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  1. I'll pass that along, @LexieCat Best, Glenn
  2. I had a four month checkup with my oncologist yesterday. This visit was with a simple chest X-ray. Still No Evidence of Disease. My next appointment is in four months with a CT Scan. My huge appreciation to you all for the answers to some really tough questions. My weight through all this was a drop from #235 to #150. I can't say why. It might be all the healthy meals we make coupled to a waning appetite. My brother who is suffering from NSCLC, is down from #145 to #113. He is on immunotherapy treatments. I'm really worried about him. He lives in AK and I haven't been able to fly up there because the their strident rules throughout the pandemic. I hope they get it smoothed out in 2022. Best, Glenn
  3. It was 12 weeks of pain and gain. I’m ashamed to say that I’m in the best shape of my life. I never liked exercise until the therapists there took baby steps at first until I could learn to breathe. That was about two weeks. Then they turned up the heat. I adore those people and their assistants. Now I shift to self-managed, two days a week. I highly recommend it. Best, Glenn
  4. I wish I'd gotten that tip before it happened a couple of times.
  5. G.A.M.


    Hello, @BridgetO. I'm doing fine. I see my Oncologist in a week. I hope I am still doing fine. I've been treating the joint pain with plain old extra-strength Tylenol and that has helped immensely. How are you doing? Best, Glenn
  6. I had things in the reverse order. Lobectomy (upper right, 3 cm mass) and then chemo. Mine was caught early by accident when my gall bladder decided to call it a day. I hope your outcome is great. Seems like they caught it early. Be glad you have mandatory physicals, I guess. Best, Glenn
  7. G.A.M.


    Hi, @Tom Galli. I've never heard of it, but I'll give it a try. Thanks. Best, Glenn
  8. G.A.M.


    Hey, @TJM. I appreciate it. Best, Glenn
  9. G.A.M.


    @LexieCat, I have an appt with my PCP in two weeks. I'll bring it up with her. Thanks. Best, Glenn
  10. G.A.M.


    At the end of chemo, my left hand began to hurt. Then my right hip, left elbow and right hand. It's progressed to the point that my left hand is useless. Is it a result of chemo, in anyone's experience? Best, Glenn
  11. I can't believe it's been three months already. I'm getting a full blood workup (through my port if I'm lucky), then a CT scan from nose to knees first thing in the morning. Then the wait. My appt isn't until Tuesday Feb 2nd and I only meet with the PA. I've met with her a few times during chemo. She never volunteers data, you have to kind of coax it out of her. Just so it's good news, I hope. My best to all of you.
  12. G.A.M.


    @Tom Galli, I checked with my father in law, who worked in the mills for 45 years and he doesn't recall any of the Aliquippa feeds where he worked connecting to the Ohio River Railroad. That doesn't mean it wasn't one of the other mills along the river. They're all gone now. Sad to see it. Glenn
  13. G.A.M.


    Met with my Oncologist on Tuesday. Blood looks stronger. Still anemic. Based on what I'd been told so far, I asked to have my port removed. He said no dice. There is still "suspicious tissue" in lymph nodes and in my neck and upper chest area. The new routine is a port flush every five weeks then a CT Scan, bloodwork, and a meeting with the ONC every ten weeks until further notice. I guess it's his train and I'm just riding it.
  14. G.A.M.

    No more chemo!

    After my oncologist got a good look at my scans this morning, he cancelled rounds #5 and #6. He's ordered another PET scan to be sure, but he thinks I'm cancer free at this point and I can go on the 3 month CT scan regimen. I'm stunned.
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