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  1. Thank you Michelle and Opal.
  2. Opal, I hope you’re healing from your fall. Stitches must suck but you did get the head scan. I’m not entirely sure why they stopped the treatments and in fact am really conflicted about it. I have/ had pneumontis they believe caused by radiation but I also tested positive for corona antibodies.. The pulmonologist isn’t sure why they stopped either. I also only sleep for about 2-3 hours at a time wake up and force myself to sleep and I’ve actually skipped a night or 2 with no sleep at all I have been able to get back into bike riding and mild yoga so I’m trying my best to combat this weight gain and reverse it. I’m not sure how to go about asking for second opinion about whether discontinuing Durva treatments or even I should? Any advice? Polly
  3. Roseann Thought I was one of the few gaining weight in this treatment. Started at 156 in December when I was diagnosed. I am now and not so proud 185. I’m only 5’3”. Doc said it’s diet and I told her that the prednisone has me angry or hungry. Easier to satisfy hunger. Lol Hoping now that I’m not on Durva anymore my weight will go down? Maybe? Michelle, I wish I wore dresses. Those are adorable. Polly
  4. Michelle they did a biomarker. Don’t remember the results. Having the antibodies relieves a little bit of my anxiety but I live in middle of NYC and it’s been crazy over here!!!
  5. I don’t have a port. It was during the CT scan so no durva. Think it was the contrast. My arm was swollen for 2 days. Hurt like a mofo.
  6. Hi all, Just a little update. As I was approaching # 5 I was experiencing some chest pains and shortness of breath so my CT scan that was scheduled for 5/28 got bumped to the 5/5 and treatment was to be deferred. Worst scan ever.. nurse did something wrong and I ended up with a very painful extravasation. Nurse missed the vein putting the needle in. Results from the scan indicated a plureral effusion or suspected pneumatitis from radiation. I was placed on high dose of prednisone, currently tappering down. Oh and somehow during this time I managed to be exposed to covid and tested positive for the antibodies. I had a follow up today with the thoracic oncologist and was informed that I will no longer be doing immunotherapy. I’m having a very mixed reaction to this. My tumor has shrank from its original 4.3 cm x 2.9 cm to 2.0 x 1.9. One node has remained the same. And one node has slightly decreased since November 2019. I am super grateful for the treatments but what happens if I start to go backwards. I’m not sure what the next steps are... Polly
  7. Hi everyone, Quick question about zinc supplements and durva? Are they compatible? I asked doc about vitamin C and she told me don’t take any vitamin c supplements. Ron H and Grahame, i took some prednisone.... my sister has acute asthma and my chest is feeling better. Polly
  8. Thank you Michelle snd DFK. I did tell my drs about the symptoms and she looked at my ct scans and didn’t see anything. Shortness of breath has subsided and I have an appt with the pulmonologist in April. But I’m not due for another scan until May. Staying indoors except for s grocery run or drs appt. New York is eerily quiet. I live near Times Square and have never seen the streets so desolate. Be safe everyone Polly
  9. Hi everyone, Just finished infusion #1 and # 2. Chest feels a little tight and have headache. Had scans done and left mass reduced from 4.2 x 3.2 to 2.4x 2.0. Other nodules reduced is So grateful. But am feeling more out of breath?? Love reading up on everyone. Polly
  10. Hi everyone, Just finished infusion #1 and am a little worried about side effects. Had scans done and left nodule reduced from 4.2 x 3.2 to 2.4x 2.0. Other nodules reduced is So grateful. But am feeling more out of breath?? Love reading up on everyone. Polly
  11. PShsy


    DFK, Swallowing has improved. Used plain old honey for a couple of days. I hope you’re feeling better. I’ve been thru all three and know first hand the impact they have on the body and mind. Michelle, I made an appointment at Mary’s Place. They were so sweet and understanding over the phone. Grahame, How was your first treatment? I’ve been told that are hardly any side effects... true or untrue? Best to everyone, Polly
  12. PShsy


    I will try the honey and the antacids. I've be living off mashed potatoes, ice cream and applesauce. They're tasty but I miss real food and I like to eat. Thank you everyone for the sound advice. PS
  13. PShsy


    My next ct scan is scheduled for the 24th of this month. I’m told it’s a little early.. I just finished my last radiation 2/5. I’m a history teacher but am currently in a sabbatical so I’m home quite often. I do have some questions concerning some side effects of radiation. It hurts to swallow. I’m taking an oral suspension but is there something wlae that would help relieve the pain? Thank you all for wonderful and thoughtful responses. I am humbled and grateful. PS
  14. PShsy


    Oh my goodness. Thank you everyone. This battle is a tough one. I’m a pretty strong person but lc is overwhelming especially when one starts reading statistics. I am grateful that I found this forum and now have an arsenal of information at my fingers. Polly
  15. Hi, i’m Polly and am 45 years old. From NYC and was diagnosed with lung cancer stage IIIB Non small cell. Not very familiar with the treatment names or drugs. Docs talk to me I just kind of nod my head. Just finished 22 radiation treatments and two rounds of chemo. Tumor was found in my left lung but apparently some nodes were found in the right so I was not a candidate for surgery. Next up is immunotherapy. Physically I didn’t ha e many symptoms and the tumor was found by accident. Emotionally I’m a mess. I’m scared. Everyday I think about my mortality and having to leave my 27 yo daughter alone like my mom did to me at 17. I put a good face on for everybody else and laugh and crack jokes but when alone I cry a lot.
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