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  1. Well ... at the hospital again ... wife is getting 2 bags of platelets. At least it's only a couple of hrs outpatient. 4th cycle of chemo next week ... wonder if we'll do it all again! They never said anything about low salts (Na, Mg, K, etc.) so that's a good thing. My wife got really pissed when they told her ... for me that was a good thing. She's still in the fight mentally. Steve P.S. just found out 2 bags of K are needed. Headed home to wait. Would have been nice to know so I didnt have to wait in the hospital parking lot.
  2. Hi Rose ... so you didnt get SBRT soon after 1st-line treatment last year? It appears that recent growth in the tumor was the reason for SBRT on your tumor in Jan. Was there any discussion by your radiologist to have SBRT to the main cancer within a few months of completing 1st-line treatment to possibly shrink it further? Thx ... Steve
  3. I just saw another if your posts where you introduced yourself as Crystal. Hi Crystal ... I'm sitting in the cancer center parking lot waiting on wife to get her radiation and the blood work. This is a daily routine with radiation that will be over next Tuesday. After that its chemo only so parking sitting will only be 3 days a week, every 21 days. If you are okay with it you might post in the SCLC section about your moms cancer, treatment, any issues, etc. There might be some things that I can learn from you. I certainly don't want to inundate you with questions but i am always looking for how other SCLC folks were treated. Steve
  4. Hi Tharosis ... I'm sorry to hear about what your going through. I'm about 11 months behind you. You are doing fantastic caring for multiple relatives. I hope I have the strength that you have had to care for my wife. Don't know if this helps but you are an inspiration to me. Steve
  5. Has anyone received SBRT or other "pinpoint" radiation to their primary cancer after it had shrunk due to 1st-line chemo or chemoradiation treatment (NSCLC or SCLC). Where was the primary cancer? How small was it after chemo? How long after chemo and/or thoracic radiation was this done? Was there any follow up chemo? Thx ... Steve
  6. Hi Tamkow ... was the Carbo given on 1st day and Taxol given on 1st, 2nd and 3rd day each week? Were you evaluated after 4th cycle before continuing with next 2? Was the surgery warranted because cancer shrunk due to treatment. Thx Steve
  7. It's kinda hard searching the forum for specific info sometimes. I would like to hear how many cycles of chemo (planned or actually given), what chemo was given, cancer, cancer staging, and year given. I'll start - stage IIIB SCLC, 6 cycles planned (3 days each, every 21 days), cisplatin + etoposide, 2020. Additional - concurrent 30 days radiation.
  8. My wife was diagnosed with limited stage (3) small cell lung cancer last week. She started chemo yesterday (Carboplatin and Etoposide). Today and tomorrow will just be Carboplatin then a week off. This will be repeated several times but with cisplatin every other time. Radiation will start at beginning of 2nd chemo treatment. I just wanted to get into the forum and begin to discuss the treatment. I have already read so much on line that it is overwhelming. This just sucks. Both me and my wife want to hit the cancer hard.
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