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  1. Hi Andrea,

    I finally had the time to see the cookbook that we had ordered. What a pleasant surprise!!!!

    I need to order 5 more now, and hopefully more eventually. You did some beautiul job.

    Please let me know best way to pay.

    Thanks for all you do. Hope your parents are doing well.


  2. OMG, I'm so sad. Tears are flowing as I try to express myself. Franks family should be so proud of him as we are here, as well as anyone who's ever met him. He certainly won't be forgotten by me and the fight he fought and tonight I will raise a glass of beer with a choc donut in memory of Frank. I would love anyone who would like to join in,, let me know what time would be good!!!!!


  3. Hi loretta.

    I just finiished 10 rounds of WBR and have been on decadron for about 3 weeks. We just started to lowerr my decadron to wean me off. I know it is very important to go off gradually. The decadron is a mixed sword. You feel great at first, but there are unpleasant side effects that can develop and you need to get off as soon as possible.

    Don't know about the freezing, but it is awfully cold in New york lately. Best of luck with everything.

  4. Your post was great. I justhave to disagree with one aspect. I really don't think I deserve Lung Cancer because I did start to smoke as a child (17 or so). Off and on until I realized that if I didn't stop it would kill me. At that time they were still saying "doctors prefer camel".

    I never worked so hard at anytime. When I stopped smoking I was convinced that I had saved my life and sent another 20 years happily along my way, stopping whoever I could from smoking.

    Smoking is not the only cause of LC.

    Totally believe in second, third, and fifth opinions, but if you are addicted by BIG TOBACACCo, I think we should be going after them. What can we do on that front to save more lives. I say we wipe them out!!!!


  5. Hi Barbara,

    Having just finished whole brain radiation and currently doing my second round of chemo, I want to say, just focus and you will be fine. It definitely was not as bad as I thought it would be. I feel very blessed. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me anytime.


  6. Hi All,

    I wanted to update some of you on Whole Brain Radiation and what I've gone through the last few weeks. I was really afraid of going through this, as I know a lot of us are. I had never hard anything good about having id done or going off the accompanying medications (especially decadon).

    My actual treatments lased 2 minutesd. Start to finish was about 5 minutes. My biggest problem was that constant hungar plagued me all day long. I could not stop eating. It was insane. Eventually I just gave in and enjoyed my food. I guess in the last week I gained 8 pounds.

    I had no sleep poblems that I know some have had. As far as the weight I know it will come off and I'm probably better of a little heavier.

    I do feel great. No headaches,,,,which was my original problem.

    Well, my job now is to keep on fighting. I go for lots of scans over the next two weeks. Brain, CT, etc. Hopefully WBR has done its job for me until something better comes along.

    Wishing you all the very best in your own fights. It makes me so sad that so many of us need to be doing this.


  7. Don,

    I know your doctors are extremely thorough and so are you. I hope this is figured out soon, because I know limbo is not where you really want to be. I totally have confidence they will get to the bottom of this.


  8. Nick,

    Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. As a mom I totally relate to how you feel. My feeling is I will always be with my loved ones in one form or another. There is no other way. I love my future grandchildren now as well as the one I've been blessed to meet so far.

    Really wishing this amazing gift comes to you. You deserve it and your mom will certainly know and be smiling.

    Keep us posted!! :D:D

  9. EMEND worked wonders for me for chemo. The only problem is that it is quite expensive and I would see if it is covered by insurance. You only need 3 pills, one the day before chemo, the day of and the day after.

    After chemo I used compazine which was good, but not EMEND. But, I think everyone may react differently to different meds, but definitely worth looking into.


  10. I know how hard it is to drink water. I became dehydrated twice. You can try ices, jello, ensure, carnation liquid breakfast drink, gateraid, etc. Also, as far as eating, my doctor says when you're going through chemo, all bets are off. Whatever you feel like eating , eat.

  11. One more tip, that might be easier than keep away from drinking. (LOL) When I stopped, 20 some odd years ago, I joined a gym. Working out made me feel so healthy I said "how could I smoke?" Walking or anything that will give you that healthy feeling should work.

    So much good luck aain. And remember, everyday gets easier.


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