Hey, I got yucky skin stuff where my skin itches with slight rash on my face and head and my skin bleeds quickly when I scratch.. Gotta share.....classic coconut oil is such a God send for all kinds of skin crap. I had severe burnt skin on 90% of my bod as a reaction to chemo and we tried so many things but the coconut oil was so nice to my body. It's cheap and in solid form is less mess and it melts in your hands and has a cooling and soothing effect. I also, recently, started trying CBD and THC MINTS. The ones with 1 to 1 or 2 CBD to 1 THC. Calmed the head/scalp sweating side effects and is helping with night time pain as I'm trying to not use too much of the pain meds. By the way the magic mouth wash they typically prescribe is so totally and completely nasty. Like you wanna vomit gross. I took what like help I could get with Act Dry Mouth mouth wash. Keep posting updates please, I hope the palliative care helps ya. Sure wishing ya well and praying things get to a manageable absurdity rather than the shi_ show you're having now. I'll hold yer hand in the virtual sense. πŸ˜‰β˜ΊπŸŒ»
  6. Hi ya lady. You're too funny and your story sounds familiar. We are in the sticks 75 miles North of Sacramento, where we chose treatment for the same reason as you did. Wow, I wouldn't wanna give up my sleep number for M-F treatment outta town. Our 100 lb and our 85 lb puppies wouldn't like us being gone either. That's another reason I opted for once a month treatment rather than every three weeks like doc wanted. I am 5' even and always weighted around the 110 range and was a strict vegan since 2009. Bring on treatment and I dropped to 95 lbs. Doctor said eat everything and anything ya want. Do whatever ya want and enjoy as much as you can. So I did. AND boy howdy did I go for it.😜😁 It was a green light for me to eat everything and I did. Now I'm suffering from a tummy that rolls over (which I've never experienced before) and am up to 126. Now I'm like, I really like food and have developed the bad habit of late night eating before bed that I gotta stop but so enjoy....lol Gosh, thank you. Sitting here typing this, sharing it with my husband and laughing is such a blessing and so uplifting. You Rock sister, diggin it for sure. Wishing ya well πŸŒ»πŸ‘ΎπŸŒ»
  7. THANK YOU Steff and Michelle!! πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€ Everyone here has been such a huge help. I don't feel quite so nuts anymore....tee hee hee And Ms. Steff, I'm a natural blonde or at least I was, we'll see when my hair comes back what I'll be in the future. Bring it on with the jokes cause I love to laugh. πŸ˜€ I'll try to get up from the computer more often and jump in the hot tub to ease the aches and ouchies so I can walk around more. All you guys have given me an unrealized and much needed boost. Hot damn and thank you. Wishing ya well.
  8. THANK YOU MICHELLE!! πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€ I'll try to get up from the computer more often and jump in the hot tub to ease the aches and ouchies so I can walk around more. All you guys have given me an unrealized and much needed boost. Hot damn and thank you. Wishing ya well.
  9. WOW DFK, I loved reading about your journey, your life and very much appreciate your inspiration. Treatment every two weeks and almost about to kiss that good bye, congrats to ya kind lady. I declined the every three weeks and requested once a month as my treatment facility is 75-80 miles away. Thank you for taking the time to post. You gave me lots of positives to keep in mind and also encouragement to overcome this part too. I'm our source of income as my husband is disabled but he still managed to hold my hand and love me to pieces through this craziness. I continue to work full time through this doing an office job. Although my journey began with a completely terrible oncologist, I have found a great oncologist and that was a real game changer. I think the first guy just figured there was no point and I was too far gone at the time of my diagnosis. I went from a healthy 5' 110 lb 47 year old gal to a tumor ridden wheelchair bound 96 lb mess in a matter of a couple of months. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the tumors were chewing on my L2 and my hip bones causing excruciating pain, fracture and swelling that made my right leg, hip and foot look like it was from someone that was 6' 250 lbs. I have no idea if all the other tumors did anything but don't think so. Like I said before, I'm so grateful for so many things including being able to walk on my own and bath myself and continuing to keep my job and keep our home. I didn't ship out to Afghanistan in 90 when I was enlisted so I didn't endure true human evil which coulda happened to a petite blonde enlisted female. I've walked away from several car accidents (no girl driving jokes now, they were almost all rear ender's by uninsured drivers..lol). We have 26 years together, live in the country where we love it and have a loving son, grandson, close friends and big happy fur kids. So thanking God daily has been going on my whole life. What gets me is learning to live life with cancer not after cancer. Diing is the easy part, living and trying to navigate each day going from the hyper active doer I was to exhausted all the time with pain and whatever weird stuff pops up that day is the part that feels like a tease. Cool cancer is holding steady and ya get to exist and laugh but ya can't do shi_. My brain says go go go and when I try to do that, my body says F you......lmao I can make fun and joke but I expect and want more rather than trading one yucky situation for another. Does that make sense? I tried starting chair yoga and my low back swelled, thinking that may be caused by the L2 fracture. I thought maybe I'd try walking but the one chemo drug caused permanent nerve damage to my feet making it feel like the bottoms of my feet are like walking on big bruises. Yep, one minute laughing and the next whining & confused. I'm totally open to suggestions at this point. I just gotta come up with a physical plan that works with being in the middle of the sticks and doesn't mess with my work schedule cause I gotta get through my work days and keep my job. Thanks again, for reading and responding. I wish you well. πŸ˜‰πŸŒ»
  10. Thanks Lou. The doc mentioned immuno may be a maintenance thing. I'm hoping to not have have treatment for several years.. I was accepting of passing and of fighting but that here's you life back.....kinda with ongoing inability to do things is a strange deal. I am accustomed to being active and a doer. Gotta admit, it's way way way better than chemo was.
  11. Thanks, I hope things for you after surgery have been going well. I'm grateful I found this group and grateful for the prayer list.
  12. Thank you Bridget. I'm hoping for input. Have a wonderful night.
  13. Hello Blossomsmom (forgive my other replies to your posts as I'm new to navigating this site). I agree with RondaBeaty. I'm fighting stage IV lung cancer and have also been a caregiver of my best friend, my mom. It's harder for the caregiver than the patient in so many ways. Your mom knows that and would probably love to help her daughter through a tuff time. Your mom needs to be needed just as you do by your grown babies. If you let her help you through your fears and anxiety it could possibly help her by focusing on something other than the overwhelming cancer elephant in the room. I can only hope the suggestion helps. Wishing you both well, prayers🌻
  14. Hang in there. CANCER SUCKS for sure. Praying for you both and you go ahead and just spill it darl'n, that's what this whole forum is for. Release, help, compassion. People get it, have been there or are getting help from you being in the middle of all of it.
  15. Hey, how's it going? You haven't posted in a while. I hope the wedding was fantastic and your mom is tolerating the biologic well. I've been receiving Tecentriq Biologic once a month for 5 months now and it has done amazing things by shrinking and eliminating many of my tumors but I find the side effects are increasing over time with regard to flu like symptoms, crazy fatigue, arthritis, bone and joint pain along with weird skin issues. I hope your mom doesn't experience any of these. Please post an update and thanks so much for sharing.
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