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  1. Hi,

    I feel for you so much, expecially as a mom with young adult children. I know how hard this must be.

    I think you are amazing, but probably could use a little help, as we all could. Why don't you ask either mom's doc or someone at the wellness group if there is something for children or family members of LC survivors. I know we have that in New York.

    Also, your mom may benefit from a mood stabilizer or antidepresent. Lots of survivors are put on that right away. This isn't easy, but thankfully, it sounds like your mom's cancer was caught relatively early, which is wonderful.

    Hope this helps.


  2. Hi,

    I realized that I had not updated with what I decided with this little mess.

    Well, Monday, I did start WBR treatments. There will be 10 treatments, getting Christmas and New Years off.

    They are fast and easy, just hopefully will work. I wake up everyday looking for any symptoms. So far, so good. I know they are commulative, but need to take care of this for now and worry about everything else later.

    Wishing everyone here a wonderful holiday season.


  3. Hi Frank,

    If anyone can do this, you can. I have so much faith that this can still be a managed and chronic disease. Believe me I understand how realistic you are trying to be cause I'm right behind you. Just starting WBR and hearing lots of the same.

    Attitude is everything and you certainly have that.

    I'm in New York and don't play golf, but I'd love to run to Pa. this summer to see your first swing off.


  4. Hi Maryann,

    It sounds like you are really going to have such a nice time with all the family. So happy Joel was able to change his schedule.

    Just enjoy one day at a time and maybe this round won't be too bad. I remember when I was up to my last and kept thinking because it's comulative that it would be the worst. Well, I had NO side effects only on that treatment. Go figure.


  5. Don,

    What beautiful ways to include Lucie in the holidays. Your children will be so happy to receive such special gifts. Nothing could mean more.

    Reading this really made me glow inside knowing you've made this wonderful connection for them.


  6. Hi Arron,

    Yea, the eyebrows were definitely worse than the hair loss. You probably look realy cute bald, as opposed to a bald women. (no offense to bald women, they are cute too).

    I went to my neices wedding with drawn on eyebrows. NOBODY knew. I also used eyeliner which helped with that martian look.

    Just go, feel good and dance. I'm sure everyone will be so happy to see you they will never notice what you do.


  7. Well, it seems that I will start my new journey on Monday a.m. I saw the radiologist today and it went well. I feel extremely positive, even though what I have is slightly different than most, being it is on the outside of my brain, to put it simply.

    I know there is a bunch of us that recently joined this club and/or about to and I've been thinking about you all.

    I'll get a real short funky haircut this weekend and maybe even a new color until its gone. That should be fun.

    Let you know how things go.


  8. Hi,

    Spoke to all my docs before and it seems there was a blockage that if they hadn't found, could have been very bad, if they had gone ahead with the trial.

    So, now everyone seems to be leaning towards WBR. I'm not a candidate for cyberknife.

    Can someone (Don?) send me that link where you can ask cyberknife questions. Thanks.

    Trying to figure out how to ask Dr. West. SIgned up, but with everything going on I haven't figured it out yet.


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