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  1. I'll drink to that. I don't think we would be rational not to miss the old normal. It's just that to carry on we have to make the best of what we have.

    We're here and that's plenty to be thankful for.

    I for one am glad that you (we) have somewhere to be able to say how you truely feel. I hope It takes a little bit of that weight off.


  2. I'm also sitting here waiting for my scan results. My doctor has a rule that no matter what the results, he wants to tell me in person. This way I'll never get upset if he didn't call and if it wasn't good news he wants to tell me in person.

    You need to ask your doc how he handles it. I certainly hope you're right and the news is good.

    Best wishes.


  3. I've been on oxycontin and oxycodone since i was first dx. One for long acting pain control and the other for breakthrough pain, which I don't take, fortunately.

    When I had progression on my hip and spine I had radiation done which helped tremendously. I did have a slight worsening of the pain before It felt better, but i believe that's how radiation works. It also kept getting better and better over time. I didn't have that with he chemo since I was already on the oxycontin for the pain.


  4. Hi Cheryl,

    I'm also a stage IV survivor of just about 18 months now. When I was diagnosed, my cancer had spread to my sacrum and hip. I've had an amazing ride that I plan to continue. I feel like I'm fighting a chronic disease. I Plan to live a long time and this lung cancer just has to be managed. I'm not expecting a cure, although that would be wonderful, but containment for me would be just as good.

    Remember, this is NOT a death sentence. But you do have to work it!

    Wishing you and your husband the best. I too am available if your husband has any questions at all.


  5. Maryann,

    Hoping this all goes smoothly for Joel. I did not have Taxotare, but did have the decadron before and after my chemo treatments. My experience was really good. The decadron made me feel like I was well. In fact, the first day after my treatment I always cleaned my house. It was after it wore off that I felt the chemo effects.

    Hope it effects Joel that way.

    Sending prayers.


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