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  1. My husband was diagnosed Stage4a with MPE in January 2020 ...the MPE was actually there in early December. He underwent thoracentesis (draining) at least three times a week then an indwelling pleural catheter was installed at the end of January. His MPE actually dried up about two weeks ago...apparently that can happen with frequent draining through a catheter. It’s great because the MPE was causing him lots of grief. He is not on treatment yet ..expect immunotherapy to start in a couple of weeks. His latest CT scan and bone scan shows no mets elsewhere. We saw the stats you reference but we don’t believe they reflect today’s treatments.
  2. Thanks Tom and Michelle for sharing.. How did you cope with the lack of sleep? Did you use any kind of sleep aids?
  3. Husband Brian was diagnosed on January 7 2020 with metastatic pulmonary adenocarcinoma -- came out of nowhere. He has a pleural effusion on his left lung which has been drained twice. We're trying to cope with the symptoms (short of breath, nausea, cough, tiredness, insomnia) pending a biopsy next Wednesday for molecular testing and then a treatment plan. That plan is likely two to three weeks away. The last couple of days his cough worsened and today he says his diaphragm is spasming. On Friday he was prescribed codeine for the cough but it hasn't seemed to help yet. He can't sleep and is really in distress -- he can't speak without coughing and the cough seems worse. We figured his pleural effusion needed another drain so went to Emergency this afternoon. The X-ray though showed that the effusion is really not that big. He was prescribed 1mg Ativan at the ER to try to relax his muscles. Is there anyone that can help us through this very scary time? Does it take time for the Codeine/Ativan to kick in? Is there anything else we can do? I'm so scared that he won't make it through to treatment..... Thanks Jenny
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