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  1. Hope you get in and get that scan soon to resolve your fears. Good luck with quitting smoking❤️
  2. I catch the Thanksgiving Lions game every year. It wouldn’t seem like Thanksgiving without that game blaring in the background. (PS I’m originally from Detroit).
  3. Welcome Judy! Your story is a testimony to stick to it .
  4. Chi Mama, you’ll be home soon and you will be more grounded. I had a lower left lobectomy via VATS a couple of months ago - most of my care providers were awesome but there was that ONE nurse who had little compassion or validation. We are such at their mercy while hospitalized. Give yourself some healing time.
  5. Welcome, Lindsay. I, too, have been diagnosed relatively recently. It was a punch in the stomach. Some days hit me hard - I know no one else with lung cancer - other days not so much. I’ve found that just reading other’s posts can feel less isolating. So glad you’re here! Suzan
  6. Welcome, Cathy. I’m just recovering from a lower left lobe lobectomy as well. I had been convicted the nodule was benign because there was no PET activity and a bit flabbergasted after surgery to hear it was malignant and my poor little lobe was gone. Surgery can be a complete cure I’m learning but there will be need for surveillance. Let us know how you’re doing!
  7. Scruboak


    Welcome Jena. When I read through these stories of survival, I find a strength that might always possibly have been present but never acknowledged truly because of all the other detractions in life. May you find this strength as well. We’re here to honor the transformation. Love to you, Suzan
  8. Good to hear that you got out, Tom. One thing I’m learning is to sit quiet, see the things outside that need “”doing”, and be okay with not doing them - for the moment.
  9. Others will be here, Sheri, who are much more knowledgeable than I. I just want to express my empathy for what you and your father going through. Most cancer centers have specialized therapists who are there to support families and patients.
  10. Scruboak


    Praying that all goes well Monday. Waiting is so hard.
  11. May we be safe. May we be healthy. May we have ease of body and mind. May we be at peace.
  12. JC - I am just in the beginning of all of this new turmoil and I also cannot fathom the depth of my emotions right now. But, I want you to know that this site has been very helpful for me. You are not alone. Welcome.
  13. I think we can hold both hope and the inevitable together. It’s not an either/or reality for any of us. Peace to you.
  14. Welcome Fuzzy. I am just now facing surgery for a left lower lung nodule. PET scan is in the next week, follow up with nodule specialist in the week after and consult with the thoracic surgeon. It is so encouraging to hear that you feel well after the surgery. Thank you! I cannot shed light on anything right now but I sure can understand your frustration. WTH?
  15. Welcome, May. I have been staged yet - in the waiting period. Just wanted to send you good thoughts.
  16. Thank you, TJM, for the wise reply. It could be nothing at all serious and aside from some breathlessness, I feel fine. The last report said that the nodule was “spiculated” and, of course, I googled that which was not encouraging 😫. But, I remeber someone on this site saying “ look in the mirror and if there isn’t an expiration date on your forehead, then Go ahead and LIVE!”.
  17. I have been not myself for the last couple of weeks and have been lurking on this site for reassurance (which I have found - thank you!). I am sort of high risk - 66 year old woman, former smoker - but no cancer on my mother's side. Father's side all live in Italy and I am not close to them. I had a 14x9 mm nodule in left lower lobe - 3 months ago it was found incidentally on a CT scan when I had a kidney stone. The repeat scan was just last week and the darn thing has grown to 17 x 10 mm. There is atelectasis associated with the supposed nodule. And, apparently, on a CT scan (for uterine mass that turned out to be just a fibroid) in 2017 the "nodule" was there too - only the report that summarized the findings did not even mention it. In 2017 the nodule was 8x 5 mm. So, I've done more than my share of Dr. Googling (part of the "have to know" need, I suppose). I see that there is a condition called "rounded atelectasis" that can mimic malignancies (the radiologist mentioned this in the second scan), then again, malignancies can also cause the atelectasis. Just putting this out there helps a bit. I have been referred to a pulmonary nodule specialist clinic but no appointment yet. My doc gave me an anxiety medication to help with sleep but I'm terrified i will get addicted to it. Thanks for being here Lungevities.
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