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  1. Hello everyone. I’m not sure if anyone remembers me here. I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma stage 3A in 2005. I had 6 weeks of chemo (taxol/carboplatinim) followed by surgery, the removal of my upper right lung. That was followed by three infusions of the same chemo. Surgery was July 1, 2005, I was back to work at the end of August teaching school. I have since retired. My scans have all been good to date. Today I had a chest X-ray because I am feeing uncomfortable and worried. I’m praying that the X-Ray shows nothing new. 

  2. I had stage 3A adenocarcinoma ten years ago. I had weekly chemo for six weeks concurrent with daily radiation. I had surgery to remove to top lobe of my right lung. That was followed up with adjuvant chemo to kill any possible microscopic cancer cells that are not visible on scans. I was afraid of chemo but it was doable even though I lost my hair, but it did grow back. I hope my information is helpful to you.

  3. I had my follow up scan yesterday and my oncologist sent me an email this morning to let me know the results were good. The nodule in my left upper lobe appears to be inflammation. I had to wait six months to have this scan to see if it had grown. I am so grateful to God. I am grateful also to those of you for having my back. Thank you!!!


  4. I had a CT Scan yesterday. Dr. called today. (My oncologist retired so I have a new oncologist). There is a 3 mm nodule on my left upper lobe that was not there before. I also got a copy of the CT Scan report and it said that due to the new 3mm nodule on my left upper lobe that mestasis cannot be excluded. I have a previously scheduled appointment with Dr. on Monday. Will let you know more when I know more.

    Please pray for me.


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