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  1. Hi all, Thanks everyone for the kind words and info! I was finally able to join the alkpositive org on FB. Michelle, I will try to attend the conference in Denver this July/August. I will keep you posted JY
  2. I'm 31 yo male living in NYC. I was recently diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer. I already underwent 2 craniotomies to remove a larger tumor in my brain. Thankfully, the biopsy revealed that my cancer cells feature an ALK mutation allowing me to pursue targeted therapies; I am currently taking Alectinib and though I haven't had MRI yet to check the state of my tumors, I am already feeling much better and my blood work normalized. Doctors have high hopes that I go into remission but I am nonetheless incredibly anxious of the moment I will develop resistance to Alectinib and then to whatever second and third line drugs. I also need help to learn how to live with cancer when most people with stage IV lung cancer are not in my demographics, Looking forward to meeting wonderful people here:) Have a good day everyone!
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