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    Welcome home Pammie. That's certainly the place to be. Joan
  2. Kim, I'm soooo sorry for your terrible losses. Please accept my sincere condolences. Joan
  3. Bill, I have to agree with Jamie that you "are awsome". I think any former smoker can relate to everything you are going through. Remember that the main thing about cigarettes is the addiction. Plain & simple. Yeah sure, I loved em too, but it was the addiction that kept me going when I knew I should stop. I wish you and Kim and everyone else who joins you the very best. I'd be happy to help in any way I can. Joan
  4. I've been thinking about you both and I'm so glad Jeffrey's doing well. I am sorry about your dad. Never a dull moment.....You never have to explain. I think we all understand. Joan
  5. Hi Robin, I missed your first post but would like to welcome you and wish you great results on the biopsy. Joan
  6. Just fabulous. I'm so happy for you both. Now, really go celebrate those holidays!! Joan
  7. Happy Thanksgiving Rich and hoping you're home real soon. Joan
  8. Hi Trish, I totally remember the first day I went without my wig. My head was freezing, but I didn't care one bit. I was also unsure of what to do, but it didn't take me long to decide to color my hair. I've been doing it now for over a year and what really makes me happy is when I need a haircut! Congrats. Joan
  9. My thanks to Dr. West for a very good informative site. Joan
  10. Hi Aaron, So sorry you needed to find this site, but welcome and glad to meet ya. I'm a former Brooklynite with Stage IV. If I can be of any help, please feel free to pm me. Where are u being treated? Best wishes to you. Joan
  11. Hi, I'm a Sloan patient. Why don't you pm me and I'll point you in the right direction. Joan
  12. joanie55

    Baby Pics.....

    There's nothing like a grandchild. She is just beautiful and love her name. I have an Ella Rose.
  13. Welthy, You've got mine. joan
  14. That was my exact chemo . Even after I finished the Taxol/Carbo, I stayed on the Avastin. My tumor shrunk by 50% after my first scan and I've been stable ever since. I had a slight progression at one point that was handled with radiation. When I was on the Avastin I was not allowed to take Aleve because of the bleeding possibility, but other than that there were no significant side effects. A little tiredness and nausea and did manage to become dehydrated. Very important to drink, drink, drink. Good luck.
  15. I want to thank you guys, Rich, Geri, Katie, Tracey, Kasey, all the satillite walkers, everyone involved for helping to find a cure for this dreaded disease. Joan
  16. Candy, Happy to hear such good news. Joan
  17. Hi Jamie, Fabulous interview and you are an amazing representative for LC. Thanks for all you do. Joan p.s. when are u coming back to NY?
  18. What great pictures. Thanks for sharing and thanks for walking. Joan
  19. Nick, I just want to thank you for what you're doing. In my opinion, this is what it's all about. It's crucial that we find a way to detect at an early stage. Joan
  20. Kasey, I'm so amazed by you. I can only thank you again. It is so urgent that we get the word out and you've certainly helped us tremendously. Joan
  21. Geri, I BIG BIG CONGRATULATIONS on 5 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thanks for walking on Saturday. Joan
  22. This is really what we need. Thanks Kasey. You are fabulous. Joan
  23. Kasey, I'm totally speachless. What a suprise. I only wish I could be there to cheer you on, but you know I'm doing that from afar. You really do look fabulous by the way. Joan
  24. Eggs Smell Tasty Softboiled s l y d
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