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  1. Thanks Maryanne. You mean a lot to us all. Joan
  2. Andrea, I'm so happy for you and your mom. I know I'll be saying the same soon for mom and dad also. I know I'm not the only one here that is inspired by you. You have so much on your plate, yet you're here for all of us. Well, we're here for you too. Best wishes, Joan
  3. Darrell, Soooooooo happy to see you back and feeling well again. Joan
  4. joanie55

    "New Normal"

    I'll drink to that. I don't think we would be rational not to miss the old normal. It's just that to carry on we have to make the best of what we have. We're here and that's plenty to be thankful for. I for one am glad that you (we) have somewhere to be able to say how you truely feel. I hope It takes a little bit of that weight off. Joan
  5. Ernie, Good for you. What could be better than NED AND golf trip! I'm sitting here waiting for my scan results, but at least I can be happy for you. Joan
  6. I'm also sitting here waiting for my scan results. My doctor has a rule that no matter what the results, he wants to tell me in person. This way I'll never get upset if he didn't call and if it wasn't good news he wants to tell me in person. You need to ask your doc how he handles it. I certainly hope you're right and the news is good. Best wishes. Joan
  7. Hi Maryann, One of the first questions I asked my doctor was if I could still have a drink or wine? He said absolutely yes, but for every glass of whatever, I should drink a glass of water. Liquor tends to dehydrate you, so just keep your water glass full. Joan
  8. Wonderful, wonderful news. So happy for you both! Joan
  9. Big thanks to Katie. I haven't the foggiest idea how to do this stuff. Joan
  10. I've been on oxycontin and oxycodone since i was first dx. One for long acting pain control and the other for breakthrough pain, which I don't take, fortunately. When I had progression on my hip and spine I had radiation done which helped tremendously. I did have a slight worsening of the pain before It felt better, but i believe that's how radiation works. It also kept getting better and better over time. I didn't have that with he chemo since I was already on the oxycontin for the pain. Joan
  11. Lynda, I'm so sorry to hear this news. My sincere condolences to you and your family.. Joan
  12. joanie55

    Vision Visiting

    Don, I have happy tears in my eyes for you. Joan
  13. She's definitely got some talent! Hard enough to draw, but to carve!!
  14. Hi Cheryl, I'm also a stage IV survivor of just about 18 months now. When I was diagnosed, my cancer had spread to my sacrum and hip. I've had an amazing ride that I plan to continue. I feel like I'm fighting a chronic disease. I Plan to live a long time and this lung cancer just has to be managed. I'm not expecting a cure, although that would be wonderful, but containment for me would be just as good. Remember, this is NOT a death sentence. But you do have to work it! Wishing you and your husband the best. I too am available if your husband has any questions at all. Joan
  15. Andrea, Wishing you the best. Really, really do. Joan
  16. Question? Is it starting tonight?
  17. joanie55

    Avery's Picture

    What a little beauty. Enjoy her. Joan
  18. Can someone help me post a pic. Don't know how to do it.
  19. Well, my daughter Dana got married yesterday at a georgous twilight ceremony. I have to say that this was one of the best days of my life. She looked absolutely georgous and so, so happy. I danced until my legs went numb. Don't know if it was the dancing or the martinis. Anyway, the fact that I was there made every treatment , and every ache and every pain worthwhile, and anyone who ever asks if its worth it should speak to me. She's in Hawaii now on a very overdue vacation and honeymoon (this year hasn't been easy on her). My focus now is to be around as a grandma to her children. She wants a lot, so I have to rest up and gear up for that. Can't wait. Joan
  20. Tracy, Reading your post made my day. I just love hearing such good news and Disney is one of my favorite places. You've just gotta smile. Keep up the great work. Joan
  21. Joanie, I'm so upset hearing about your latest setback. I'm sending you lots and lots of prayers and good wishes that you can get home real soon. Joan
  22. Wow! Congrats! That's just wonderful news. Joan
  23. Sarah, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom, but would like to say to you not to give up hope. I'm glad your mom wants to fight and is having chemo. I was diagnosed almost 18 months ago with Stage IV and thankfully will get to see my daughter married this weekend. I feel that where there is life, there is hope. Joan
  24. I totally vote for a survivor's night chat. I would suggest that it be held during the week. The day isn't too important, except that Gray's Anatomy is on Thursday, so Wednesday sounds good to me. LOL.
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