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  1. Hi Glenn, My tumor was at the 4 cm mark and ended up being attached to the lining so it is a good thing I had the surgery. It was fine. I felt lousy the first 2 weeks and the air in my body post surgery was painful until it worked it’s way out. I’m four weeks out and feeling like myself again. I do tire easily and sometimes still need to catch my breath. Good luck with your decision. Amy
  2. Hi I’m Amy aka schoolie2, I was diagnosed with stage 1B when a radiologist say a mass in my lower right lobe in November. I was having a Ct of my a abdomen to rule out an appendicitis. I had no symptoms so it was kind of a miracle. Fast forward. I had a lobectomy a month ago and my nodes came back clear. The oncologist recommended chemo to insure there is no recurrence. So I start chemo on 1/31. I am getting my mindset and my warrior attitude to face chemo. Looking forward to support and supporting those in the same boat.
  3. Hi, I have Stage 1B lung cancer, and following a successful lower right lobectomy, am starting treatment in a few weeks. I am hoping to hear from those who have had similar chemo. I will have a course of 4 treatments of cisplantin and pemetrexid every 3 weeks. I would like to hear about how the treatments went for any of you.
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