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  1. Yes I know the Chemo I will get -Cisplatin/Etoposide 4 cycles. Radiation is not a surething. Up to the tumor board but my oncologist didnt think there would be an issue. Would be daily but I dont know how many times. Guessing between 10 and 30. Basically standard treatment for small cell. Yes, I am getting a port put in next Tuesday. Yes can do radiation with port. You are correct that it takes some skill, luck and patience to get any specific information on Large cell but I think I am up to speed now. Have a couple specific questions for my oncologist appointment next week. And yes it is frustrating! And ask away. I too have become a cancer junkie. MRI this Friday to confirm no brain mets. Good luck with scan results Peace Tom
  2. To be more specific, I have read one article that implied tecentriq could work on any solid tumor including Large cell. But it was only one article (but less than a year old). I'll talk with the witch doctor next week... 😁
  3. From what I can find Large cell is not normally treated with immunotherapy and the have not done any checks o the tumor yet. I have read of two potentially effective ones tho and will talk with oncologist next week about them. Regardless..the first line of treatment I am getting seems standard and any immunotherapy would be a second line of treatment, so I have time. Thanks for the support and again I am hoping things get better. Tom Tom
  4. Wishing you the best. You are so much further down the journey than I so my advice is not worth much...but I am approaching the coming fight one day at a time, one treatment at a time, one symptom at a time. Hoping for good results and for one more treatment, one more time. Peace Tom
  5. So sorry....I didnt mean to imply that. I meant to imply that it makes more sense to kill two birds with one stone. The PET/CT scan will cover both outcomes and potentially save a step depending on the result. Having this test is a GOOD thing...not bad. Your in my thoughts Peace Tom
  6. To add to that. The PET/CT combo is different. They give you an IV dose of a radioactive tracer (D something) and you don't 1- have to starve 24 hours in advance and 2- drink anything nasty. Plus procedure is a bit faster. This allow them to overlay the details of a CAT with the medobolic activity of the PET. Only down side is the measurement of SUV pickup is not comparable to a normal PET. It is a better test for prepping treatment. Will be thinking of you and wish you all the best. Peace Tom
  7. Thx for the update. I will be paying close attention and I wish you both the best. To.
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