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  1. I can toally understand your feeling depressed, confused, etc. I was diagnosed a Stage IV with mets 20 months ago. I have great docs also in NYC. What's so important is letting your mom know that this is not a death sentence. My plan is to stay around long enough until they find the next new drug to keep me going until something better comes along. My quality of life is excellent. My docs are very concerned with that. You should listen to Don and ask about antidepressants. Wishing you and mom the very best. Joan
  2. joanie55

    Dec. 26, 1986

    Beautiful pictures. Let's get that cancer now!!!!! Thanks for sharing them. Joan
  3. Hi, Best wishes to you both. MSK is where I've been treated for almost 20 months. If I can be of any help, just let me know. Joan
  4. Best wishes to you, mom and family. I hope she wasn't hurt in that fall. Joan
  5. Hi, At various time, especially before dx, I experienced lightening bolts of pain. In the beginning it seemed to be coming from my lower back, radiating down my leg. That's what originally got me to the doctors. More recently, I had same kind of pain that struck my head and hip at the same time. Very painful, but over in seconds. We never really figured out what this was from. Lots of strange things happen when you're on chemo and have LC. My doctor has a two week rule. If, after 2 weeks its still happening, we must figure out why and what. Of course, depending on severity, etc. lots of luck. Joan
  6. Don, You make me smile and I so sincerely wish you the best in the coming year. You are an inspiration to so many people. Your generosity of heartfelt feelings have done so much for so many. I just hope that I can recipricate in some small way, even if just to send my feelings electronically. Merry Christmas!! Joan
  7. joanie55

    My Mother

    I just saw this and I am so, so sorry. Joan
  8. I'm sending best wishes to you both. You'll do great. Joan
  9. This is so funny. I've had a drippy nose since I was dx. I've never been on Tarceva. I just always make sure I have plenty of tissues with me. I always thought it just had something to do with having LC. Joan
  10. Hi Valerie, What can I say....better late than never. It's great to meet you. So glad we've been able to be a help and hopfully will continue to be. Happy holidays. Joan
  11. joanie55

    We said goodbye

    Rochelle, I'm so sorry. You're mom will never really leave you. She'll be in your heart forever. Joan
  12. Hi Holly, It's great to see you back. You've been missed, but I totally can understand you needing time away. Can't believe it's been a year! Thanks for caring. Joan
  13. joanie55

    Happy Holidays

    Thanks, Happy Hunukkha, Merry Christmas, whatever!!! to all my LCSC friends. Joan
  15. Hi, I feel for you so much, expecially as a mom with young adult children. I know how hard this must be. I think you are amazing, but probably could use a little help, as we all could. Why don't you ask either mom's doc or someone at the wellness group if there is something for children or family members of LC survivors. I know we have that in New York. Also, your mom may benefit from a mood stabilizer or antidepresent. Lots of survivors are put on that right away. This isn't easy, but thankfully, it sounds like your mom's cancer was caught relatively early, which is wonderful. Hope this helps. Joan
  16. Hi, I realized that I had not updated with what I decided with this little mess. Well, Monday, I did start WBR treatments. There will be 10 treatments, getting Christmas and New Years off. They are fast and easy, just hopefully will work. I wake up everyday looking for any symptoms. So far, so good. I know they are commulative, but need to take care of this for now and worry about everything else later. Wishing everyone here a wonderful holiday season. Joan
  17. Hi Frank, If anyone can do this, you can. I have so much faith that this can still be a managed and chronic disease. Believe me I understand how realistic you are trying to be cause I'm right behind you. Just starting WBR and hearing lots of the same. Attitude is everything and you certainly have that. I'm in New York and don't play golf, but I'd love to run to Pa. this summer to see your first swing off. Joan
  18. Don, So happy for you. You so deserve it!! Joan
  19. Hi Maryann, It sounds like you are really going to have such a nice time with all the family. So happy Joel was able to change his schedule. Just enjoy one day at a time and maybe this round won't be too bad. I remember when I was up to my last and kept thinking because it's comulative that it would be the worst. Well, I had NO side effects only on that treatment. Go figure. Joan
  20. joanie55


    Oh Jamie, I'm sooo happy to hear this wonderful news. I wish you many many many more anniversaries. Happy Holiday to you and your family. Joan
  21. joanie55

    Nushka- 3000

    Nina, Thanks so much for all you do. Joan
  22. Don, What beautiful ways to include Lucie in the holidays. Your children will be so happy to receive such special gifts. Nothing could mean more. Reading this really made me glow inside knowing you've made this wonderful connection for them. Joan
  23. Love those words......HOPE & CURE. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joan
  24. Tracey, What amazing news!!!! Now you can really enjoy the holidays. Joan
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