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  1. I would phrase it as "likely" not cancerous. I never had a biopsy done. There is no question it was the same mass. I am baffled still how it all fits together. Large Cell is usually a fast grower? Peace Tom
  2. Boy I know that story Jennedy. I pushed my NP hard and somebody proscribed beta blockers. That did the trick for me. Resting heart rate was 105 to 110. Now 70 to 80. Walking to the bathroom HR jumped to 165. Now 120s. I feel better too. Might discuss it with your doctors. No clue why or how it works. Peace Tom
  3. Which one? The original mass or the scar tissue? The cancer was 1.2 cm round in 2005 when the nodule was first found. It was 4cm x 4 cm when the operated. About the size of a lime. Scar tissue looked way different. It was not really a shape..if that makes any sense. No new nodules Peace Tom
  4. Wow. I hesitate to post this. Last meeting with my oncologist my wife tells me it was our best ever. He explained he was Aspergers and that is why he seemed distant. Related a bunch of personal history. Middle of the week. Middle of the day. I DO NOT remember anything. Very disconcerting. I did not have whole brain radiation. To say I am concerned long term is an understatement. I truely hope that fate is not my future. Strength Peace Tom
  5. Assume Large Cell is out? Sighhhh
  6. TJM


    Dude. I would love to play a round with you. I love and miss golf. So glad your doing well enough to play. I am REAL close and WILL do it. Peace Tom
  7. TJM

    I feel good

    Enuf said. Peace Tom
  8. Xrays are cheap. Non contrsst CT scans are in the 500 dollar range. If you can afford and even think you have some hypochondria in you (we ALL do BTW) it might be worth it. If only for the Peace of mind Your doctor will huff and puff and tell you how bad an idea it was....which is why you will tell him you have a scan scheduled for next week. (LIE). He Will order a CT scan STAT is my guess. Peace Tom
  9. Fantastic! Boy you have really good friends for this! Sounds like your golden to me. But keep an eye on it. I had a nodule found in 2005 and followed thru 2011ish when we changed providers. 18 months ago it was the size of a lime! Other than that.....go live. For the record I have KP and only get CT with contrast or a PET. They actually call em CAT/ PET scans? Peace Tom
  10. Close enough that one ER doc and my oncologist told me I had a recurrence. Luckily my Pulmonologist (angle) explained and showed me (to my satisfaction) that it was much more likely scar tissue. Don't jump to conclusion (easier said than done). Peace Tom
  11. You might look up a hematologist/oncologist. I've meant two. Both very into organic/special diets. Might be a coincidence? Me? I'm into pizza. Peace Tom
  12. Hi in Y Y C So sorry to hear of both your mom and your mother in law. Life can be very unfeeling at times. At 68 your mom is young and I bet has a lot more strength than you think. Is your sister in the loop with the docs? Has she heard of us? Has your mother. Such an awesome amount of knowledge and love here. Please keep us informed. Peace Tom PS: I'm calling you Y for ease of typing!
  13. TJM


    Yes Golfman, over due for an update. Hope you enjoyed The Open. That kid Morikawa is going to be great. I love that swing..sure looks like it might hold up well over time. He won me my fantasy golf league last year. Hope your doing well pal. Sorry I missed your last update. Not sure how I did. Unfortunately I dont have much to offer but would love to hear how its working. Peace Tom
  14. Welcome. Excellent introductory post. So sorry about his diagnosis. I assume the were able to get a biopsy if they have made the SCLC call. Small Cell is a tough one. I have read a few things indicating treatments for Small Cell are also improving rapidly but I am not real up to speed. I have Large Cell NET. It's rare enough that they don't have many clinical trials for it. First line treatment is the same as for SCLC because it has a history of spreading like Small Cell. I recieved the same Chemo ( also tolerated it well) for adjunctive therapy after I had a lobectomy. That was followed by adjunctive radiation ( consider that carefully before doing). Treatment finished almost exactly a year ago. I'm currently NED and feeling fairly good. Regarding the lymph nodes. They could easily be caused by something else. If all are in the same lobe then they check them during surgery. Importance depends on where they are and if they are cancerous. I'm hoping that surgery is an option for him but seems rare for Small Cell. Mine was assumed to be vanilla LC and surgery was scheduled quickly and was much easier than I had feared. It was after that they found it was Large Cell and had spread to a bit more distant lymph nodes. I am not sure they would have done Surgery if they had known. It would have been a close call...but I think we would have followed the same course of treatment. Sorry for the long post. You should be hearing from others soon. I can tell from your post you have educated yourself well and are going to be a great advocate for him! Keep us up to date. Again, welcome home. Peace Tom
  15. Like everyone else...Welcome! You have found the right place. It's the number of nodules that would concern me the most(with growth). I did the wait and see and ended up being Stage III when diagnosed. Have you visited a pulmonologist? If not please research. Me? I'd get a second surgical opinion. From a different provider. This assumes you want the surgery. I couldn't wait to get the vile thing out. But you have a team now and eventually will get a definitive diagnosis. Lots of hope now. Keep it close. Peace Tom
  16. Wish I had his oncologist. I have to treat mine like he is my mother in law. There will be many of these small victories going forward. Celebrate them! Peace Tom
  17. Welcome Dona. Getting the diagnosis nailed down is maybe the hardest time of the entire ordeal. You've "stumbled" into the right place for sure! Scanziety was a term coined by one of our own. I'm sure he will be commenting soon. As will several other really special people. We are here to help. The other part about the beginning of the beginning (pre official diagnosis) is the amount of information that is suddenly dumped on you. Its impossible to absorb quickly. Probably a core principle here (unwritten) is to be a safe place for information. And support. And to vent. So let us know how we can help. I was just thinking about insomnia and sleep issues. I'm having some minor issues now. Funny part is there are a couple of times a day where when you wake your first question is....morning or evening? I literally just had it happen. Had to check my phone! Peace Tom
  18. Welcome Pam. Your in the right place...sort of. Agree with Lexie. Maybe start in the new members forum. Other than that I've got not much to add to the others. Stay calm. Easier said than done. Peace Tom
  19. That is awesome news! So happy to hear it. Peace Tom
  20. Welcome TJM. We have the same initials and the same age. Listen to Tom G and Lou. You are a long way from a cancer diagnosis right now. Personally, I'd ask for a CAT scan, but the X ray should give you what you need. Please let us know results. Peace Tom Edit: I believe a screening CT is protocol at 60 if you have any risk factors.
  21. I agree it's very puzzling. But going over my records I think they indicated slow growth years ago. Regardless....Large cell is suppose to be a fast grower? I'm doing ok but not as well as I hoped. Lobectomy RLL followed by adjunctive Chemo the adjunctive radiation (if this is ever suggested get smart about it. I would not make the same decision now). Also had a PE in my left lung. Currently NED. I can do normal stuff but not close to pre cancer yet. Patience patience patience. Next scan in about 6 weeks. Peace Tom
  22. Welcome Brian. So sorry for your predicament. I would be concerned as well, especially since you have seen growth. Hopefully a CT/PET scan will reveal it is just one nodule. Yours is about the same size as mine back in 2005 that we monitored for 6 years then stopped. Forward to Dec 2019 and it had grown to roughly 4cm round with lymph node involvement. Turned out it's a rare form..Large Cell. Hoping yours is vanilla LC (no such thing) and Surgery is an option (not to jump the gun) if it turns out to be LC. You have found the right place! So many treatment options now. Peace Tom
  23. So sorry. Getting the actual diagnosis is a shock to everyone. Welcome and thanks for the excellent post. Let us know how we can help. Any chance your husband might join as well? Keep the hope. There are many options available now. I wont try to predict the treatment plan (though I have a good guess). Looking forward to hearing what the plan is. Peace Tom
  24. TJM

    CBC results

    Problem is it has been a year since my last treatment (almost to the day) and my CBC was all normal 6 months ago.
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