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  1. I was recently diagnosed with atypical carcinoid tumor in the lung.  It has spread to 1 lymph node as far as we know.  They had to put off surgery due to the covid.  It is scheduled for May 6.  I hope it isn’t put off them.  Between the bronchoscopy and the pet scan it went to a lymph node and my surgeon told me it is very active.  

  2. Thanks Curt, did you have n atypical carcinoid tumor? Just curious. I don’t know about surgery, because I have a few conditions and don’t know if I can handle it. I’m anemic, have fibromyalgia (21 years), osteoporosis and osteopenia and afib. The afib is never under control even with my meds. So I am not ‘fit’. Unfortunately. They might have to do it anyway. I see the radiologist tomorrow. Ever since I had my 2nd bronchoscopy (the first I had twilight and was too wiggly) so I had a general for it. It was a week ago Monday and I feel like I still haven’t recovered. Is that normal?
  3. Thank you Curt. Did you have surgery? I would like to have radiotherapy. I have no idea yet whether I can or not. Mine is upper left lobe. I thought it was typical until I asked my doc after the bronchoscopy results. He didn’t say, so I had to call back and then I found it was atypical and malignant. I really don’t know if I can do surgery. I have osteoporosis and fibromyalgia and anemia and am pretty frail anyway. I never thought i would get ‘lung’ cancer. Maybe some other type, but not lung. I only smoked for a few years in college in the 60s and quit 50 years ago. I am now 74. So right now my fear is surgery or it spreading while I wait even through the weekend. Good luck to you and keep me posted if you want. Thanks.
  4. I was just diagnosed with an atypical carcinoid tumor of the lung. Malignant.
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