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  1. Rose Kaiser

    As Lexi knows

    I was on Oxy over a year ago while doing radiation because my tailbone hurt so bad while laying on that hard table. Stupid me quit cold turkey on a Friday and I had one more treatment on Monday. I came close to going to the ER over the weekend I felt so bad. I had no idea I was in withdrawal until I talked to the radiation nurse and told her I couldn't do the last treatment because it made me sick. I told her I quit taking the Oxy and she said I was going through withdrawal. I had no idea you had to wean yourself off the drug. Lesson learned!
  2. I like Tom Brady, but living in Missouri I'm a Chiefs fan all the way.
  3. Rose Kaiser


    I receive a Udenyca shot the day after treatment to boost my white blood count. It is administered either in the flab of the upper arm or stomach. I used my arm for over a year and my main side effect was a bruised feeling in my upper torso. It would start about 3 to 4 days after and last maybe 2 days. I switched to the stomach and I'm not having the bruised feeling any longer.
  4. Small world. I have a brother who lives in Woodstock, Illinois.
  5. Grew up in Burlington, Iowa but have lived in Jefferson City, Missouri since 1977.
  6. ColleenRae - The COPD was diagnosed several months after the radiation. I started having a terrible cough and some shortness of breath and that's when they did a scan and determined scar tissue had formed. Other than some normal minor Keytruda/Atlimta side effects, I was feeling really good until then.
  7. I had 3 SBRT treatments in January on a lung tumor. I had no side effects at all until May. I had been coughing all the time and had shortness of breath. A CT scan showed a mass on the lung which ended up being scar tissue. I have been diagnosed with COPD and am on Trelegy which has helped the cough tremendously. On my second round of prednisone hoping it will help the shortness of breath. I feel fine but cannot bend over at all without having to rest right after to catch my breath. I've only been seeing my pulmonologist since May so hoping there are other medicines that will help. I haven't read of any other members who have had this same side effect so thought I would tell my story.
  8. When I started chemo I asked how long I would need treatment and he said it would be ongoing. I"m still on every 21 days. Had some bad coughing and shortness of breath so had a chest x-ray and there was a new mass that wasn't there 2 months ago. Had a ct scan and bone scan and both were good. I'm being treated for scar tissue from sbrt radiation I had back in January. Specialist put me on prednisone for a couple of weeks along with using an inhaler twice a day. My followup is scheduled mid-July. I was scheduled for a PET scan before all this started and insurance denied the request because of the other scans I had due to the scar tissue. Once we get over this bump in the road, I hope there is no arguing with insurance about having a PET scan. I am very optimistic about one day hearing him say there is no evidence of disease.
  9. Your treatment journey is identical to mine. I've been on the Keytruda and Alimta for a year now. It seems to be working for me, along with some radiation also. Good luck with your scan. I grew up in southeast Iowa and live just 40 miles from the Lake of the Ozarks. Small world!
  10. I'm on Keytruda and don't have a loss of taste but I do get a weird taste in my mouth. I feel I need to eat something to get rid of it which doesn't last long.
  11. Thanks for your response. I had to have an Xgeva shot today and happened to run into my oncologist in the hallway. He thought it was probably allergies and I told him I never sneeze and allergy medicine doesn't help. If the cough persists he will order a chest xray as a precaution.
  12. I've been on Keytruda and Alimta for a year and up until 3 to 4 months ago my side effects were like clockwork. About 7-8 days after treatment I was pretty much back to normal. Since early this year I have developed a very annoying dry cough, always clearing my throat, runny nose, watering eyes and a few headaches when I wake up at night. I assumed it was allergies but realized the Allegra I was taking wasn't helping the symptoms. I've never had a fever either. There has been no sneezing involved which leads me to believe I am now having different Keytruda side effects. Has anyone on Keytruda/Alimta had any changes in side effects? I plan to ask my oncologist during my next treatment but wanted to hear from anyone who might have experienced what I'm going through. Thanks!
  13. I'm on Keytruda and Alimta and have been having treatments every 3 weeks for almost a year. Since you are only on the Keytruda, the frequency could be different. My first treatment was through my arm and it was very uncomfortable for me. I have small veins so I opted for the port. Everyone is different. You should do what makes you comfortable. Good luck with your treatments!
  14. I have been on Keytruda and Alimta every 3 weeks for almost a year and the port was a godsend for me. I have labs run before every treatment and I usually have it drawn from my arm the day before chemo so I don't have to sit and wait for the results before chemo. I live close to my oncologist so it's no problem for me to make that extra trip. Since you have good veins, you may not want the port. My veins aren't that great. I had my first treatment through my arm and I decided right then the port was for me. As far as the drugs being hard on the veins, that's a good question for your doctor. Be sure to write all your questions down. Good luck and you are right - it is a bad ride but it really does get better. Rose
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