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  1. James: prayers up for a fast recovery...all of us are behind you!
  2. Iggy: I have IIIa adenocarcinoma as well. I had a right lower lobectomy and an upper lobe resection. One lymph node removed was shown to he cancerous and a subsequent PET scan showed one other node lighting up. after 20 radiation and 4 chemo ( also Alimta and Carboplatin) a PET scan showed No evidence of disease. I has esophagitis as well, with lidocaine and caraphate (sp) helping greatly. When needed I took a small dose of Dilaudid. I’d advise you to sleep with your head elevated a bit. all the very best to you in treatments! pat
  3. Fuzzy

    Side effects

    I had 20x treatments. It took about 3 months for pain to completely go away after last TX. How are you doing?
  4. Fuzzy

    Side effects

    Sorry to be so long but my esophagitis was treated with liquid lidocaine along with Maalox ( I gave GERD) It worked very well.
  5. No light up!!! but some coughing brought up a tiny bit of blood-CT scan showed a 0.9 x 0.6 cm nodular opacity that they said is “possibly infection or inflammatory”.... it wasn’t on the PET scan from six weeks earlier, so doctors don’t seem overly concerned ( of course I’m scared to death!) I have a previously scheduled CT scan on the 9th of December. I’m more than a bit apprehensive.
  6. Forgot to add that as of now, healing is nearly complete. A rare twinge of tightness is the surgical area but no pain at all.
  7. Lou: I hope this finds you well and fighting on! Please forgive me for not updating earlier as my wife had done health issues wanting attention-she’s fine now! Im doing pretty well...pet scan showed nothing lighting up-I was beyond thrilled with that. A few weeks later in October i had some loose coughing and brought up a bit of phlegm/mucous with a tiny amount of blood in it ( a few spots) I went to MSK where they did a follow up ct scan on 26 October (6.5 weeks after the pet scan )which was fine except for “A new 0.9 x 0.6 nodular opacity in left anterior upper lobe possibly infectious/inflammatory” Of course, I’m thinking the absolute worst but doctors don’t seem overly concerned as I’m due for another follow up ct scan on 9 December-one previously scheduled after my PET scan in September. I don’t consider myself a wimp, but now I’m on eggshells waiting for two weeks from now-and I’m hesitant to dump what’s likely ( hopefully) nothing onto folks like yourself who’ve gone through far worse still, I’d like your opinion. best wishes pat
  8. All done with PETscan Tuesday. More than a bit nervous though I’m feeling pretty good physically
  9. Bridget all done treatment and have my pet scan Tuesday. When they did surgery, they found one level seven node was cancerous, but not grossly oversized. A pet scan just before chemo and radiation showed another nearby node lit up-so that got zapped with radiation. I did carboplatin and Alimta one cycle every three weeks ( four treatments) I handled it fairly well. Radiation gave a good case of esophegitis but that’s mostly gone now. im a nervous one waiting for my pet scan....
  10. Tom: I'm healing quite well, still a bit of stiffness and some areas numb- but little actual pain. I've had 10 radiation treatments, and get second cycle of chemo next week (Carboplatin/Alimta) So far the worst effect is tiredness...but I've been told second chemo is where hair loss usually begins. I've had some nausea, but it';s easily controlled Cheers!
  11. Treatment starts tomorrow!! I'm glad/apprehensive that it's FINALLY started. Last PET scan 11 days ago showed no hotspots except a lymph node not removed during surgery-and not far away from a node that was removed and found to be cancerous. both oncologists are optimistic about results!
  12. Apologies for not getting back sooner-It's been a madhouse tase last two months! update: I'm getting treatment starting tomorrow. Radiation and chemo simultaneously. chemo will be Carboplatin/Alimta every three weeks for four cycles. Radiation was originally 30, but dose was increased slightly and treatments reduced to 20 to keep me from coming out often with this virus about.
  13. first surgery done was removal of entire lower right lobe as node was very high up (on the major fissure) Tissue was sent for biopsy along with removed lymph nodes. Nothing was found-oddly-in lung tissue which stunned both surgeon and my pulmonologist . the only cancer found was in a lymph node (level 7) after two pet scans I was sent to MSK due to my local hospital being overrun with Corona. Onco there were really stunned at the nodule NIT being found, he's never seen it in thirty years of practice.
  14. Tom: The nodule was in a difficult place that pulmo wasn't happy with trying a needle biopsy. I'm staggered they couldn't find the nodule after surgery and during the pathology.
  15. I'm 56 and was a longtime smoker that was screened every year for lung cancer (my mother died at 54 of adenocarcinoma) In 2018, a nodule was found on the right lungs lower lobe adjacent to the major fissure. At that time, it measured 8x5 mm and after a PET scan showed no uptake, I was told we'd watch and wait. In October 2019, another CT scan was done-now the nodule was 12x8. Because of its location, my pulmonologist sent me to see a thoracic surgeon-who removed my right lungs lower lobe. my lung collapsed a few days later and after three blood patches failed, he went back in and did a wedge resection on my *middle* lobe. Finally he did a pleurodesis which did the trick Now the fun part: Pathology couldn't find the nodule that started all this-but they found a level seven lymph node that had a carncinoma (unknown type); two level 11 nodes were clean. On Friday, I had a pet scan to see if the primary tumour was from other than my lung (I've had a colonoscopy and endoscopy-other than a 4mm polyp, all came back good) I'm treading on eggshells right now, My question: how in hell can you * not* find a nodule? BTW, other than pain from the surgical site, I feel pretty good-even with a nice bit of my right lung removed
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